Species: Foxtaur (Red)
Gender: Male
Born: 19 April 2303
Mother: Jaleth
Sire: Rikandor
Height: 175cm

Garrek's children [& mother]

Eudora – chakat [Goldfur]
Tailstalker – chakat [Goldfur]
Kazengar – male foxtaur [Kassi]
Sindy – female foxtaur [Jinni]
Leeshu – female foxtaur [Merta]
Garshan – male foxtaur [Shansu]
Hespa – female foxtaur [Thayla]
Jallor – male foxtaur [Malena]
Mallek – male foxtaur [Malena]
Rikkal – male foxtaur [Malena]


Garrek is a Red Foxtaur from the Mountain Glade clan in the region of the Sequoia National Forest in California. First son of Jaleth and Rikandor, he has the typical red fox fur patterns but with an unusually intense hue which earned him the nickname "Red". Usually wears a green sleeveless work jacket with many pockets in it. Amber eyes and no head hair, although he has a distinctive ruff of fur between his ears. Garrek was an oddity amongst his people, preferring technological studies where foxtaurs usually embrace the natural. Nevertheless, he persisted with the studies with the moral support of his best friend, Zendak, and Kassi, a vixen who was girlfriend to both tods. When Kassi ended up choosing Zendak and leaving with him for a career that took them away from the village for much of the time, Garrek was left vulnerable to the machinations of a selfish vixen, Ketta, which left him emotionally scarred. As much to get away from her as to pursue a career, he left the foxtaur village to study at the Star Corps Academy, and after graduating, became an engineer on a Corps starship.

On only his second deep-space mission, he met Goldfur. Rather shy and self-effacing at first, he gradually opened up to Goldfur and started socialising a lot more again. However, he had never met a chakat before and did not realise that they are hermaphrodites, so when he learned by accident, it came as a great shock to him because, without realising it, he had fallen in love with hir. But because his love was so strong, he overcame his feelings of confusion and declared his love and found that the feelings were reciprocated. They became mates immediately, and it wasn't long before they conceived a child. Garrek proved to be a very good father, and loves Goldfur and his children more than anything else in the world.

Upon undergoing "Obligation" though, he found himself the centre of attention for several foxtaur vixens, and sired several kits by them, one of whom being Kassi who gives him a son named Kazengar. He also begins a relationship with an elder Vixen named Thayla. His sister, Malena, who is co-mate with him to Goldfur, also claimed Obligation, much to his shock, expressing the desire to be a full denmate to him. She persuades him successfully, but while he made love with her, he would not entertain thoughts of children. Malena is determined though, but her plan to dose with strong estrus pheromones backfires when the overdose causes him to go feral and mindlessly sexually assault her. When he recovers, he is furious and humiliated by the experience, causing him to reject Malena for a long time. Unknown to him until much later, the violent mating has resulted in the conception of triplet sons, a direct consequence of feral mating.

Garrek suffers recurring self-control problems from the feral mating. Fearing for the safety of his mates and concerned about his growing cravings for domineering sex, he seeks counsel from Sarsha, Mountain Glade's resident shaman. She brings him together with Lorene who secretly is a submissive and desires nothing less than to be totally dominated. Garrek finds both release and a new understanding of himself when he mates with Lorene.

Garrek is a talented flute player, much in demand at festivals. He has a younger brother named Miktar, and a baby sister named Neesha.

Sample art by and copyright to Ratcandy and Opal Weasel.

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