29 December 2004

One of the more disgraceful aspects of human behaviour following the tsunami disaster has been the rather pathetic "journalism", mostly nationally (I shudder to think how CNN must covering this). A lot of time has been given over to how Aussie and foreign tourists have had their holidays ruined. Now covering the local angle is one thing, and that's mostly all that I'm hearing from the commercial news...but, excuse me? Are they really the ONLY ones to be affected? One pommy tourist/halfwit stuck in Sri Lanka was having a good whinge (surprise, surprise) about how he couldn't get out of the country, and had to rely on the hospitality and goodwill of the locals. Incredible. Just who the fuck does this PRICK think he is? A helluva lot of people there have lost loved ones, and he's going off how his trip got buggered up. Well boo-fucking-hoo. It still amazes me just how utterly self-centred some people can be. If I had anything to do with running the authorities over there, I'd tell this wanker in no uncertain terms to quit acting like an asshat, get in line and wait like everyone else, and as well, given a far lower priority than the REAL emergency matters.

But also, on the front page of the West yesterday in 16 point times font was this, "20,000 killed in tragedy". But in huge 40 point times font was "WA baby swept to her death in tsunami horror". Yep, you heard that right. While not meaning to say the latter wasn't tragic too when it was, not only is it shoddy journalism, but verges on the racist. "So 20,000 small brown and yellow people died. So what? One white Australian is far more important and newsworthy as far as we're concerned."

But I'm afraid I'm one who can't look on with just that sense of detachment that the general public seems to be offering...words of sympathy and such at most. I expect there to be the displays of genorosity in the weeks ahead, but also a relative lack of empathy and sincere concern. I say this...can you imagine it, if the disaster happened here (here being wherever you are living right now)? The sense of tragedy being far, far greater if it should happen to strike home than if it happened elsewhere in some far corner of the world...the whole nation in mourning, one nation stands up as one to pitch in with the recovery and rescue efforts, etc. And far worse still if it should somehow affect you personally, either directly or indirectly.

Well, that is exactly what IS happening there. And while it's hard to most people here to share anything more than feelings of sympathy towards the lives of people seemingly distant and whom you have never met, one thing remains. We all live the same, even if how we live differs, we all suffer the same and we all die the same. We are all connected one way or another. And tragedies like this can only serve to bring us closer together, albeit temporarily.

22 December 2004

What a complete fuckup.

And just when you thought the battle of Falluja would've crushed the so-called "insurgency" once and for all. But what happens instead? Yes, Falluja was taken after a week or two, only for the insurgency to spread throughout Iraq, and the violence is actually increasing ahead of the elections due next year. And today...we had the deadliest attack on US forces since March 23 last year, during the straight run into Baghdad.

And just what did the great and glorious leader say? Oh, the token words of condolence, but a message that the mission towards his version of "democracy" (like stealing the last two elections) would continue, regardless of the cost. A message so damned insensitive and insincere you can't but help but wonder if it was already pre-written spin. But hey, what's 24 dead to you, Dubya? You've got oilfields for you and your band of greed-ridden corporate cronies to get your collective grubby hands on. But I dare you...I fucking DARE you to go around to the families of those killed today, Mr. Bush. I dare you to say those same words, to the relatives whose fathers and mothers, brothers and sisters, sons and daugthers will never EVER be coming back home. I DARE you to have the fucking BALLS to front up and say those very words to the medics left behind to tend to the injured and clean up the blood-splattered remains of mates they only were just eating with and talking to minutes earlier. And if that wasn't enough, that shameless ass-licker Tony Blair comes right out, stating "this a battle between democracy and terror". Wrong, Mr. Blair. This is a battle between terror and terror.

And furthermore...shades of Abu Ghraib. Now it's all very well for Bush to gush out with "These people are killers", blah, blah, blah. So that makes it alright, does it? Are you still going to justify the unspeakable? And instead of civilized, proper and professional conduct, thereby setting a good example for the rest of the world, we instead have detentions without trial and now outright torture, not that such matters ever did concern you Mr. Bush. Well I've got some bad news for you.

Remember those things called international treaties, Mr. Bush? Maybe you've heard of them, maybe you even understand a few of them. Those things exist for a reason...not that an imbecile like you could possibly ever comprehend that, Mr. Bush. But then, you probably think they're all mere niceties from a bygone era, but are now just another means to serve the aims of terrorists, like all those pesky anti-war demonstrators or anyone else who dares oppose you, don't you?

Well, I say bullshit to that. Those so-called niceties such as the Geneva Convention are to ensure civilized and humane treatment of ALL prisoners of war, even as you have tried to exploit a loophole by calling them "enemy combatants". But in case I've failed to rile up what little compassion, humanity and outright common decency you have Mr. Bush, remember this...if this is an example of what we're doing to the "enemy", just consider what they're gonna do whenever they get hold of "our boys".

Merry fucking christmas.


And on a lighter note, at least Europe still has the sense not to let the ball drop.

20 December 2004

Well fuck me. "Slime" magazine has nominated GWBush as "Man of the year". A pity they didn't have a "Liar of the year", "Thief of the year" and "Scumbag of the year". But then, I hear said mag also nominated Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin and the Ayotollah Khomeni as entrants for past men of the year. Enough said.

8 December 2004

And as a postscript to a previous entry, said moofie studio has gotten carried away even more with such annoying preamble, with the dvd release of I, Robot. Not only are you also treated to the same anti-piracy trailer (ever heard of preaching to the converted?), but now you are also subjected to an anti-piracy warning on a bright white background that has been known to cause retinal burns in albino rats, followed by trailers for AvP, The Day After Tomorrow and Buffy & Angel. All in all, that's a total of over SIX minutes before you get to the menu screen.


It's quickly becoming just as bad as in the cinemas, having to wade through up to fifteen minutes of ads. And speaking of ads, I would not be surprised in the least with the current trend towards the studios' abuse of the UOP with increasing frequency, by the inclusion of ads and who knows whatever else during the root menu preamble any day now (WB are already doing this, btw...no, I DON'T WANT to go to fucking Movieworld. Never have, never will).

8 December 2004

Sam Newman...you are a fuckwit. A boozed, thuggish, tactless imbecile. A talentless, humourless, moronic boofhead. A wife-bashing, abusive, drunken cuntsuck. A sexist, racist, homophobic hypocrite. A stupid, brawling, vile, sick and disgusting twat. A washed-up waste of space who couldn't ever dream of coming up with anything even remotely funny if it came up and bit you on the fucking balls. And, Sam, if you're reading this, feel free to insert your head in a bucket of stinking, fetid liquid shit...already full to the top, and therefore no need to fill it anymore with the fucking crap that comes out of your mouth.

And keep it there.

6 November 2004

Ian Melrose is a bloody legend.

22 October 2004

It's nice to know that certain big movie studios are continuing to treat consumers with utter contempt. One in particular, who shall remain unnamed...fuck it, maybe not...is now adding a anti-piracy trailer some 30 seconds in length to precede any movie they release on dvd from now on. Now, whatever side of the debate you're on, you will likely agree it's yet more annoying CRAP that these fucking jerks and IDIOTS are annoying the general consumer with, just because they can. As for me, I wouldn't be offered most of the SHIT they put out even if it was given me, and the dozen or so that are worthy of consideration, I do put in the effort and obtain the authorized copy anyway...and just I don't see piracy hurting the millions they earn already in the least, no matter how much they whinge and whine and carry on about how much they're losing. I have to laugh whenever some spokesman or spokeswoman comes on, and starts whining and moaning about "How they're losing millions...no, make that billions to be sure, and they're sinking in the red, and civilisation is about to collapse, and the sky is falling! The sky is falling!" Bullshit. Fucking bullshit. They're not concerned about losing the mere pocket money compared to what they REALLY pull in, they just want it all...and they don't have the BALLS to come out and say that's the REAL reason. You'd think they would come at it from a 'intellectual (don't laugh) property' angle, instead of gushing out the usual BS.

But I suspect it won't be long before they start dropping in ads too (like WB has begun to already...see a previous entry), abusing the lockout period, with skipping and fast-forwarding disabled while said crap is playing. Any fool can tell you though, that campaign will fail, just like all those campaigns that have happened already have done. And such tactics may even backfire on them, as people will start ripping dvd copies, regardless of how much Fox studios likes it or not, intentionally omitting all that increasingly lengthening and annoying crap.

It's what happens when consumers are pushed into a corner.

12 October 2004

Ok, now this is just plain disgusting. Simply not content enough with trampling all over those "treasonous" values of civil liberties and real free speech in their own country, the federal gestapo is now taking the fight overseas, cracking down with a campaign of intimidation the whole world over.

It couldn't possibly happen here. Could it?

I'm scared.

2 October 2004

Don't give me any bullshit that 4WDrivers are not aggressive bullies of the road. Not after an incident like this.

What? You expect me to believe that the person responsible could have committed the same act had he/she been driving a mini?

And on a loosely related note, I've noticed a few people already dropping the term "4WD", and using the term "SUV" instead. Personally, I blamed the fucking FTA. But actually, no. For a year or two already, I've also noticed wildfires being mentioned increasingly in the news in place of bushfires, and what could be taken as like adding insult to injury, Hungry Jacks' (better known elsewhere as Burger King) "aussieburger" had tomato ketchup mentioned as an ingredient. What the fuck?? Whatever happened to fucking tomato sauce, you stupid fucking drobes? I expect that soon we'll start calling petrol "gas" too, if we haven't already done that as well. This trend should and must be resisted.

Bloody wimps.

28 September 2004

A postscript to a previous entry. It's not just me who happens to hold this view. Not by a long shot.

And if that wasn't enough, add the surprisingly high proportion of owners who also chat on their mobile phone to that list, to raise the wank factor through the roof.

11 August 2004

And now for some news that I really did need to hear. A news item just came on to determine just which was the safest make and class of used car. Not surprisingly perhaps, the end result was that 4WD's were the safest overall, either new or used...however, 4WD's were also the unsafest for other road users. The whole item seemed to me like a thinly veiled sales pitch to sell yet more 4WD's, that safety had taken over from economy as the primary factor in choosing which car to buy. Well, thank you so much you BASTARDS. Now I can expect sales of 4WD's to pick up even more, just so people who don't already have one, will soon purchase a 4WD to give them that feeling of safety as well. "If you can't beat them, join them", and so on.

Not that I really have a definite hate of 4WD's, as there certainly is a proper use for the things. A local 4WDriver's club went on a recent outing to clean up all the rubbish left behind in the more remote holiday spots. To them I say, a big up to you'se, and proving there is such a thing as a responsible 4WDriver. But, considering it's very likely that other 4WDrivers left all their fucking rubbish behind in the first place, I at the least have a love-hate relationship when they are used properly.

No, nothing against 4WD's in themselves. The thing that does shit me off however, is when such vehicles are being driven around entirely out of place in the city and suburbs, and become so popular in such areas where they don't really belong. At the end of the day, it's all just a safety thing and about pandering to peoples' insecurities...so don't give me any of that fucking shit about it being about freedom as well. I'll fucking well say it again...most 4WD's never even leave bitumen, and I don't need some fucking glorified tank to get around, and I also reserve the freedom not be so fucking intimidated by the things either...it's a two way street, not that the pricks with small penises will ever realize that. The item even went so far as to say that other road users had good reason to be wary of the 4WD's out on the roads already. So...not just a pitch for fucking oversized swine-mobiles, but a victory for blatant selfishness in it's worst form as well. "I'm king of the road baby, so get out of my way!" Nice to see some people putting only themselves into consideration, but everyone else be damned.

1 May 2004

So...pictures of Iraqi prisoners have just hit the papers all around the world by now. But only the former Saddam's regime only did shit like that, did they? Our boys in the coalition don't do those kind of things, they're supposed to be professional, aren't they? So this is the so-called "liberation" of Iraq, is it?

Meanwhile, the (other) ABC network got into a whole lot of hot water for showing a program that amongst other things, did a roll call of the US dead in the Iraq invasion from last year and up to now. Well, things like that happen you stupid fucking drobes. Like it or not, in wars people die, and that definitely means the inevitable casualties on our side. What did you all really think happened then, that they just stormed right on in, then settled back and sat down for tea and biscuits did they? Wars are never pieces of cake, and if you go in and pick a fight, expect there to be consequences, expected or unexpected, that may be the kind of news that you do not ever wish to hear.


14 February 2004

It came true for East Timor, so why not West Papua/Irian Jaya? If you must take it by an anthropological viewpoint alone, the people of West Papua are of melanesian origin, not of malay origin. Therefore the West Papuans are not, and can never be true Indonesians.

"Act of Free Choice"? Pah...more like the Act of No Choice. May the West Papuans get their freedom too.

One people, one soul.

21 January 2004

Thing's have really gone way too far in the direction of heavy-handed stupidity when Molly Meldrum gets detained for about eleven hours when passing an invalid visa application. And...note here, this time it was purely a simple mistake in filling out the visa form, not a deliberate attempt to enter false information. And if the form was deliberatly falsely filled out, well then, fair enough...but not this time boys. Well, that doesn't seem to matter to the Immigration boneheads...'zero tolerance' has gone completely overboard. Welcome to the new authoritarianism, kids.