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Welcome to this archive of taurform art. The majority of the subjects here are Chakats and other felitaurs, but you will find all the other taurform morphs that inhabit the planet Chakona, including foxtaurs, skunktaurs, wolftaurs and Quange (equitaurs).
WARNING: This site caters for a broad range of tastes and as such, some images may be considered suitable only for adult viewing. I have tried to give a reasonable guide to the rating of these pictures in the descriptions. Adult rated pictures are marked [A] and should not be viewed by people under 18 years of age (or whatever the legal age is in your area). Other ratings are [G] General audience and [M] Mature material, discretion required.
I wish to publicly thank all the artists who have done these drawings and permitted me to show them on my website. Please do not abuse their generosity by taking these images and using them elsewhere without their permission.

"Ride" © 1998
Eugene Arenhaus

Latest Additions:   28 December 2007
At last another update! The explosion in taur art had left me intimidated by the sheer amount of work involved in getting these up on the website, but I bit the bullet and did this update.
New additions start from page 17.

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How would you like to take a chakat home? David Bliss has transformed his art of Goldfur into these great cloisonne pins:
Goldfur cloisonne pin
Click the image to find out more!
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This archive specialises in furry taurs, but that doesn't mean I don't like the classic centaurs also. Here are a few excellent offerings from Jonathan Rich for your enjoyment:

            Neku.jpg [M]
            Equessia.jpg [M]
            Kavalina.jpg [M]
            Sylvianna.jpg [A]

Submissions to Chakat Visions

Do you enjoy drawing other people's characters? If so, you are invited to submit your vision of a chakat or other taur to me for inclusion on this web page. I'd love to see this collection grow! However, I do reserve the right not to show art that I deem unsuitable. Please e-mail submissions to I can take any format and I prefer high quality scans. Alternatively, upload the image to your web or ftp site and give me the address to fetch it. Please supply a description for the piece if you don't want me to write one of my own. I'm happy to include a link also.


Notice: The Chakat characters Goldfur, Forestwalker, Quickpaw, Midnight, Eudora, Snowcloud, Patchwork, Stonefur, Goldendale, Tailstalker, Windrunner, Ember, Longstripe, Desertsand, Stargrey, Amber, Walker, Nikol and Swiftwalk, plus the foxtaurs, Garrek, Malena, Ketta, Thayla, Pandora, Jaleth, Dilenna, Kassi, Lorene, Miktar, Moyshu, Rikandor, Purteshka and Zendak are the intellectual property of Bernard Doove. All art is © 2007 to the respective artists and permission is received for the use of these images. Do not redistribute or display on any other website or archive, etcetera, without our permission.


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