The Chakat Universe Timeline

A guide to the sequence of events in the Chakat stories

(Please note that some dates might be revised to better fit the stories.)

2003 #The Human Genome Project is completed.
#Advances in bio-genetics and medical tissue culturing began to yield practical applications. Near the end of the decade, a scandal erupts in America where a firm in Oregon called BioLife developed the first synthesis of human and canine DNA, creating a blueprint for the first morphs. The company is raided by the United States government, the sample embryos seized and destroyed, and the company fined for illegal genetic research.
2031 March 19Chinese geneticists, using data stolen from the BioLife incident, create the first wolf morphs. Chinese law decrees the morphs are sub-human, labels them as 'products', and denies them any rights, considering them legally the same as livestock.
#Knowledge of the wolf morphs leaks out and sparks a morph-engineering international 'arms race' as dozens of countries across Asia and Eastern Europe compete to create new morph variations for multiple purposes. By the end of the decade, the BBV (Big-Breasted Vixen) stereotype has gone global within the international sex industry.
#Western-culture nations finally allow new morph varieties to be engineered. The global population of morphs grows to nearly 4 billion: almost 1 morph for every 2 humans on the planet, although most of them are still maturing. The intelligence of morphs begins to become an issue and activists begin major campaigns to protest the mistreatment of them in a situation that strongly parallels negro slavery two hundred years earlier. Germany is the first country to grant morphs emancipation and equality with humans. Several countries follow suit shortly afterward.
#The giant morph-breeding companies simply refuse to export their products to free countries, and focus on the slave countries, where the profits are. Numerous nations around the globe begin to experience significant upheavals and public unrest, as the gaping rift between conservative and liberal values finally polarizes societies so strongly that it hits a critical tipping point, and people begin to violently defend their worldviews. In nearly every country around the world, the same liberal vs. conservative battles are erupting wherever the two sides meet. Most of the major cities have to deal with multiple riots and significant destruction of property every month.
2050 July 4The Gene Wars begin with destruction of Hoover Dam. Ultra-liberal morph-sympathizing revolutionaries seize the Hoover Dam and take the workers and some tourists hostage. The US government sends in the Army who lays siege to the dam. They break into the structure after a month, slaughtering many of the revolutionaries. The remaining ones choose to be martyrs and broadcast a bold statement that they'd rather die free than live as slaves before detonating a stolen Russian nuclear warhead they had brought with them, blasting the structure apart, and killing all the hostages and most of the attacking soldiers. The reservoir waters flood downstream, washing away whole townships and drowning many thousands.
2050 #The destruction of Hoover Dam is a watershed moment for the United States. The event violently polarizes the nation and high-intensity riots erupt in dozens of cities. Liberal states turn against conservative ones and the country devolves into civil war.
#Global civil wars. See the 21st Century World History article for details.
#Changing alliances and annexations. See the 21st Century World History article for details.
#Australia and New Zealand largely escape the troubles of the worldwide wars and begin extending aid to nearby islands, annexing many of them. See the 21st Century World History article for details.
#Some areas of the world have mostly stabilized. War-weary people – mostly the younger generation – are demanding an end to the conflicts. However, displaced Arab survivors in Malaysia secretly develop new biological weapons: genetically-engineered humans and morphs called "Saurons" that are living virus-factories. They carry and spread plagues, sowing paranoia and terror. Disease and death on a massive scale changes the face of the world, depopulating vast regions in a few years. As the population crashes, the wars become unsustainable, resulting in many much-needed ceasefire agreements.
2090 December 22The Gene Wars end with the signing of the worldwide armistace. The most advanced and still-functional surviving governments are those of Australia and New Zealand, which become the legal model and new seat of world order with the foundation of the UNTWG (United Nations of Terra World Government).
2091 #The Great Reconstruction begins. More territories are consolidated and the remaining governments stabilized and reinforced. Saurons are identified, rounded up, and interred.
2111 February 1Chakat Genome Project begins.
2120 #Great Reconstruction concludes.
2129 May 17First chakat cubs are born.
2134 February 19General Order 418 is decreed.
2135 April 8While scouting a star system for viable planets, a Terran starship encounters their first sapient alien race – explorers from the planet Kà'iît – a felinoid species that would become known as the Caitians.
2141 June 9The Voxxan race is first encountered.
2158 February 11A human who can't even remember his own name interrupts the the peace talks with the Rakshani. (The Ides of March)
2173 #All interned Sauron are transferred to the prison colony world of New Mordor.
2207 March 3Planets are detected about Aquila RA 19h49m7s D 8°46' by the Sagan Deep Space Telescope.
2210 NovemberKupe robot probe flyby survey of Aquila 19D8A-04.
2214 #FSS Arahura survey of Aquila 19D8A-04.
2215 #Star Fleet interdicts New Mordor.
2218 #Follow-up survey by TDSCV Heinlein of Aquila 19D8A-04.
2219 May 1Settlement and development of Aquila 19D8A-04 ceded to the Chakat-led Anthropomorphic People's Lobby. Planet is renamed Chakona and its sun named Chakastra.
#Project GRAPPLE.
(Chakamils created)
2223 January 15Three Firms scandal and Skunktaur liberation.
2227 February 28First Landing – colony ships FSS Mumbai, La Trobe, Woomera and Amsterdam. Chakonan date 1/1/1.
2228 August 30Chakat Darkstar born.
2230 October 18Operation BISMARCK (Sterilisation of New Mordor).
#Construction of Chakona Gateway Station.
2261 #Chakona Gateway Station officially opened. Quezon City accident.
2266 February 14Fyodor Ivanov Moseivitch born.
2281 April 2Keith Walker born.
2284 June 15Chakat Dawnfire born.
2289 October 13First of the Stellar Foxtaur cubs are born to chakat host parents.
2293 April 17Japanese colony world – Asahikawa – established.
October 8MayFurr "born".
2294 July 30Chakat Longstocking (d/o Argento & T-Bird) born.
2295 August 11Ranthe Narbalek born.
2296 September 23Herm symbiote developed on Asahikawa develops into plague, and whole planet is quarantined.
2298 March 9Self-governing autonomy ceded to the transitional Chakonan Planetary Council.
2299 June 13Chakat Midnight born.
December 4Chakat Swiftsure born.
2300 September 26Chakat Goldfur (d/o Longstripe & Desertsand) born.
September 28Chakat Sundown born.
2301 June 23Full Chakonan independence.
August 18Chakat Forestwalker (d/o Desertsand & Longstripe) born.
2302 August 20Nova Stallis (d/o Arda Stallis & Leon Robey) born.
2303 19 AprilGarrek born.
#Keith Walker and Chakat Dawnfire meet at Cape York Space Academy. (Academy Tails: "Orientation")
2304 7 AugustKetta born.
2306 August 07Cassiopeia Firetail born.
2307 #Keith Walker graduates from Cape York Academy, joins FSS Hudson.
2308 December 5Lupukshawteanae (Lupu) born.
2309 #Dawnfire graduates from Cape York Academy, joins FSS Eastwind.
2310 March 22Onca, daughter of Huitzil & Tzeca, born.
March 29Rand Erikson born.
May 28Chakat Snowflake born.
September 18Malena born.
2312 June 11Theobald Aaron "Kit" Carson born.
June 17Chakat Quickpaw (d/o Desertsand & Longstripe) born.
December 30Skip Matheson born.
2313 March 22Valjean & Javert Hugo born.
2319 #Keith Walker assumes the command of the FSS Illustrious.
2321 December ~Garrek leaves for the Star Corps academy. ( Coming Home Again #1)
2322 January 1Rosepetal Silpurr introduces her mate, Admiral Boyce Kline, to a potential new mate, Zhane Ap Nashene na Zhane, at the Rakshan Fertility Festival. To everyone's surprise, both females get pregnant at that event.
January 12Cassiopeia leaves for the Star Corps Academy without her parents consent, changing her name to Cassandra Whiteclaw. She meets Chakat Dawnbright, and they become roommates, then Companions. ( Coming Home Again #2)
August 12Kayla, daughter of Rosepetal and Boyce, is born.
August 29Kernos, son of Zhane and Boyce, is born.
December (late)Cassandra transfers from the Star Corps training to the Star Fleet training. ( Coming Home Again #3)
2323 #Keith Walker assumes the command of the FSS Isaac Asimov.
2324 March 17Aurora (d/o Marla & Jaiden) born.
2325 #Dawnfire becomes the XO of the FSS Isaac Asimov.
2326 #Lost!: MayFurr and Ranthe crash-land on Chakona.
March 8Forestwalker meets Kris and Trina.
March 29Forest, Kris and Trina decide to become denmates.
November 15Goldfur introduces Admiral Boyce Kline to Forest.
2327 #The Gambit Solution: MayFurr, Ranthe, Sundown & Lindgold confront a menace to all lifeforms: the Borg!.
#Scent of a Rose: Further complications in the lives of MayFurr and Ranthe.
April 23Goldfur meets Garrek. (FT6: Goldfur's Story)
July ~Goldfur conceives by Garrek. (FT7: Garrek's Story)
September 25Cliff rescue by Forestwalker and hir mates. (FT1: Reunion)
September 26Goldfur introduces Midnight to Forest. The two capture some poachers. (FT2: Partnerships)
September 29Forest conceives by Midnight. (FT3: Fulfillment)
October 1Garrek takes Goldfur, Midnight and Trina to his home village and introduces his family, including his sister Malena. They attend their first Harvest Festival together. Goldfur teaches Malena how to make love. (FT4: Family)
October 2The Foxtaur games. A cub drowns. (FT5: Recreation)
December 5-26Cassandra graduates from the Academy as a Lieutenant jg in Star Fleet and is assigned to the Edward White, a patrol and exploration vessel. On their leave, Dawnbright introduces Cassie to hir family. ( Coming Home Again #5)
2328 #Construction of the Mileva Memorial Hyper-Spatial Observatory begins.
January 12(A&C1: Closer relationships)
March 24The Glade. (A&C2: The Glade)
April (early)The Edward White engages a pirate ship and destroys it, but is also destroyed in turn. The survivors start a long journey to safety.
April 14Admiral Kline is inducted into Forest's family. (A&C3: Ceremony)
May 12The crew of the Edward White make it to Starbase 9.
June 16Goldfur and Garrek's stories are told. (FT6) & (FT7)
June 30The Admiral makes love to both Goldfur and Forest. (A&C4 & 5: Good Clean Fun & The Glade Revisited)
August 24The inquest into the Edward White incident finishes, and Cassie walks out with a promotion to Senior Lieutenant and a new ship, the Gus Grissom.
August 25Goldfur gives birth to Eudora Whitepaw, and Forestwalker gives birth to Snowcloud & Patchwork. (FT8: Birth)
October 27Foxtaur festival. Ketta introduced. Malena conceives by Goldfur. (FT9: Clans)
October 28Ketta kidnaps Eudora and is hunted down. She is later banished from the village. (FT10: Crisis)
November 7Quickpaw's "First". (FT11: Lessons)
November 15Ketta meets Stargrey.
December 25The Admiral and his mates celebrate Christmas with the Chakats. The truth is revealed to Zhane and Rosepetal who decide to forgive him as long as he formally mates with Forest. (A&C6: Truths)
2329 March 13Goldfur meets Lupu.
April 24Midnight conceives by Admiral Kline. Lupu asks to have Goldfur's cubs. (FT12: Mates)
April 25Lupu conceives by Goldfur.
June 24Stargrey asks Ketta to be hir mate.
July 3Ketta conceives by Stargrey.
September 8Malena gives birth to Blaze. Quickpaw decides to become a nurse. Ketta repents. (FT13: Ketta's Fate)
October 12Midnight Incident. (FT14: Midnight Incident)
December 20Malena's Choice. (TOFC1: Malena's Choice)
December 24Ketta's Christmas Eve party. (TOFC2: Ketta's Christmas)
2330 January 10Trina gives birth to Markus. (FT15 starts: Unthinkable Deeds)
March 3Lupu gives birth to Stonefur and Greypaw.
March 23Midnight gives birth to Ember.
May 7A Busy Day. (TOFC4: A Busy Day)
May 11Ketta's cub Nikol is born. Quickpaw gives hir gift to Ketta & Stargrey. (QTCY2: The Gift)
June 17Quickpaw turns 18. Strip poker game. Quickpaw and Boyce become Companions. (A&C7: Games Of Life And Love)
June 19Forest conceives by the Admiral. (A&C8: Becoming As One)
September 13The first major Earth For Humanity riot. (FT15 ends)
October 25Hunter's Ceremony. (TOFC3: Harvest Ceremony)
2331 April 2Goldfur gives birth to Tailstalker.
April 21Garrek returns to his clan for his Obligation. (TOFC5: Obligation)
April 24Dale Perkins is transformed into a chakat. (FT16: Transformations, part 1)
April 25Dale struggles to cope with a new body, a new sexuality and a massive change in his life. (FT17: Transformations, part 2)
May 1Forestwalker gives birth to Windrunner, the cub sired by Admiral Kline.
June 6Dale asks Lupu to be his denmate, then decides to stay a chakat, taking the new name of Goldendale. (FT18: Transformations, part 3)
August 25-26Dale accompanies Lupu to California while she tries to get readmitted to her pack. The foxtaur hunters are being attacked though and the wolftaurs are suspected. Forestwalker and Malena find the true culprit the hard way. Thayla accidentally conceives by Garrek, although this is not known until months later.(FT19: Conclusions)
September 30
December 25
Forestwalker travels with Admiral Kline for a tour of duty in order to spend time as a family with their new cub. They encounter an unusual person named Leanna, a fennec fox slave from one of the non-aligned worlds. Leanna soon becomes firmly enmeshed in their lives as they struggle to turn a slave into an independent person. (FT20: More Terrible Than Chains)
2332 January 1Malena conceives triplets by Garrek during a mating gone terribly wrong. (FT28: Disastrous Decision)
January 11
March 25
Goldendale begins resuming hir life and career, with both old acquaintances and new making hir new life very interesting. (FT29: Transitions)
February 20Forestwalker takes Leanna to the Double H Club where shi is introduced to herms of various species and types, including the human herm, Nichelle Mgabi. (FT30: Meanwhile...)
February 22Kazengar, son of Kassi and Garrek, is born.
February 27Forestwalker and Leanna return to the Double H Club for the poker night and meet up with an extraordinary musician. (FT34: Musical Climax)
March 26Garrek mates with Lorene. (FT31: What You See Is Me)
March 29Nightsong, child of Lupu and Goldendale, is born.(FT32: A Swift Decision)
March 31Swiftwalk proposes to Goldendale who accepts.(FT32: A Swift Decision)
April 7Leanna leaves on a mission to Nameth to try to work out the mystery of the Faleshkarti. (FT33: And The Children Shall Lead)
April 25Goldendale and Swiftwalk begin their first tour of duty as a mated team.
August 5Swiftwalk is kidnapped at the end of hir tour of duty, and threats made to hir life and hir loved ones in order to force hir to rob and kill. (FT35: Whatever the Cost)
September 29Opal, child of Leanna and Kris, is born.
October 7Mica, child of Katrina and Leanna, is born.
October 15Completion and dedication of the Mileva Memorial Hyper-Spatial Observatory.
October 25Littleroar, child of Midnight and Forestwalker, is born. (FT36: In The Family Way)
October 26Malena gives birth to identical triplet sons – Rikkal, Jallor & Mallek
November 16First flight of the starship Phoenix. (Phoenix #2: Unexpected Baggage)
November 25The crew of the Folly and Goldfur's family meet and have a day out together at the beach. (Folly - The Curse #7)
December 14Retribution: The Humans First terrorists strike on Chakona. H1 bombing of Freedom Day celebrations in Amistad, New Bletchley, Curtisport, and other cities in the Skunktaur Archipelago. (7/2/93 CUT)
2333 January 12H1 bombing of first Longtail Day celebration in San Francisco, GNA, Terra. (The Longest Longtail Day).
February 28
March 5
Cassandra returns home after her tour of duty on the Gus Grissom, to discover her father dying. After the funeral and a huge argument with her mother, she returns to Star Fleet vowing never to go home again. She ships out on a deep-space exploratory and mapping mission. (Coming Home Again #6)
June 13Twilight, child of Swiftwalk and Goldendale, is born.
July 14Star Dancer begins.
August 3Phoenix departs on its fourth voyage and into trouble.
August 15The Phoenix is hijacked by pirates posing as passengers. (Phoenix #3: Passenger Peril)
October 3Coaldust, second child of Midnight and Boyce is born.
October 10Stariionae attack Task Force Sceptre; Biscay, Hawke, and Isaac Asimov are lost, Lijang and Mactan disabled.
October 23Yote and the crew of the Phoenix are falsely arrested for the kidnapping of Penelope Windsor. (Phoenix #4: Mouse Machinations)
November 3Word of the loss of Task Force Sceptre reaches Sigma-17.
November 4Stariionae attack Chakona.
November 22Hands Across The Sky: Rand and Onca Erickson leave Amazonia. (Work in progress)
November 26Ranthe Narbalek and Mayfurr (who has changed his name to Mayuandi ne Nhakanla) arrive at Chakona Gateway on board the F.S.S. Arthur C. Clarke.
December 2F.S.S. Lijang arrives at Chakona Gateway.
December 8Quickpaw graduates as a qualified nurse and specialist midwife. (QTCY1)
December 16Rand and Onca arrive at Cape York Aerospace port on Terra.
December 26Leafchaser, child of Longstripe and Desertsand, is born.
2334 January 19Martin Yote uncovers a fanatical plot to inflict a herm plague on Earth. (Phoenix #5: Plague Plot)
January 28Darkstar meets Goldfur after A Chance Encounter with Garrek.
February 9The asteroid city, Hesperia, suffers a disaster when the stricken super-carrier, The Olympian knocks out its power and nearly crashes into it, averted only by the efforts of the crew of the Phoenix. Menalippe and Heywood Baxter die. (Phoenix #6: Asteroid Adversity)
February 22A Humans First terrorist gunman opens fire on the crowd in Terminal 17 of the Cape York Aerospace port, leading to 36 deaths and 112 injuries. (Ties That Bind)
March 17Admiral Kline approaches Darkstar for advice.
June 6Goldfur, Forestwalker and extended family arrive in Chakona, ready to start a new life away from the troubles on Terra. (4/16/94 CUT)
June 11Admiral Kline makes his speech before the Federation General Assembly. (Loosing The Maelstrom)
June 14Former Admiral Kline is whisked away from danger by his son and daughter after the intervention of Captain Foster. (Good Men)
September 1Star Home officially opened.
September 17Starshine (d/o Longstocking & Darkstar) born.
October 2Eudora wanders away from the base camp on Tanador and meets Shaman, a Garetta foxtaur from a lost colony. Official First Contact happens the next day. (Little Cub Lost)
October 10Fiora (d/o Sundown & Swiftsure) born.
2335 February 28Alaula (d/o Darkstar & Boyce) born.
December 13'Til Death Do Us Part begins. (Work in progress)
2336 August 07Cassandra arrives at unknown planet later known as Holme where she meets Daniel Silverstripe and they start working together. ( Coming Home Again #7)
September 24Cassie falls in love with Daniel and requests to remain behind on Holme to act as Federation Liaison. She's promoted to full Commander and given an attack runabout and minicruiser of her own to command.
2337 September 18The crew of the Phoenix face their greatest challenge to their livelihood as Martin must confront his father for the viability of his business versus the terms of his bequeathal. (Phoenix #13: The Final Challenge)
December 25The crew of the Phoenix enjoy Christmas as a family. (A Phoenix Christmas)
2338 May 18The Halcyon Three Federation colony world is attacked by a new unknown enemy. (Cosmic Lotus: Halfway)
June 20An emergency rescue mission with the use of an experimental long-distance transporter accidentally teleports Mike Thompson and his dog Molly from the year 2023. Due to pattern-loss, their mind-matrixes are put into copies of the bodies of the last two people who had been transported – Kathryn MacLeod, a nineteen-year-old herm cougar morph, and Tonya DeGaulle, a nine-year-old human girl. (Warped Future, Book One: Starting Over)
2339 November 7Admiral Kline and the Federation starship Pegasus are sent to investigate a strange spaceship that has entered the Chakastran system. (Cosmic Lotus: First Contact)
November 15Wandering Path, captain of the Equestrian starship Cosmic Lotus along with Admiral Kline facilitate a meeting between Port Admiral Namatjira and the Triarchs of Equestria to negotiate an agreement between the Federation and the Equian Alliance. (Cosmic Lotus: About Face)
2340 All yearThe might of the Stellar Federation and the magical forces of their Equian allies are combined in a desperate fight for survival again the Swarm.(Cosmic Lotus: Diplomatic Relations)
2341 February22The Swarm is defeated by a combination of magical spell and telepathic assault. (Cosmic Lotus: New Paths)
2353 January 29Coaldust unexpectedly becomes pregnant to Tam, becoming the first to find out that hir father's ability to be interfertile with any mammalian species is inheritable.
December 7Stargazer, child of Coaldust and Tam is born. (8/14/111 CUT)
2357 June 23Windrunner becomes Firstwife to Arrak Menurr'tak. (8/18/114 CUT) (Piece of Mind)
2361 November 23Stargazer and Wyatt Concolor become mates. (1/7/112 CUT) (Stargazer's Folly)


See the Time & Date Convertor for converting between Terran and Chakonan calendars. (Excel spreadsheet)

Although I've gone to a lot of effort to organise these events, I may have made mistakes. Also, some dates need to be narrowed down to a specific day as yet. Anyone who finds an error or has a suggestion to improve this timeline is welcome to email me any comments.



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