Clash of the Vixens
Story Art

A brief explanation is order here. The images in this collection are for an idea that Terry and I bandied back and forth during my early work with Star Dancer. Terry commented that one of my characters, Liska Sharpears, was very similar to one of his characters, Ranthe Narbalek. They're both vixens, they both wear jump suits. In retrospect I realize that I did in fact draw on Ranthe regarding Liska's general appearance and mode of dress, so Terry's observations were pretty close to the mark. In time the idea developed to the point that I actually formed it into a story, which I titled (At Terry's suggestion) Clash of the Vixens. The premise is that two of Terry's characters (Mayfurr and Ranthe) visit Repair Station Sigma one-seven during the early parts of Star Dancer. While on board they meet the whole Star Crib crew: Star herself, Kit, Snowflake, Valjean, Javert, Darkstar, Longstocking, Sherlock, and of course the sexually hyperactive Liska. Between us Terry and I scripted out the whole thing and I started writing. After only a few scenes, though, I ground to a halt. The character interactions weren't gelling and I was preoccupied with Star Dancer. Eventually I finished... but events near the end of the story invalidated the premise of Clash of the Vixens. (The destruction of S17 and Liska going to jail.) I put the unfinished story away and forgot about it. Recently I rediscovered it, complete with art, in my archive. The story itself wasn't much more than a fleshed outline but the pictures were too delightful to let languish. So here they are, along with an explanation of the story that spawned them.

The story opens with Liska greeting May and Ranthe at the transfer lock. Ranthe takes an immediate dislike to Liska; after all, Liska is in every way the stereotypical vixen: sexy, slutty, and big-titted. May, being a typical male, reacts in a predictable fashion. Noting that May is staring, glassy-eyed, at Liska's cleavage, Ranthe says "If you're going to stare, May, at least save it for a natural wonder." She doesn't for a minute believe that Liska's awesome bosom didn't receive some surgical help. Liska, not one to let her sexual supremacy be challenged, responds in kind. "Oh, let him look. After all, when was the last time he saw something worth staring at?" With that exchange the gauntlet is thrown down and taken up. Liska resolves to have May no matter what Ranthe says or does. Ranthe resolves to make Liska (and May) suffer.

2000 Terry Knight

The seminal image. Liska (on the left) comments rather pointedly about Ranthe's merely average bust. Ranthe (on the right) responds somewhat acerbically that at least she came by her own looks naturally, while Liska's are the product of extensive surgical intervention.

2000 Terry Knight

As a demonstration of her sexual power Liska persuades the sexually conservative Mayfurr to dress up in leather and studs. Other activities for the evening will include handcuffs, riding crops, dildos, and enemas, the idea being that Ranthe will hear about it (or, better yet, stumble in upon it) and see that Liska can get May to do pretty much whatever she wants.

2000 Terry Knight

Ranthe hears about May's wild ride and of course she's furious. Beating him up doesn't do any good, though; it just drives him to Liska. At the same time she can't abide the challenge to her feminine prowess. Thus, to prove that she can play the game too, Ranthe arranges a menage a trois with Valjean and Javert, the foxtaur brothers.

Far from helping, though, Ranthe's tryst with the twins leaves her feeling worse. On top of everything else she's embarrassed that she resorted to such an infantile prank. Late in the evening, after tossing and turning for some time, she decides to confront Liska and have it out once and for all, never mind that it's the middle of the night. In her altogether- she doesn't bother to dress after her encounter with Valjean and Javert- Ranthe bursts into Liska's cabin. May is there and he's (ahem) tied up. Liska and Ranthe yell at each other for a while. Ranthe loudly declares that anything Liska can do she can do better.

By now Liska's fed up with babying Mayfurr. On his own he's not a very confident or aggressive lover; her interest in him is primary as a way to tweak Ranthe. While playing with him she's thinking about Ranthe. In time the notion of Ranthe and sex have become closely associated. When Ranthe issues her challenge Liska points at the bed and says "Oh yeah? What about there?"

Ranthe has been undergoing a similar experience. All day she's been thinking about May and Liska having sex. For much of the night she's been doing it with Valjean and Javert, while still thinking about May and Liska. The notions of Liska and sex have become closely associated. In the middle of the night, flush with anger, Liska's suggestion makes just enough sense. They leap into bed for what's about half passionate lovemaking and half dirty wrestling. May can only watch.

At the conclusion Ranthe and Liska find themselves in a quandary. The passion and energy they exchanged was intense and, however one looks at it, exciting. Neither cares to admit how much she enjoyed it, however; that might be seen as an admission of defeat. They handle the situation in the traditional way of dealing with impossible relationships: by tacitly agreeing to pretend that it never happened.

2000 Terry Knight

Liska (left) and Ranthe (right) showering after their tumultuous final encounter. Chakats, being hermaphrodites and not particularly body conscious, equipped S17 with only a single communal wash room, so the ladies have no choice but to shower together or wait for the other, which neither will do. As one can see they don't like one another any more than they did before. (Terry had to explain to me what "town bike" meant. "Because everyone takes a ride," of course.)

While Liska and Ranthe are showering May's still tied up. His cries eventually attract Valjean, who's up for a bathroom break. Once he recovers from a fit of hysterical laughter he unties May and takes him back to the room he, Javert, and Kit share. Under the boys' incredulous questions about his outlandish getup May eventually confesses the whole sordid story. After they've laughed themselves sick Valjean and Javert commiserate, saying that they too- and even Kit- have fallen under the spell of Liska-the-doorknob Sharpears. Next morning- after May has cleaned up and put on his usual clothes- the four of them take a shuttle over to Chakona Gateway to get away from the women for a while. May doesn't want to meet Liska or Ranthe at the moment. After talking, eating, and a lot of drinking they end up at a strip club called "Up Tail." It features an animated electronic sign showing a sexy felitaur with her raised haunches turned toward the audience, looking over her shoulder with an inviting expression, her hands cupping her breasts. The entertainment features men and women, 'taurs and humanoids. After a little more food and way too much alcohol Valjean and Javert decide that it's time to head home because Kit can't stand on his own and May- by far the lightest of the four- just slid out of his chair. On the way to the shuttle port the twins come up with an idea that seems sublimely funny to a pair of young men who are themselves pretty well tanked. They rent a hotel room, then locate a young woman- who happens to be a Vietnamese pot-bellied pig Morph- and pay her to go to bed with May. She doesn't have to do anything other that be there with him, naked, when he wakes up.

Next day Longstocking is forced to travel to Chakona Gateway and collect her little lost lambs from a holding cell. The men, now severely hung over, get to spend the day cleaning out the fur traps in the station's toilets and showers.