Super Collie Adventures
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03/11/23 - 2001 Bernard Doove

Bernard is perhaps better known for his felines- Chakats in particular- but here he graces us with a lovely canine. Thanks, Bernard!

03/11/23 - 2001 Bhavesh Patel

Yet another artist takes a stab at Our Heroine.

03/11/23 - 2001 Clark Corwin

While attending Eurofurence 7 Terry asked Clark to do a Super Collie commission. He dashed off a rough of this image as a test-of-concept. Terry liked it so much he asked for it to be finished as well.

03/11/23 - 2001 Clark Corwin

This is the commission piece Terry originally requested. Behind Super Collie is the Sheepdog Monument in Lake Tekapo, a lovely town in the Canterbury region of New Zealand's South Island.

03/11/23 - 2001 Thaily

Thaily, from the Netherlands, shows Super Collie one way to get through Customs expeditiously.

06/02/22 - 2002 John Shughart

This is one by John of Cymbeline in her avatar of Sekhmet form.

03/11/23 - 2002 John Shughart

John, who also did some pictures for Terry's Yiffclass gallery, gives us a couple of excellent action pictures.

03/11/23 - 2002 John Shughart


03/11/23 - 2002 John Tatman

"Little John" Tatman from the UK did this beautiful drawing. He meant to do Dark Collie with leather and everything, but the pose didn't work out. Be that as it may, it's still a damn fine picture.

03/06/10 - 2002 John Tatman

Colorized version, done by Terry.

03/11/23 - 2001 Lothar Renz

At the Memphit Mini-Con in Seeheim, Germany, Terry encountered a very talented fellow who took it upon himself to draw this wonderful picture.

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