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Welcome to Dragonspot. I am SexyDragon, Yeah I know, sounds like I am really full of myself. Well I am usually filled with something, but I will go into that later. hehe. You ether know why your here and may not even read this to shoot right for the stories/pics, or surfed in and have NO idea what you are getting yourself into. Weeeeeeelllll, I made this site for 2 reasons. One is to have a central location on the web where I can access all of my favorite **ADULT** stories about Dragon's and Vore. ADULT stories about Dragon's and Vore? Well if you do not know what vore is and the thought of sex with a Dragon scares you. You can leave now. If you do, or you do not and this turns you on, please feel free to read further. Also, do not forget about the big NASTY disclaimor that you agreed to before this page. If you find something on this page that you do not like, that is cool. But remember no one is forcing you to be here. You clicked ahead dispite my warnings. So don't come bitching at this Dragon just because you saw or read something you did not like. Anyway, a little about me. I am a rather boring 22 foot long Dragon with an insatiable appitite for sex, ahh and just about anyone er, thing that will fit down my throat!! As a Dragon I am completely Bi, but prefer males. There is a more 'revealing' version of the picture above further in the site. I do not have any magical powers, usually too lazy or too busy getting laid to study the mystic arts. I can however breathe fire and fly great distance with my big leathery wings. As far as imperfections, I am a horrible speller. I will proof the site over and over but I am sure I will miss allot. I also like to write my own stories. Along with my favorites I will post anything that I write, here as well. Please feel free to e-mail me from the link below if you have any questions or comments or would like me to post a picture or a storie that you have created.

-- SexyDragon --

   - There is no such thing as weirdness, only individuality.

        - By SexyDragon, August 21st, 2000

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