1 June 2005

The king is dead...long live the king. I can't say I was that much into Graham Kennedy's brand of humour, being too young to have seen or remembered his heyday, being one of the colour TV generation. Anyone can be funny, if they try hard enough...but to consistently bring the house down, that is a rare gift indeed. The list of comedians who could do that makes for a very short list...and Gra Gra definitely belongs there.

But in the days since his passing, who should raise their head again, but the one and only talking beard...old Derryn Hinch. The media mongrel who is perhaps the stalwart of the so-called current affairs shows, that are more concerned with naming and shaming shonky conmen and scam merchants than anything even remotely resembling real affairs. Add to that, Hinch's obsession with exposing paedophiles, and a semi-regular spot which exposed the occasional outrageous story of polluting by unscrupulous individuals (which led me to hold the man with some manner of respect). Well, that was years ago, and Hinch has been on all three commercial TV channels, only to be axed by each in turn. Hinch has now returned to his former job on talkback radio.

But since Kennedy's death, Hinch came right out and made the allegation that Kennedy had died of AIDS. This was later proven to be complete bunk, as a medical report came out the next day, in which Kennedy was found to be HIV negative. But even with proof such as that, Hinch is still sticking with his story, and still refuses to apologize.

Well...well done, Derryn. The fact that you have now, to have seized the opportunity of Kennedy's death with stating such a ridiculous allegation, concerning someone whom has passed away and thus unable to defend themselves, only proves yourself to have sunk as low as anyone can get. And to continue to stick with your fiction, despite having been proven wrong, is not 'journalism' by anyone's standards, or of being 'right'...it is sheer arrogance, period. You are a disgrace, you are a liar, you are a boofhead, you are a joke, Derryn. I'm sure I that manage to share the sentiment of all decent Australians by using your very own words.

Shame, shame, shame.


And furthermore, to all the twits who have demanded their money back from the various tsunami relief funds, in light of the Schapelle Corby verdict, even going so far as to giving World Vision, Oxfam, etc, some rather angry calls...GROW THE FUCK UP.

And on that subject, I never thought that old Howard Sattler would jump onboard with the 'Schapelle is innocent' bandwagon. Usually, he's the very model of the deadset hang'em and flog'em, persistently and always calling for all crims to all be locked up and to throw away the key.

31 March 2005

Jiz...I hate to be the one to say we told you so, but WE TOLD YOU SO. And still-denying halfwits and head-in-the-sand types who think that matters are still all hunky-dory, will be unceremoniously WHACKED upside the head with a clue-by-4.

18 February 2005

So...after almost two years, after a war that we were ALL told was supposed to make the world a 'safer place'...at a cost of over 1,000 lives within the coalition forces and over 100,000 lives of Iraqi civilians, it must be asked...WAS IT FUCKING WORTH IT?


The threat of terrorism has instead grown, and is even closer than ever. Well done Bush, and the rest of you fuckwits. I can really go to bed feeling safe now. And if you EVER choose to pick a scrap with Iran, then it's all over for ALL of us.

8 January 2005

How many more have to die before these bastards finally see sense? But scratch that...maybe the tsunami last year should have really taken out the bastards and imbeciles on both sides in both countries, instead of the thousands of innocents it did. Now is NOT the time to be squabbling.

8 January 2005

So...now I hear that $264.9 million is being spent on a new refugee centre in Christmas Island, when it too would be far better being spent on tsunami relief and aid. Instead the money helping people in desperate need, your money is being spent on making people, amongst them those in desperate need for the same or other reasons, feel even more miserable than before they made that big mistake of deciding to come here. I piss on the heads of fucking Howard and Vanstone and the rest of the fucking Liberal party, and ANYONE else who thinks what they're doing is a good idea. May you BASTARDS rot in your fucking hell.

5 January 2005

It's been a long and hard road walked. So many lost on the way, so many tears shed and so many times when it looked when all hope was lost. But the journey is over and the rewards just now coming within reach. Now is not the time to begin taking steps back. And let never be that time, for now and always.

Don't do it.

1 January 2005

It's so very nice to see the Indonesian military is back to doing the only thing it knows how to do really well already. Not only is it violating it's own declared ceasefire with separatist rebels in Aceh, but is seizing the opportunity in this moment of crisis to strike a heavier blow than during any other time, when it should be helping in the relief effort. And that is really hitting a new low, even by all else they've done in the last 25 years. All hands are needed at a time like this, and the Indonesian military is large enough to do wonders right now, but it seems they're too worried about being seen as human beings as it seems to me. And if this is the manner in which these BASTARDS behave, is it any fucking wonder those in Aceh want to gain independence. Don't fucking give me any of that bullshit that Indonesia has improved since the Suharto regime.

Free West Papua. And now...free Aceh.