8-23-00: Site creation, added 2 commissions by Ssthisto in the Pictures Section. Site is still is building stages.Working on getting more stories and logs in here. I have many logs that I can post of my own. I just need to clean them up.I will get to that as soon as I can.I have tomorrow off and expect to get many many hours into this site. Also need to look into getting on the "Vore Ring". I hope you like the initial look. }:)

8-23-00: (A little later): Ok well I added a few drawings and a scan that I think is safe to post.Starting to get close to bed time. I have allot of authors and artist to e-mail along with a post on a few miling lists to get everyone know about DragonSpot. Oops. As soon as I install the counter. hehe

8-24-00: Woohoo, I got permission to put up a storie by Skant here. He is an exelent author. He also gave me permission to post a picture that goes along with this wonderful storie. Hopefully he will permit me to post more of his work in the future. Thansk Skant.

8-28-00: Alright! This is it. We are all hosted here on Furry.org.au over in Australia! I would liek to thank Fat Bear for all his hard work and out first exclusive storie and picture. I am working on adding a bunch of logs soon as well. I just need to make sure that the other parties involved in my RP's are cool with all that. Well enjoy. I can;t wait to add more to this site.

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