22 December 2003

Well we finally moved up in the world, as far as anal, legal-stick wielding pricks in the music 'business' are concerned. Those shitheads in APRA finally have joined the RIAA in showing their utter contempt for the civilized concept of fair use and those who would loosely count as their customers in general, self-appointing themselves as copyright nazis. Copyright laws have really gone too damn far when parents are now banned from taking videos of their kiddies putting on a performance, unless they apply for permission first to record what licensed music happens to be playing. What next you turds? Parties forced to shut down because they didn't get permission too? Some poor bugger being taken to court because they had their car radio on, and just happened to drive on through or park at some popular nightspot (that does qualify as a 'public broadcast' you know)? Are you so fucking petty and desperate and gutless because of you lot having no impact on the real problem, that you're starting to pick on the vulnerable and little targets instead? What if, when you pick on someone small and threaten them that unless they got permission from the license holders first, they would either be ordered to piss off back home or have certain property confiscated, or face being fined or worse...that instead they told legal jerks like you to fuck off and get a fucking life in no uncertain terms? Whatcha gonna do then, eh? Time that this whole fucking music 'business' or as I prefer to call it, cartel should be abolished...my money going straight to artists and fucking self-interested, money-grabbing parasites like you suddenly out of a job. One step closer to an ideal world but I'm not holding my breath.

I hope that future generations will hold such braindead and utterly backward laws as being just as silly and petty as we currently view some of the more loopy laws made a century or more ago.

17 November 2003

Just how annoying can they get? Fucking Seven is getting steadily increasingly intrusive at plugging it's own fucking shows, now even right when another is screening...never mind waiting for any ad breaks. Why not fucking well go all the way, and just cover the whole TV screen with promos for their fucking upcoming, coming soon, event of the year, your-life-is-just-not-complete-unless-you've-seen-this shows, but leaving the audio running? That's all they can think of next of gaining even more attention. The tail really is now wagging the dog.

And as that wasn't enough, they hired that bitch Tina Altieri to do their Today Tonight show. I positively, utterly, absolutely could NOT stand that fucking woman when she was doing the Nine news, and now I've got to put up with that fucking patronizing, sneering smile all over again. Thank you so very fucking much Seven. Thankfully though, there's always the SBS news...but even Neighbours is way preferable now. Sometimes I really do think shutting down that pathetic excuse for a TV station and starting again from scratch doesn't seem such a bad idea.


27 October 2003

Big up to Bob Brown for having the guts to put fucking Dumbya under the spotlight, and a big bucket of shit to all the braindead FUCKS who derided Bob over last week, some even threatening to commit physical violence. I never thought that fucking national embarrassment Steve Irwin would get on the Brown-bashing bandwagon too, but then again, do I really expect any better? Can we do something about him? Maybe bind him up by his arms and legs and then fed to a bloody huge croc, and good riddance to that fucking prick. So, some think that Bob should be ashamed of himself, and one THUG came right out on talkback radio and wanted to kick him repeatedly in the face. And this was not more of the rabid shit from one of their callers, oh no. This came right out of the mouth of their own announcers. YOU fuckheads should be the real ones who should be ashamed of yourselves, not Bob in the least. This is what a REAL democracy looks like...deal with it, or YOU intolerant and two-faced pricks should be the ones to be made to FUCK OFF instead. A country should be judged by how well it treats it's dissenters, in which case for a brief while, Australia failed quite miserably, and what I consider to the REAL cause of national shame. Nice to know the ugly Australian is very alive and well.

However, it's really funny how not ONE of the rabid rabble said NOTHING on Bob raising the issue on the Chinese secret service directing to the Australian Government just who could be allowed to enter Parliament House when the Chinese President visited last week, and a few who were prevented, who happened to be guests that Bob invited in...two Tibetan exiles and one Chinese pro-democracy activist, all of whom where barred from entering, at the Chinese Government's insistence. As Bob himself put it, that may be the way things are done in China, but this is Canberra, not Beijing (but no, not quite correct there...they just roll over them in tanks there). Types like that are usually the first to start beating the drum on giving control of national sovereignity over to foreigners, practically on a plate...but not a word on that matter from any of them. Funny...really funny that. So much in fact, I can stop laughing.

But...hey, Bob! Looking for someone to be your bodyguard, as I have a titanium baseball bat I'm justing itching to put to good use on the first moronic THUG who dares to lay a finger on you.

Massive respect goes out to Bob Brown.

10 October 2003

For fucking shit's sake. Here we go again, over the latest panic-mongering on when a fucking meteorite is predicted to hit the Earth. I'd really expected a whole lot better from the BBC than this. But really, fucking crap like this deserves as much respect as the shit spouted out from those religious morons on when THEY think the world is going to end, or even less. Get fucking real you braindead FUCKS. From the earth's own history, any significant ELE type meteorite hit really only does happen every thousand million years or so. And given that the last such hit on such a scale happened 65 million years ago, that leaves us still 935 million years left statistically before we should start to get worried. BUT...to put that aside entirely, I really think we should start fucking well thinking about the threats much closer to home first. Time to hammer it in those stupid fucks in the media that we should start to get fucking shit-scared about doing OURSELVES into extinction, not fucking worrying about some fucking space rock which is very likely NOT to send us there first.

17 September 2003

And this one goes out to old King George the Second. So you had your war with Iraq, first to get rid of their WMD program once and for all (none of which have been found months later, by the way) and then to get rid of old man Saddam, with or without the UN's approval. And when the UN turned down your motion to begin a second war with Iraq, you decided to snub them, and went in anyway without them, with your very small band of sycoph...oops I meant to say "allies". And now...now when the whole damned exercise is getting too much to handle, both financially and operationally...now, NOW you start begging to the UN to help you out there? Will Mr.Bush...who the fuck do you think you are? You, yes, YOU decided to have your fucking war, going in without UN backing...some of your people even went so far to call the UN an anachronism, and NOW you want the UN to come and help you when your hands are now so full? FUCK OFF, Mr. Bush. You made your bed...go and fucking lie in it.

12 September 2003

Love the music, buy the music...but the RIAA can disappear up their own conceited, greed-ridden, corrupt, lying, bullying, outdated asses.

10 September 2003

Hmmm...unlike the media oversaturation of last year, the second anniversary of 11/9/01 tomorrow has thankfully nowhere near the level of news and "opinion" overkill that made up the entirety of viewing 11/9/02, last year. While I didn't agree back then with the comments made by a few made a year ago that people should just "get a life" and get over what happened, I very much disagreed then, as I do now. Maybe those same few can get over even a tragic event like that quickly...some, if not most of us take at least a little longer when set on the healing path. But, nonetheless yes, now that two years have past, it finally is time to move on. As tragic as it was. what happened two years ago is now part of history. Never forget, sure, and I only hope a few things have been learned as well, but it's time enough to finally let go as well. Always to look back a little on what happened, sure, but to endlessly regurgitate and relive the experiences of just one day left to that day from two years ago? Stop it...just fucking stop it and start finally getting on with your lives. However painful it was then...always remember, but just let go.

27 August 2003

I cannot believe what I read in the West this saturday. Some people just cannot let a winning formula stand as is, and follow the ethos "If it ain't broke, don't fix it". No. Instead some PRICKS want to move SBS away from it's traditional ethnic viewer base to the "youth" audience. Great...fucking great. Goodbye, diversity in programming. Goodbye, cutting edge documentaries that even the fucking ABC wouldn't dare touch. Hello, to more of the same boring, brain-deadening, deficient CRAP that we already get on the three commercial broadcasters; only aimed at a younger, so called "trendy" audience. Don't these shitheads realize that SBS is close to peerless and unique in the world? The U.S. could NEVER have anything like SBS, the closest thing would have to be Channel 4 in the U.K. It was inexcusable enough that SBS had to suffer the indignity of "ad-creep", but now some stupid MORONS want to take a truly unique and high quality station on the way to slowly becoming a defacto fourth commercial broadcaster. If these FUCKS want to create a youth-oriented station, let them form their own, but leave SBS ALONE. Some fuckwits should NEVER be allowed to enter into station management, ANYWHERE.

23 August 2003

One thing I've noticed and something that's a pet hate of mine. It can be any situation of an already existing group, and picture this...one day two new potential members decide to join them. One gets everyone crawling all over them, all the adulation, all the greets, even a welcoming ceremony or close enough to it by almost everyone there already, just because he or she's (or it's) already well known else where, doing who-knows-what. But the second of the two will be lucky to even receive one single solitary hello.

Fuck I really hate that. I believe in treating everyone equally at first, and let their individual personalities and accomplisments afterward be the sole criterion how I consider them from then onwards, not some fucking pretense or ideal based on their so-called 'celebrity status', or shock-horror, if they happen to be Mr. or Mrs. Popular of the moment. No special treatment or favouritism, just the same common courtesy at first.

14 June 2003

I've up to now heard a lot of stupid old people always going on about the flag burning issue, most of them in the RSL...where else? "Someone died for that flag, and you're disrespecting all of them by burning it." No. I don't mean any disrespect to all those who have died way back then, but I just cannot see how or why they did die for the flag. They died for their country and all it stood for, not for some fucking flag. Flags do change over time, like it or not, and I expect the current Australian flag has only been the official Australian flag for somewhat a shorter period of time than when the ANZAC legend began, which is almost coming up to being ninety years ago. But, at the end of the day, the flag is really just a piece of cloth. I would fight for any country that gives it's citizens the right to burn it's own flag...I will NOT fight for a country that prohibits flag burning for ANY reason, let alone what is basically deifying what essentially is just a piece of fucking cloth.

18 May 2003

I really have nothing to say. Fuck you.

25 April 2003

Today I realized the best and the worst responses to the terrorist crisis. The worst is the so-called "Patriot Act". The best is news of pilgrims heading over to Gallipoli today, on Anzac day, despite all the warnings of terrorist attacks.

Think about that.

16 April 2003

And herein lies Congress's big thank-you present to the troops of this war, and to the former troops of past wars. And if that wasn't "gratitude" enough, here's another.

15 April 2003

So, now the pro-war mob is collectively jumping up on their soapbox and gloating as much as they can over their so-called victory over the anti-war protesters. I still hear them now, screaming rabidly as they usually do over anything, "HA HA HA, we were right, and you were wrong." Well, actually, no you stupid bunch of fools. Haven't you got it in your thick skulls and fat heads yet about the TRUE aims and demands of the protests; instead choosing to suffocate on your own prejudice and ignorance, that even when you hit upon those rare moments of being aware of it, you'd very much prefer to quickly settle back to old habits in an "easy", convenient frame of mind where you don't have to think as much?

Killing well over a 1300 Iraqis up to this point in time is wrong. Blowing the arms off Ali Ismaeel Abbas , and possibly the hundreds more in very much the same shape, that we'll never see what happened to is wrong. Yes, Saddam was a bastard...but for how long in true reality? TWENTY FIVE YEARS. A lot longer than the 12 or so years since he became the fashionable public enemy number one in the public mind after invading Kuwait, let alone Blair spurting up his whole load of posturing on those died and suffered under Saddam's rule. Up until then, Saddam was a dictator "we" thought we could use. But...OH REALLY? Were you saying anything like that when the worst excesses were actually happening during eight years of the Iran-Iraq war, eh, Tony? Did you even know who Saddam was at the time, eh, Tony Bleegghhh? And in all effect, that goes for the rest of you pack of morons, too.

But, back to the mob, including certain media pricks, I say HOLD ON A FUCKING MINUTE fools...cause things are not so clear and convincing as you think they are. While I doubt that the crowd celebrating the downfall of Saddam was faked or staged, it all seemed too much of a authentic rage for that, and rightfully so; it wasn't exactly huge was it? I counted just a couple of hundred or so...far from the whole population of Baghdad coming out in celebration and jubilation in a mass rally, now that Big Bad Daddy Saddy's gone. More of them were more busy seizing the opportunity and looting whatever they could find than joining the party at the end of that regime. But what happens when the party's over? What then? What happens when the coalition forces overstay their welcome, and soon the Iraqis saying to the coalition in no uncertain terms to "GO HOME"? Which may be as little as weeks away from now.

And I dare any of you...ANY single one of you fucking assholes to have the guts to say to Ali Ismaeel Abbas, or to the faces of ANY of the relatives of the 1300 or more civilians dead, that this whole war has just been vindicated, and has been a proper and just one. No? I thought not. You lot are a bunch of fucking gutless, twisted hypocrites.

11 April 2003

Now that we've turned the corner in freeing the Iraqi people from what at times was brutal suppression (but at what cost?), how about doing the same for the Palestinian people? How about Tibet, Burma, or even freeing Zimbabwe from it's own despotic dictator? Only this time, try not to bomb the crap out of them or whatever...

10 April 2003

So now, NOW, the fucking co-opted mainstream media is starting to notice the issue of all the thousand or so Iraqi civilians killed, maimed or injured; even resorting to tugging at your heart strings with the sight of Ali Ismaeel Abbas, the 12 year old kiddie now orphaned and whose arms were blown off. Gosh, I'm so touched at who much you really, really care NBC...I really, really am. But...didn't we try and warn you lot about exactly THAT kind of stuff that could and did happen, while you fucking stupid, two-faced, stinking pricks tried your best to ignore us completely, and when you couldn't anymore, portray us as loud-mouthed hooligans, just a nuisance, or even traitors?

But a big shout out goes out to the only media organization, who pulled no punches whatsoever when it came to the REAL horrors of this war.

Thank you, al-Jazeera.

9 April 2003

Patriotism is more than just flag waving. And yes, you can be anti-war and still support the troops.

8 April 2003

If so-called "friendly fire" like this wasn't so tragic, it'd all be a bloody farce. And to all those thinking of getting on their high moral ground over supporting the troops no matter what happens, and think this is just a spiteful jibe or a sick attempt at ironic humour, just shut the fuck up for once and actually bother to read on down (I'm sure the simple act of reading can't be THAT hard)...three of the 10 to 18 alledged to have died from that "accident" were US service personnel. Now is the time to start asking a few more questions, no matter which side of the fucking fence you're on. Bush has yet more blood on his hands.

7 April 2003

And so I bring up that contentious issue of Iraq possibly still possessing chemical and biological weapons, and other weapons of mass destruction. Well...WHERE ARE THEY? Not a single fucking one has been found yet; and thankfully, not even a single one has been used so far either...so just where in fuck are they all supposed to be hidden away?

Which was supposedly what this whole fucking war was all about.

6 April 2003

Get ready for the second crusade. I feel sick.

31 March 2003

And this is exactly why I oppose this whole fucking, disgrace of a war; why I call this war a disgrace upon humanity; why I call this war sick, brutal and amoral; and why I for one will NEVER stop opposing this fucking war, not for even one single fucking SECOND, until it is OVER. But do I sound emotional? Well, of course I do, you fucking morons...who the hell wouldn't be? Mr. Bush AND Mr. Hussein, in all actuality, you BOTH have a lot to fucking answer for...

30 March 2003

So, now the so-called "cakewalk" of a war is getting more and more complicated with each passing day. What the fuck did Bush and all the rest really expect...that this would be just a case of walking right on in, toppling old Saddam and expecting the Iraqi people to be eternally grateful; and for everything to be exactly as easy as that? At best, such a line of thinking is extremely optimistic; at the worst, downright stupid.

And now, with not one, but two missile strikes already upon two separate crowded markets, the tide of opinion of the Iraqi people is rapidly turning against the coalition. The initial plans of a quick, surgical war are rapidly becoming undone each time that the coalition manages somehow to stuff it up. Then the significant battle to win hearts and minds will have been lost; then what little perception the Iraqi people had of the coalition's intent being to liberate Iraq may quickly and entirely disappear, replaced by a much wider perception of the coalition's intent being that of occupation. With this eventuality, the outcome will be no longer be just the pro-Saddam forces to have to deal with anymore...soon there will be no choice but to confront the "pro-Iraq" forces as well. While they happen to continue to oppose Saddam, they may also increasingly resent the coalition's forces being present in their homeland; that will see the coalition as an invading force, no matter how much the goodwill the coalition demonstrates, or the intent being of liberation is emphasized. And with the previously unanticipated influx of Iraqi Shi'ites trained in nearby Iran now entering back into Iraq, being not only against Saddam but also very antagonistic against the US, the so-called dream of "Iraqi liberation" may soon become a nightmare. What was supposed to be just a mission to get rid of Saddam is quickly becoming so protracted and complicated, enough that the war may last not for weeks, but months or even years; soon the war will no longer be the US against Saddam, but escalated to being the US against the whole of Iraq. Last, but certainly not least, is the possibility of getting the whole arab people so damn hopping mad at us, we may be lucky just to get out of there alive.

Then what do we do? How will we get out of this one?

26 March 2003

Well Mr. Bush and Mr. Rumsfeld, the both of you are in NO fucking position to start making statements that the US prisoners of war should be treated with respect and protection under the third Geneva Convention (even though they clearly should be), while the detainees at Guantánamo Bay were given even far worse treatment, and very probably still are.

25 March 2003

Good morning, warmongers. This is what you are supporting.

Well, now that the war with Iraq has started, an awful lot has been said that the anti-war protests should stop and should get behind our troops 100%. Well, think again you stupid, fucking drobes...there is no way those who disagree should just shut up and back whatever Bush has planned, not by a long shot. Last time I heard, this was still a free country...deal with it. Furthermore, we actually support our troops the most...we say "BRING THEM HOME" before they're brought back in bodybags.

23 March 2003

I am such a big fucking man. I know how to blow things up better than you can.

22 March 2003

"Be with us, or else" part 2.

21 March 2003

Well, Mr. President, you finally got your very first war that you were so determined and confrontational in pushing for. Finally want to prove yourself as the self-appointed sheriff of the whole world and gave Saddam until "high noon to leave town", not that it ever was going to happen, do you? Finally falling under the delusions of yourself as being the John Wayne President, and getting you and your little posse (ooops, I meant to say coalition) of the willing to round up little Saddam (not that he ever was a very nice man either) and the rest of the Axis-of-Evil gang, come hell or high water, are you?

Well, let me say this Mr. President...for the shift toward the method of the "pre-emptive strike" and for setting the very first dangerous precedent that YOU initiated and went straight into war without prior UN approval; for every Iraqi civilian that you massacre; for every woman and child that you maim or kill; for all the servicemen and servicewomen who won't make it back; and for the rest, a lifetime of who-knows-what illnesses may crop up in the long term...just like with the current gulf war vets, who can look forward towards living on a skinflint pension while suffering gulf war syndrome for possibly the rest of their lives, that YOU don't even have the fucking balls to admit exists; for every war crime that you and your underlings commit; for every atrocity you attempt to justify; for every lie you speak; for every truth you cover-up, YOU and you alone shall be held personally responsible for all that happens now and in the future.

You speak of bringing freedom to the world, even as you and your government slowly erode civil liberties, but all under the excuse of combating terrorism of course; and expect everyone to be fully behind the war effort or else. Thankfully there is still enough real freedom in your country for enough people to stand up and say "NO" to your whole warmongering agenda, enough people who actually question just what is going on. Get real Mr. President, not everyone is going to fucking well agree with you, no matter how much you try to ignore them, or how much you threaten them with being "unpatriotic". You just may turn out be the last and greatest true enemy of freedom.

And history shall judge you as the president of shame.

10 February 2003

This topic came up after a very brief convo after a recent upgrading of a terrorist alert, from yellow to orange. But what really shits me off is that King George II is now all the way after Iraq and wants Saddam's head on a platter...It's all very well being a part of the war effort, all the way with the USA, be either with us or against us, blah, blah, blah; but let me just remind you of a burning (or should I say smouldering) issue mysteriously forgotten and hardly, if ever, mentioned anymore. Osama bin Laden. Remember him? The bastard primarily responsible for the deaths of almost 3,000, still at large, and has effectively been let off the hook and allowed to get away with murder?

Meanwhile, now that I am on the issue of September 11 again, I am still a little disgusted with the comments uttered by a certain radio presenter who fronts an anarchist weekly radio program I've been listening to for years, and share a lot of ideals with, spoken just a few days after that "incident". But he actually came out and expressed pleasure that the WTC towers had collapsed. WHAT? I almost turned the radio off in disgust. Ok, so the towers were the symbol of the tyranny of globalization, the symbol of corporate feudalism. But they were also in use for so much more than just that, and very probably were the "World Trade Centre" in name only. Not to mention the thousands of lives that were lost that day, people who didn't deserve to die, no matter what the fucking government or the corporations have done. Where's your fucking concern for the victims of war and aggression now, eh?

2 February 2003

To those who say or speculate that the NASA space program now be immediately halted and put on an indefinite pause, I leave these inspiring and somewhat appropriate words spoken by John F. Kennedy, coincidentally enough, from Texas over 40 years ago.

We choose to go to the moon in this decade and do the other things, not because they are easy, but because they are hard, because that goal will serve to organize and measure the best of our energies and skills, because that challenge is one that we are willing to accept, one we are unwilling to postpone, and one which we intend to win, and the others, too.

Where would we be now, if the nay-sayers were allowed to have their way; and that the first landing on the moon was just too difficult, too expensive, too dangerous, or just outright impossible?

29 January 2003

I have absolutely nowhere else to go but to turn around.

26 January 2003

Oh dear, oh dear. So it looks as though the RIAA really is the front of the recording industry cartel. And as anyone knows, one of the functions of any cartel is to introduce price fixing. Get your money back now! (and that is endorsed by noone :)

20 January 2003

Fuck the big day out.

4 January 2003

And this is the mentality of your typical 4WD/SUV owner..."I'll buy anything I want and I'll crush the planet with my SUV. You're not going to take away my freedom." More like the behaviour of a spoilt brat throwing a tantrum when finally told "No, you can't have that too." Ban the bloody wastes of space and fuel NOW, for anyone who doesn't plan on using one for it's intended purpose at the least, and certainly not the likes of Mr. Crush-the-planet either, IMO. 4WD's or SUV's are almost always marketed in a way so that you can "Experience freedom, and see the great outdoors." Bullshit...fucking bullshit. Over 90% of 4WD's or SUV's hardly ever leave bitumen. Not only are they a fucking menace on the roads (ever tried to see over the hood of those things? And may whatever your own personal deity should be help you, if ever you're in a small car that should happen to get hit by one), but banning them would definitely go a helluva way towards cutting down on greenhouse gases too. The roads are NOT the place for glorified tanks.

2 January 2003

In the words of Mark E. Smith, why are people grudgeful?

1 January 2003

If I ever do find the utter prick who's again been using my email addy as the return-to for all the spam they've been sending, including all the bounces (I shudder to think how many actually reached their destination), I am going to fucking hurt him. Right there and then. Badly.

I've been pretty angry before, as previous readers to here may know well enough already. But I doubt I've ever been angry enough that all I want to do is rip some fuck into a million pieces and piss and shit on the remains. Not even with our dear old friend Mr. Suharto-man. Not even with Sibe (he's really just a very, very naughty boy). A few people deserve all that their going to get. Pity really...I wished that wasn't the case, and even put in those last few inches in the last miles, but at the end of the day, it really was all their own choosing.