The Ties that Bind
by John R. Plunkett

This story was the unintended consequence of working through certain portions of Star Dancer. While in discussion with Terry Knight and Bernard Doove about some of the darker aspects of the Chakat universe's history, and happening to read Quickpaw, The College Years (by Christian Neumann) at the same time, this tale just sort of crystallized out and demanded to be written. Getting it out of my head and onto paper, so to speak, was a difficult and painful process that involved a lot of soul-searching, not to mention a number of very late-night writing sessions. In fact, once I got the worst of it out of my system I was actually going to abandon it. Overwhelming response from Terry convinced me that not finishing the story would be a terrible loss, so here it is.

Continuity warning: this story is not strictly speaking intended as a stand-alone work. Readers who are not familiar with Chakats might wish to read An Introduction to Chakats on Bernard's page, which will provide some background about the species and its history.

Content warning: this story deals with some pretty raw issues in the areas of sex and, in particular, violence. Readers of a delicate disposition who are not prepared to confront graphic depictions of hatred and terrorism have been duly warned.

- John R. Plunkett -

- The Beginning -

Characters & Story © 2000 John R. Plunkett.             Chakona & Chakats © 1999 Bernard Doove.

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