Species: Chakat
Gender: Herm
Born: 18 August 2301
Mother: Desertsand
Sire: Longstripe
Height: 168cm (5' 6")


Often called Forest for short, shi is the central character for the Forest Tales series. Hir mother is Desertsand, hir sire is Longstripe, and shi's the second of three children born so far. Shi is a chakat of fairly typical size and proportions. Hir fur colour and pattern resemble those of a golden jaguar and hir head hair is black and usually cut a little over shoulder length. Eye colour is green. Shi also has rather large, firm and sensitive breasts. Forest stands about 5' 6" tall, but is far bigger when measured from hir head to the tip of hir prehensile tail. Although outwardly resembling a female, like all chakats shi is a true hermaphrodite. Although sexually attracted to both genders of any species, hir personal preference is for hir female side and shi loves having and caring for cubs. Shi has a personal fetish for breast milk, both hir own and other people's. Forest is a very tactile person, and extremely sociable. Shi desires a large family and has several mates whom shi spends as much time with as possible. Forest and hir family live in Australia where chakats were created. Shi works for the Department of Conservation & Environment in hir capacity as an expert biologist, but has taken temporary assignments on starships to spend more time with some of hir star-faring mates. Shi enjoys the new experiences, but still prefers the Australian Outback. Hir hobbies include bushwalking and rock-climbing, the latter skill learned from hir mate, Trina. Forest has the most common sense of all the sisters and tends to take charge in a crisis. Shi has an very strong empathic bond with hir sister, Goldfur, with whom shi had hir First. Forest's official Empathic rating is E4, but shi's more like an untrained E5.

Forest's first two denmates, Kris Fletcher and Katrina Snowfox, were already mated when shi met them, but they found hir to be a perfect match for both of them due to their love of the same kind of things. Hir sister Goldfur introduces hir to a chakat named Midnight whom shi denmates with and bears hir twin children named Snowcloud & Patchwork, and a couple of years later, Littleroar. Through Midnight shi comes to meet Admiral Boyce Kline, a human Star Fleet officer who also wins hir heart. Due to his unique ability, shi conceives a chakat cub named Windrunner. On one of hir voyages with Boyce, shi meets a former slave fennec morph named Leanna who declares hir love for the chakat and becomes Forest's fifth and final mate.

Sample art by and copyright to Tara K. Labus and Kacey Miyagami.

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