Species: Wolftaur
Gender: Female
Born: 5 December 2308
Mother: Kwar
Sire: Chrisen


Almost always called just Lupu, she is a grey wolftaur bitch, expelled from her pack due to being wrongfully accused of a crime. Goldfur discovers her trying to steal food to survive and take her in. Lupu bonds with hir and regards Goldfur's family as her new pack and Goldfur as the Alpha. Like her wolven kin, she keenly felt her place within the social order but nevertheless asked Goldfur to sire cubs with her. She gave birth to twins, Greypaw and Stonefur, chakat cubs with wolflike fur colouring. Later she meets Goldendale, mistaking hir for Goldfur, and falls in love with hir. They become mates and Lupu is now pregnant to hir.


Sample art by and copyright to Mayra Boyle and Opal Weasel.

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