Stargazer's Folly
By Bernard Doove © 2009


My name is Stargazer, and I am an idiot. To understand why I’m an idiot, I suppose I’d better explain something about myself first. I am the child of Chakat Coaldust and a cougar morph named Tam Catamount. Yes, I know that it’s impossible for a biped cougar and a chakat to interbreed. No, I’m not adopted, nor am I the product of some expensive complex gene-engineering fertility process. The truth is far stranger.

To explain that, I need to take you back some decades. My grandsire is Boyce Garald Kline Junior, a human. Yeah, I know – I’m sounding even more unbelievable, but it’s true. Nowadays, he’s a Federation Envoy, but back in those days he was a Star Fleet admiral, and he had lifemated with his Caitian first officer, Rosepetal Silpurr. No, I don’t have Caitian genes in me too. Be patient and you’ll see. Anyway, if you are familiar with Caitian customs, each male can take several wives, up to six! Rosepetal was very traditional, and it was up to the Firstwife’s duty to find more suitable wives for her husband. Being in Star Fleet though, both of them had a much different lifestyle than the average person, and both thought outside their species. For that reason, Rosepetal chose a Rakshani named Zhane as a potential Secondwife.

*Sigh* No, there’s no Rakshani blood in me either. It’s relevant though because they held the pre-mating night (to determine if they were compatible) on Raksha during the annual Fertility Festival. Rakshani suffered from a low fertility rate and high infant mortality (although that has improved since then due to Federation medical technology), so they are very dedicated to devoting a week to praying to their deities for children, and for celebrating conceptions. Stop rolling your eyes! Not only are they serious about it, but it works! Their deities do occasionally respond, and conceptions greatly increase during the festival, and not merely because they’re having a lot more sex. You see, their deities might be better described as ascended elder beings – a race that has evolved into near godlike entities – and some of those entities have a sense of humour. Zhane and Rosepetal both got pregnant at that festival. Rosepetal was shocked but pleased because she had resigned herself to childlessness when she had taken a human as a mate. So although the cub was not planned, she was still most welcome. Zhane took it as a sign from the gods that this was her destined mate and accepted the position of Secondwife immediately. All of them had busy careers however, so no one tried to have another child for a long time.

Years passed, and my grandsire took another mate, a chakat this time by the name of Forestwalker. No, wrong again – shi’s not my grandmother, but shi was already mated to Chakat Midnight. One day while Boyce was visiting Forestwalker, Midnight went into heat. Forestwalker suggested that shi ask Boyce for some sexual relief because, unlike hir, humans can’t impregnate chakats. Both were agreeable, and a good time was had by all. However, a couple of mornings later, Midnight woke up and sensed that shi was pregnant, which came as a huge shock for everyone. Finally Boyce was called back for a long-overdue thorough examination and, after extensive tests, they determined that he was gifted with hyperfertility. He was now interfertile with every mammalian species, including alien ones, which explained Zhane and Rosepetal’s pregnancies, and now Midnight’s. Apparently the Rakshan deity’s gift had not been a one-off thing at the Fertility Festival, but a permanent change to my grandfather. That deity must have been an over-achiever or thought it would be humorous. We’ll never know.

Anyway, like Zhane and Rosepetal who had given birth to perfectly normal Rakshani and Caitian cubs, Midnight had an utterly normal chakat child. The only thing that the three had in common were their sire’s hazel eyes – a non-existent colour for both alien species, and an unusual one for a chakat. So that was my mother, you guess? Nope. That was my Aunt Ember. My mother was born years later when my grandmother decided that shi wanted to have another child by Boyce, only deliberately this time.

Like my aunt, my mother was a normal chakat in every way. Nothing particularly unusual happened until the final year of high school. My mother had taken up wrestling as a sport, and few chakats could match hir skill, and no biped species ever won a bout with hir… until Tam Catamount joined the team. My father is a cougar morph, but hardly a typical one. He stands 193cm tall (6’4") and is a wall of muscle. He was the only two-legger to ever throw my mother, and they were fairly evenly matched in the ring. Although they were rivals in the sport, they respected each other greatly, and a friendship grew between them. This blossomed into a much closer relationship and, as almost inevitably with chakats, a sexual one. Of course neither one of them was concerned about pregnancies or the need for birth control because they were an incompatible species. Imagine their surprise when Coaldust conceived! Up until then, nobody had considered the possibility that Boyce’s unique gift could be inherited! Ember was tested, as well as all of Boyce’s other children, and all were found to have the ability also. Only because they had been sexually active with their own species, or through sheer good luck, had they not found out the truth sooner.

That’s how I was born. So, because I was born of a chakat, I’m one too? You’d be half right. All previous Kline Hybrids (as we became to be known as) were the same species as their mothers, but in each case, Boyce had been the sire. This time it was the mother who had the ability, and it’s apparent that it’s we hybrids that adapt to our partners. Usually. I have two younger sisters, the first of whom is just like me. The second is a regular chakat though. That threw all the medical theories for a loop, I tell you! Yes, they tested us and we're all hyperfertile too. The scientists are driven crazy trying to figure out how we do the impossible. We just shrug and tell them it’s easy – just become an ascended being and you’ll figure it out!

Stargazer by Kacey Miyagami

But I digress. If you were watching a video instead of reading this, you could see that I am a cougar like my father. I have the same colour fur and patterning as he does, although I have long blond hair which he doesn’t. The only thing that sets me apart from a typical cougar morph is my tail. It’s just as long, thick, strong and prehensile as a chakat’s, which is considerably bigger than a cougar’s. However, on the inside, I have every enhancement that you would find in a chakat – keener eyes and ears, superior sense of smell, extra organs, empathic ability, enhanced healing ability… in fact I’m basically a biped version of a chakat. Of course that also means that I’m a hermaphrodite, although I have exceptionally feminine looks and tastes, and that’s where my folly is rooted.

What? I could have just skipped to that and saved you all the explanations? Where’s the fun in that? If I’m going to tell you how big a fool I made of myself, I’m going to get some mileage out of it! Besides, I think it’s pretty interesting. Anyway, as I said, I’m strongly female biased. Don’t get me wrong – I like being a herm. I very much enjoy the physical side of both my female and male aspects. It’s the psychological side of me that looks on things with a feminine eye, and that is why I wanted a boyfriend. When you are a part of a typical chakat extended family, you never lack for someone to indulge your physical needs, but what I wanted emotionally was some cute guy who liked me as a girl, and we’d do typical boy-girl things. Hey, I was only fifteen annums old then (a little under 18 Terran years), and I wasn’t after any serious relationships yet.

That desire was a little hard to indulge though. Because I grew up in the one town on Pacifis, everyone knew that I was a herm, and that coloured any relationship I had. Oh, they were nice, but they were never quite right. Then one day my mother was offered a major promotion. It involved moving to Flinders Continent though. My father’s company had a branch there too, and he was able to get a transfer, so the entire family moved to a whole new town. That meant a whole new school for me where nobody knew who I was. That’s when I had the attack of stupidity. I asked my parents to tell nobody that I was a herm, especially anyone from the school. They thought that I was nuts, but eventually I persuaded them to let me try it out. I can’t blame them for relenting; they just wanted me to be happy, even if they thought my methods were foolish. I even persuaded my younger sister, Iris, to play along and hide her herm-ness. She was still young enough not to care, and actually thought that it might be a bit of a laugh, although I didn’t realise at the time that it might be at my expense. My baby sister, Newmoon, went to another school, and didn’t have any real effect on the situation. Anyway, I stopped wearing jeans or shorts in public, let alone go nude which is quite legal on Chakona, as that would instantly betray my gender. I’m fairly well endowed down there, and it’s a bit hard explaining a conspicuous bulge in your groin. I always wore skirts or dresses which not only enhanced my feminine looks, but also helped conceal the occasional unintended erection. No, I can’t control that any better than any other horny teenage male, so I had to learn to hide it well.

So I dived into the school social network, the new ‘girl’ on the scene. It didn’t take me long to figure who were the most popular boys, and my rivals, the most popular girls. I’m no shrinking violet though, and I quickly made a favourable impression. I must admit that I have quite an advantage because I have been very favourably blessed in the looks department. I have near-perfect curves, a very cute face, and tits to die for. It was harder not to draw attention to myself. I like to think that I’m not vain about my looks, but that didn’t mean that I wouldn’t use them in my competition with the other girls. I suppose that I made a few enemies amongst them, but I wasn’t deliberately trying to do so. However, when you compete with someone’s attentions, there always has to be a loser, and some didn’t take that very well. As for me though, I had my eyes on the big prize – Arrakan Leonis. Not only was he a ruggedly handsome lion morph (as you may have guessed from his name), but he was also the captain of the school’s football team. The fact that he was a feline like myself made him the perfect target, and I strove hard to gain his favour.

Stargazer by Kacey Miyagami

And I succeeded! Arrakan asked me out to the school dance. Oh, I was so pleased and proud, and a little bit smug too, I confess. So I got into my best dress and he picked me up (even though in a public PTV – it still counts!) So, you’re now thinking that this is where everything came unravelled and my secret revealed? Nope. It was a perfect night. We had a great time at the dance and, for a jock, he’s a fairly intelligent and witty person. I wasn’t so focused on my goal that I was going to hook up with a moron. It’s a pity that I didn’t pay more attention to some of his other aspects.

Starry Night

Anyway, after that event we started dating as much as our school schedule allowed. My parents were quite lenient, as long as my grades didn’t suffer, and because I was planning a career as an astronomer, I had no intention of letting them slip. After all, that's how I got my adult name, with long hours spent looking at the night sky, often in the protective arms of my father. I used to take my books with me to study while keeping one eye on Arrakan as he practiced with his team-mates, just to keep my grades at their peak while giving my boyfriend the attention that he deserved. I got pretty good at doing two things at once. When he wasn’t practicing, we’d go out to parties and such, or just hang out. It seemed like the perfect relationship.

Sooner or later though in any relationship like ours, thoughts turn to sex. I’d already been sexually active for a while, and I had no doubt that Arrakan was far from being a virgin, and on a world where over half the population is hermaphrodite, I was felt that he would be ready to accept my true gender. So the next time that the subject wandered towards a little fun in the bedroom, I said yes, although I insisted that it be at my place. I assured him that my parents would be cool with the idea (which is hardly surprising when your mother is a chakat, although he didn’t know that yet), but I wanted the security and familiarity of my room when we did it.

I warned my parents of my intentions before we arrived. Aside from calling out greetings from the living room, out of sight from the entry hall, Arrakan had no contact with them. I took him straight to my room which is liberally decorated with star charts as seen from Chakona, and other astronomical paraphernalia. Arrakan gave it all a token glance and comment before he got down to the reason why we were there. At that point I gently held him back. Before he could misconstrue my actions, I told him, "Before we start, you need to know one secret about me. There’s a part of me that I’ve held strictly private from everyone, but I want to tell you now. Will you keep my secret?"

He was puzzled, but willing to promise not to tell. I thanked him and then continued, "I see no reason for this to greatly affect our relationship, and I want you to know that I want things to remain as they are between us."

"OK! OK!" he replied. "I get it. What’s this terrible secret?"

Stargazer's Revelation by Bloodhound

I had taken off my top as I spoke, not merely to save time, but to also reassure him that I wasn’t thinking of backing out. Now I unfastened my skirt as I said, "My mother is a chakat, and like hir, I’m a herm." I opened the skirt to reveal the truth to him. At this point, my fantasies of this moment had him being surprised at first, hesitant until I assured him that I was still his ‘girl’, and then acceptance followed by some great sex. How wrong could I have been? He freaked out! No, I’m not exaggerating. You would have thought that he had seen something out of his worst nightmares. His eyes bulged, and he backed away in revulsion. Knocking over some of my ornaments in the process, he felt his way over to the door, all the while saying, "No, no, no, no, no!" his eyes locked on the terrible sight that was my penis.

He finally made it out of my room and he headed for the front door, with me following and pleading with him to come back. He had the door open and was about to go through when a powerful arm pushed it closed again, almost on Arrakan’s muzzle. He looked at who had done that, and flinched in fright. Now Arrakan is hardly a small person. In fact lion morphs are amongst the largest of the biped morphs, and he stood 188cm tall (6’2") and was a rugged athlete besides. Nevertheless, my father loomed over him, the biceps of the arm holding the door closed dwarfing that of Arrakan’s. I mentioned before how my Dad was the only biped to ever throw my mother in wrestling, and this was the reason. He may be a cougar, but my Dad is huge, and he was using every bit of that to intimidate Arrakan.

After glaring balefully at the lion for a few seconds, my father said, "My daughter trusted you with hir secret. If I find out that you have blabbed, I am going to find you and break you in half. Got it?"

Arrakan could barely get his mouth to work. He nodded several times before he squeaked, "Yes!" Dad then opened the door again and growled, "Get out!"

Arrakan left like a shot and Dad closed the door. I fell into his arms, bawling my eyes out. He put those powerful arms around me, holding me as gently and tenderly as a flower, waiting for me to get myself back under control. Mom had arrived as Arrakan fled, and she enfolded us both in hir embrace.

"Your mother sensed your distress, and we both knew that things had gone wrong," Dad said. "I’m so sorry, honey, but it’s exactly what we feared would happen."

I sniffed and replied, "I was so sure that he would be cool with it. How could I have been so wrong?"

Mom replied, "We all make mistakes when we’re young, darling. This isn’t as terrible as it seems right now. You will find the right man; just don’t be blinded by wishful thinking."

Mom was right. It was wishful thinking on my part, and concealing my true gender seemed a little bit foolish to me now. The hurt took a while to fade though, so I did nothing about the situation for several days. In the meantime, my classmates had noticed the abrupt break-up between Arrakan and me, and his attempts to completely avoid me generated a lot of speculation and gossip. I pretty much just side-stepped it all, not caring much. In fact I just moped around between classes feeling sorry for myself.

No matter what state my mind was in, my body carried on regardless. Just like my mother, I have a rigid male/female cycle, going from female peak to male peak in ten Chakonan days, and right then I was hitting male peak, going into rut. I’d been aimlessly wandering around the school grounds, drifting close to the football field out of sheer habit. There weren’t any players practicing that day, but the cheerleading squad was going through their routines. Lots of fit, young and sexy females of many species doing fascinating gymnastics had the same effect on me as any male in rut, so instead of trying to deal with an erection tenting my skirt, I sat down on the steps of the path, put my book in my lap to conceal the betraying sight, and just let myself enjoy the view for a change. Several minutes passed before a voice startled me.

"Hi, Stargazer, can I have a word with you?"

After a hasty glance at my lap to confirm that my stupid secret was still unrevealed, I looked up to see who it was. A cougar morph stood there, and I am ashamed to admit that it took me several long moments to recall who he was, despite the fact that I knew he was in my class. I’d been too fixated on the ‘popular’ boys all this time, ignoring the rest of the others.

Stargazer's Revelation by Bloodhound

"Wyatt, isn’t it?" I finally asked.

He nodded and said, "Wyatt Concolor, and I’ve noticed that you and Arrakan don’t seem to be going out together any more."

I looked away, my eyes staring at nothing in particular. "No we’re not, and the rest is none of your business."

"I had no intention of prying," he hastily tried to reassure me. "I just thought that if you’re available, you might like to go out with me to that new café that just opened – my treat."

I looked at him in surprise, then looked again with the intention of sizing him up. Wyatt was a typical cougar morph, digitigrade like me, a short shock of hair, good looking but otherwise unremarkable… with one exception. He had the nicest, friendliest face, and right then I knew that I was going to accept his invitation because I needed a friend badly.

I shifted a little uncomfortably as my hormone-soaked body decided that the situation called for a maximum erection. I tried to ignore it as I replied, "Just coffee and conversation?"

"That’s all," he confirmed.

"OK. Meet me after the last class," I told him.

"Great!" he said, flashing that infectious grin of his.

And that’s exactly what we did. Over half of Chakona’s population consists of chakats, one of the most sociable species in the galaxy, and there were many venues catering to this desire to socialise, each with a different atmosphere, menu, or some other nuance designed to attract its share of the customers. ‘La Chat Noir’ was the newest in out town. It hadn’t been attractive to Arrakan, so I hadn’t been in there as yet, but I immediately liked it when we entered. The establishment was a large square shape built around a courtyard filled with equal amounts of vegetation and tables with sun umbrellas. A glass roof kept out the inclement weather though. We chose a booth with seats that was under the main roof but bordering the courtyard, so we had a brightly lit area without the glare and heat of the sun. The whole café featured energy curtains that dampened the sound between the booths so there was never more than a muted murmur in the background, and your conversations remained private. I later learned that the name of the café was French for ‘The Black Cat’, except that it used the feminine article ‘la’ instead of the masculine ‘le’ with the masculine noun. This had been deliberate though because the proprietor was a black-furred chakat with white hair and paws named Twilightgleam, and shi had matched the female article to the male noun to indicate that it was a herm who was in charge, which was pretty clever except that very few people on Chakona actually knew any French!

At the Chat Noir café by Bloodhound

Nevertheless, we found the place to be excellent. Service was prompt and friendly, and the coffee was wonderful (as were the other refreshments and foods, as I later learned). We started chatting about little things, uncertain how to start. The ice broke though when I noticed that the cappuccino that Wyatt had ordered had left a foam moustache clinging to the fur on his muzzle, and I burst out laughing. After that, words came a lot more easily, and we talked and talked. I had originally intended to spend only about half an hour with Wyatt, then go home for dinner. I ended up calling my parents on my comm to let them know not to wait for me. We spent over three hours there that first day, ordering more coffee and food in the meantime, and really getting to know each other far better in those few hours than in all the weeks at school previously. Eventually we reluctantly left for our respective homes, both of us needing to do homework and such, but not before we agreed to come back to the café the next day. As I got out of the public PTV that took me home, my mother opened the front door, waiting for me with a smile on hir face. As I approached, shi told me, "I could feel your happiness from halfway down the street. I take it that Wyatt has pulled you out of your funk?"

"Well and truly," I confirmed as I gave hir a huge hug.

"Have you told him yet?" shi asked, not needing to clarify.

"No, but I will if it looks like we might get more serious. Right now I am just glad to have a friend that I can really talk with and enjoy being with. It doesn’t hurt that he’s also a cute boy."

Mom smiled knowingly and pulled me inside so that I could start telling hir and Dad all about him.

During the following weeks, Wyatt and I went out together constantly, mostly to the Chat Noir, but occasionally to other events including a concert. It was only then that I realised how much I’d been bowing to Arrakan’s desires in order to curry his favour. Wyatt on the other hand went to great lengths to find things that we’d both enjoy. We became the best of best friends, but even though my empathic talent was weaker than my mother’s, I could tell that he was wanting our relationship to go even further. I was ready to confide my secret to him, but he still beat me to the punch as we came home from a dance one evening. He stopped me outside the door and said, "We’ve both never been happier than when we’ve been together these past weeks, Star. I want to make a commitment to you, and I hope that you want to do the same. Do you want us to become pre-mates?"

Pre-mating is similar to an engagement for marriage, and I knew that I’d be happy to do so… but I still had to tell him my secret. There was a bit of déjà vu as I replied, "Before I answer that, Wyatt, there is still one thing that you need to learn about me that might change your mind completely. Are you willing to risk the good thing that we have going for that?"

"I don’t know what you think could change my mind that radically, but yes, I’ll take that risk," he replied confidently.

I was both hoping and dreading that he would say that. "Then go wait for me in my room. I just need to have a quick word with my parents first."

He nodded and went ahead, and I went to find Dad and Mom. Unlike Arrakan, Wyatt had met my parents by now, and he knew that Mom was a chakat. However, chakats frequently mated with morphs who already had children, and Wyatt had assumed that this was the case and shi was actually my step-mother. This evening, I intended to disabuse him of that notion.

I found my parents having a bit of a kiss and cuddle in the back garden – a quite frequent event. I told them about Wyatt’s proposal, and Mom said, "You have to tell him now, dear."

I assured them that that was exactly what I intended to do, adding, "I’m a little afraid, Mom. Life has been marvellous lately, and this could spoil everything.

Shi replied, "I know, but your relationship can’t advance either until you tell him everything."

"I realise that. So… wish me luck!"

They both did, giving me a warm hug before I left to meet my fate.

I closed the bedroom door behind me and smiled at Wyatt who was patiently sitting on the side of the bed. He smiled back with that gorgeous confident grin of his. I said, "I want you to know that I don’t want you to change how you relate to me after I’ve told you my secret, but it is something that I foolishly tried in order to get a boyfriend. I was on the verge of giving it away when you asked me out though, but I haven’t until now because I was afraid that it would ruin the good thing that we have going now. However, as I said, you need to know before you commit yourself to any step up in our relationship."

He replied, "It can’t be all that terrible. Please tell me, and then we can deal with it if we must."

I nodded, trying to smile. "OK. Coaldust is not my step-mother. Shi is my birth-mother and, just like hir, I am a hermaphrodite. With those words, I lifted my skirt to prove the veracity of my statement. I braced myself for his reaction, not even daring to look at his face, terrified of seeing again that look of horror that Arrakan had at the sight. Instead I was surprised.

"Oh, wow! You really are a herm. Why didn’t you say so sooner?"

Now I looked at him, and I saw him gazing raptly at me. After the previous experience, at best I’d expected shock or perhaps tolerant acceptance that I could hopefully coax into something better, but his expression and my empathy were both telling me… admiration?

"You… you like me as a herm?" I asked him incredulously.

He looked up, gazing into my eyes, a broad smile on his face. "Star, you know how morph species tend to form neighbourhoods with their own kind? Well, my family was different. We lived in a chakat neighbourhood due to where my father worked. I grew up with chakat cubs, and I learned almost everything about sex from them long before Dad gave me ‘the talk’. Up until then though, I thought all females had a penis too! I was actually surprised to find out otherwise, but by then my expectations had pretty much been fully formed, and I find herms like you not only normal, but also… desirable!" With that, he swept me into his arms and kissed me deeply. I kissed him back with every fibre of my being, absolutely filled with joy. After the fear of rejection, the rebound into happiness was almost more than I could bear.

Finally he stopped and asked, "Now will you answer my question?"

I hugged him fiercely, saying, "Yes! Oh yes! I want to become pre-mates with you. And I want to give you even more." I started unbuttoning his shirt, and he loosened his belt. As he divested himself, I started removing my top and skirt. When we were both nude, we stepped back to admire each other for a long moment before we came together to hug and kiss again. He already had a full erection, but so did I. Just like a chakat, I am a sexually integrated being, so although it was the female side of my psyche that was ascendant, my entire body reacted. Our penises met as we embraced, but not only didn’t he mind it, I could feel that he expected and appreciated it.

Stargazer and Rick make love for the first time by Bloodhound

He then led me over to the bed, and I willingly went along. He pleasured me as a male does to a female, just as I had wanted, while I did my best to return the favour, and we made glorious love. No, I’m not going to give you any more details. That’s between Wyatt and myself, and you don’t need to know those details. Anyway, when we finally took a break, I was nearly overcome with bliss. We lay in each other’s arms for a while, breathing heavily from our exertions. It was obvious that Wyatt had been sexually active for at least as long as I had, judging from his skill at sex-play. I asked him, "Did your chakat friends teach you all of that?"

He grinned and said, "One actually. Hir name is Lakemist, and we were best friends as kids, and shi took my virginity as teens."

"Remind me to look hir up and thank hir for teaching you so well."

"Shi gave me many lessons. I haven’t shown you all of them yet."

"Oh? What else is there in your repertoire?" I asked curiously.

"This for starters," he replied, and he put his hand on my softened penis and started stroking it.

"You really don’t need to do that," I told him.

He asked me if I didn’t like it. I could hardly deny it though as my penis was rapidly engorging. Still I protested, "I only ever wanted to be your girlfriend. I never expected you to do this sort of thing.

He replied confidently, "You are my girlfriend still; a herm girlfriend though, and I learned what herms enjoy no matter what their gender bias is. Lakemist was female biased also. Believe me, I am going to enjoy giving you this pleasure."

That said, he put his muzzle to my cock and started sucking. I groaned in pleasure, and it only got better from that point. He took his time and made the moment last for ages before giving me release. I came quite strongly, but he was ready for me and drank my seed, leaving my cock damp but clean.


"Thank you," I told him. "You did that very well."

"I had a good teacher," he explained.

I cuddled his head on my chest, cushioning him between my breasts, stroking his chest fur. "It seems to me that you and Lakemist were good potential mates. What happened?"

He explained, "We were still too young for a serious relationship before my family had to move. I missed hir a lot. I didn’t really have any interest in anyone until I met you."

"How flattering. What was the first thing that attracted me to you, besides the fact that we’re both cougars, at least on the outside?" Usually it was my breasts that caught the attention of males (and herms!), and I had certainly flaunted them for that reason.

"It was your tail," he replied.

"My tail?" Admittedly it stood out. It was conspicuous for being longer and thicker than a normal cougar’s, and I’d had to practice not wrapping it around things in ways that a cougar couldn’t.

"I have a bit of a tail fetish," he admitted, "and yours was the prize find."

I laughed. "Well, hopefully the person attached to it was worth a look or two."

He turned his head to lick one of my nipples. "Yeah, you could say that."

I giggled when I realised that he had more than recovered from mounting me. I shifted about to let Wyatt lie on the bed, and I said, "Now let’s see if I am as good as Lakemist was." I straddled him and put my muzzle to his groin. I lifted his rigid cock and proceeded to do my best to pleasure him, but Wyatt didn’t just lie there while I did all the work. His muzzle poked into my backside and his tongue started exploring my fem side. Together we shared the sweetest intimacy, and the orgasms were great!

Eventually he told me that he had to leave, and he put his pants and shirt back on. I didn’t bother dressing, but I did watch him while he did so. He’s so handsome both nude and clothed! I escorted him to the door and gave him a final kiss goodbye. He had just started opening the door when my father’s big arm pushed it closed again. Dad looked at me and I smiled and said, "Wyatt and I are now pre-mates," I told him.

He nodded and turned to Wyatt, a huge smile on his face, so different from the incident with Arrakan. "You are welcome in our house any time, son," Dad told him.

Wyatt returned the smile and thanked him. They shook hands, Wyatt’s almost lost in my father’s, and then he left. I then hugged Dad happily and we went outside to where my Mom was resting. Shi hugged me joyfully when I told hir the news. I was sure that they had both known already. Mom would have been empathically eavesdropping and would have felt every emotion. Both of them smelled of recent sex, a product of a sensitive chakat experiencing hir daughter’s intense feelings. It was a degree of intimacy that no non-empathic family could ever know, and I was so happy that I did.

Stargazer and Wyatt at the Beach by Kacey Miyagami Stargazer and Wyatt Make Love on the Boat by Zorro Re

The weeks after that were perfect. Wyatt and I did all the things that we had done before and more, spending every moment that we had to spare together. One weekend he got the loan of his father’s boat, and he took us to a secluded beach where we swam, played in the sand, lounged under a beach umbrella and drank cold drinks. That evening we made love on the deck of the boat. Life was wonderful!

At school, both of us were amused by Arrakan who seemed to be desperate to warn Wyatt about me without actually giving away my secret and incurring Dad’s wrath. I was also a little disgusted with myself for not realising before what was obvious to me now – that Arrakan was a homophobe. At least I could laugh at it now. It grew old though, and I decided to do something that I should have done ages ago – let everyone know the truth.

But not just go and announce it! Where’s the fun in that? Instead, I waited until I had a full bladder, walked into the male urinal past several startled witnesses, hiked up my skirt and relieved myself. Wyatt and I got a laugh out of the astonished reactions. So the news raced through the school, and I ended up spending a lot of time explaining myself. It turned out that several chakat classmates had already figured it out. Between their empathic sense and their superior sense of smell, they had quickly noticed but kept the fact to themselves. They figured quite rightly that if I didn’t want to tell, then it wasn’t their business to say anything. On the other hand, they could have warned me about Arrakan, but chakats aren’t saints either, and it might have amused them to see what would happen.

Wyatt and I finished high school, usually studying together at his home or mine. We may have been in love, but we weren’t going to jeopardise our future careers because of it! When school was completed and our applications for college placed, we could devote all our time to ourselves for a little while. Wyatt moved in with me with my parents’ approval (actually Mom practically insisted!), and we started planning our lives together.

So you think it’s all a case of ‘happily ever after’? Don’t be silly! I told you that I’m an idiot, and I was still making one big mistake. That’s a story for another time though.

Stargazer put down the pen and closed the journal. Shi got up from the desk where shi had been writing and put the journal back on the shelf where it belonged. Hir gaze fell on Wyatt who had fallen asleep on the sofa after they had returned from a lively concert. Shi smiled fondly.

"Yes, I’m an idiot," shi thought, "but a very lucky one!" Shi sat next to Wyatt and snuggled up with him, content with the universe.


Stargazer's parents

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