A FOREST TALE 11: Lessons

By Bernard Doove © 1998

I watched my sister's tail waving and twitching in front of me as we trekked through untouched and pathless bushland. Forest's cubs were snugly residing in their pouches on either side of hir modified carisak and I was keeping an eye on them to make sure that they didn't try to squirm out and wander off. Forest also carried some equipment while I carried our camping gear.

"How's it going back there, Quickpaw? Are you pawsore yet?" shi called back to me.

"Nope, you won't get rid of me that easily," I said cheerily in reply.

Shi grinned and said, "Good. These research field trips often take me through some rough terrain in the middle of nowhere and I've been really glad of your help these past few days."

"You know that I love to help you like this and I'm having a lot of fun too." Shi smiled in understanding and kept going.

It had been my privilege and great pleasure to help Forest with the care and feeding of hir cubs. Since their birth, I had put either Snowcloud or Patchwork to my breast to let hir drink hir fill of the mother's milk that I'd been producing since I had sampled Forest's birth milk. This was a source of great enjoyment for me but, as I was still fairly young, I could only give one full feed a day. It had lessened the strain on my sister's resources since hir mate, Midnight, had to go back to hir work as a starship scout. It had a nice side-effect though. The constant usage had seen a growth spurt in my bust size. I now had much larger breasts than Chakats my age normally have and I was often telling Forest that I was trying to outdo hir own exceptionally well-endowed form. I was hoping that soon I would be able to do two full feeds a day, if Forest would let me, that is. After all, shi really enjoyed feeding the cubs too!

Goldfur and Garrek had found a berth for a mated team and had said their farewells about a week ago, taking little Eudora with them. Midnight had to leave soon after that and Forest had also felt a desire to get back to the work shi loved. However, having twins had left hir hands full. I had proven to be the solution. I would accompany my sister and look after the cubs whilst shi concentrated on hir work. With our parents' approval, they made arrangements with my school to continue my lessons in the field. Needless to say, I was loving this, and I could see why Forest liked hir profession so much.

Although shi performed several studies and gathered lots of data on foliage, soil and animal life as we walked, the main goal of this field trip was to check out a sighting of a tiny marsupial that was thought to be long extinct. We were headed for the region that our records had shown to be their favoured habitat. Of course, this was way off any man-made path and Forest was leading the way through virgin forests. We all have a good sense of direction, but my sister's skills bordered on the uncanny. Shi could navigate under conditions that others would find impossible and shi also had the knack for finding the best route. I had seen only one person that came close to matching hir abilities and that was Midnight.

"We're here!" Forest announced. We had come out into a natural clearing. To our left, the hillside dropped away steeply to give us a marvellous view of the valley out of which we had been climbing all morning. I drew alongside of my sister to assist hir unloading some of the supplies from hir carisak. Then shi was able to attend to hir cubs while I divested myself of my own load and started setting up camp. I had quickly learned how to best arrange stuff for our convenience. I pitched the sleeping and storage tents near one end of the clearing where we would get some shade from the summer sun, then I set up some equipment while Forest used that precious time to play with hir kittens. When I was done, I watched them for a while. Snowcloud was attempting to stalk and pounce on hir mother's elusive tail while Patchwork was on hir back, batting at Forest's handpaw which kept coming down to try tickling hir.

Then Forest sighed regretfully, "Time to get to work, I suppose." Shi got up and eluded hir cubs for a moment. I'll set up some livetraps in this area and make some observations. It should take me about four hours. I want you to do some studying while I'm gone. Because of this project, I think biology will be the subject for today." Shi handed me a book entitled Marsupial Species and Habitats. "You might as well get to know our target, so pay particular attention to the Eastern Barred Bandicoot."

"Good luck!" I wished hir as shi gathered the traps designed specifically to safely capture our quarry for study.

"Thanks! Don't get too wrapped up in that book and forget about the cubs." I just stared at hir meaningfully. "I know, I know. You won't forget. Just put it down to excessive maternal concerns." Shi secured hir load, then gave me a parting hug and slipped off into the trees.

We had both been keeping one eye on the cubs. They were still hyped up from their play session with their mother, so I continued it until they were tired out. When they had both settled down to sleep, I sat down and opened up my book. Forest had left a list of chapters to be studied and I immediately turned to the part about our "prey". After a few hours of studying, I had my fill of marsupials, so I put the book down and started preparing a meal for us. I had almost everything ready for Forest's return when Snowcloud woke up, mewling in hunger. I went to hir immediately, hoping that shi wouldn't wake hir sister yet. I picked hir up, disengaging the leash that I put on them when I couldn't watch them every moment. I took hir a little distance away, then settled down in the shade of a tree. Taking off my halter, I silenced Snowcloud's demands by presenting hir with the teat of my right breast. Shi put hir tiny hands on it, guiding hir muzzle eagerly to it, then hungrily, shi began to drink. I softly sighed with the pleasure that feeding hir produced. My nipples had swollen in size and sensitivity after I had started regularly feeding the cubs. Now I had to smile ironically at myself. I admit that I had been a bit of a wild cub. I never wanted to wear anything except the occasional T-shirt. I hated anything more constricting and my parents usually had to force me to wear anything but my fur. But here I was wearing a halter, and a padded one at that. Normally our nipples are completely covered by thick fur, but feeding cubs had caused them to enlarge beyond its concealing ability. Now they needed some protection and I had started wearing halters, and I didn't mind a bit.

I switched the cub to my other breast when I sensed that it was drained. I still couldn't satisfy the hunger of a rapidly growing cub with the contents of just one, but I hoped that I could soon. Shi was still suckling when Forest returned.

"Dinner-time, I see," shi said.

"Patch hasn't woken yet, but shi will soon and shi'll be hungry too," I replied.

"Then I might as well feed hir while you finish making the meal for the grown-ups in this party."

"Okay." I saw that Snowcloud was slowing hir efforts and thought that shi had drank enough for now. I placed hir by hir mother's side and replaced my halter as I went about finishing my preparations for dinner. I was feeling a bit strange. Before feeding the cub, I had been feeling a bit tense and distracted. During the feeding, this had eased as I had enjoyed myself, but I could feel it coming back. I busied myself with cooking to take my mind off it.

We both ate with gusto that evening. The long trek up here had given us both quite an appetite. If it wasn't for the tethers on the cubs though, neither of us would have gotten much to eat as they started their usual rambunctious play after being restricted for so much of the day. When we were finished and had cleaned up, we joined the kittens in play for a while. When they were tired out (and us too!), Forest made hirself comfortable and let them snuggle up to hir and fall asleep. Shi wasn't done with me though. Shi proceeded to quiz me on the material that I had read that afternoon. I had little trouble answering hir as I had found the subject to be quite interesting.

Finally, shi gave a near jaw-cracking yawn that showed off the entire formidable Chakat dentition and declared that was satisfactory and we had done enough for one day. It was time for sleep and I slipped into the trees to take care of some bodily needs. Then I minded the cubs while Forest took hir turn. We carried the cubs to the sleeping tent and settled ourselves down for the night. I was still feeling tense and felt a need for something that I had yet to identify and I tried to put it out of my mind and get to sleep. Eventually, after snuggling close with my sister, I felt comforted enough to relax and nod off.

*          *           *

I was wrestling with a playmate. Strangely, I found it impossible to identify hir as we tumbled and sought to gain an advantage. Then I pinned hir. Shi gave me a playful lick, conceding the round to me. I returned the lick and gave hir a hug. Unbidden, my hindquarters began to rub against hir. It felt nice and I continued it, my companion just lying there, smiling at me encouragingly. It kept getting more and more pleasurable. A low growl began to grow in my throat, getting louder as my hips thrust more enthusiastically. Then a feeling I had not experienced before came upon me and it rapidly grew. I let out a yowl as a wave of pleasure burst upon me ....

Forest had hir hand on my shoulder, gently shaking me as shi kept asking, "Quickpaw, are you okay?"

I gathered my wits, realising that I had been dreaming. "I'm all right. I just..." I broke off as I noticed when I moved away from my sister, there was a damp spot on my lower belly, matched by one on the fur on Forest's flank. Embarrassed, I grabbed a handy cloth, wondering how I could have lost control like that. Then I noticed that it wasn't just damp but sticky and slimy also. I was puzzled. A gentle touch on my arm caused me to look at Forest. Even in the dim light, I could see a look of understanding on hir face.

"This was your first wet dream, wasn't it?" shi asked.

The light of understanding dawned on me. So that's what it was! I nodded, then said, "Sorry about the mess and for disturbing you."

Shi smiled dismissively and said, "Don't worry about it, it's all part of growing up. Our female side always matures first, then the male. It's your body's way of telling you that it is ready. I'm betting that you feel a lot more relaxed than you did this evening."

I thought about it for a moment, then realised that shi was right. The sensation that I could now identify as male sexual tension had eased. I smiled as I said, "So that's what it's like! It felt nice."

Forest laughed. "It's a lot more than that, but yes, it is very nice. Welcome to adulthood, little sister. There are lots of fun times ahead for you."

I grinned in thanks as I finished cleaning up. Forest settled down again with hir children who thankfully hadn't woken during the incident. I started to curl up by myself, not wanting to disturb anyone again.

"Don't be silly," Forest said. "Snuggle up with me again. I doubt that it will happen again tonight and it certainly isn't something to be ashamed of."

Gratefully, I laid beside my sister's warm body. Shi hugged me, then we both settled down to finish our interrupted slumber.

*          *           *

Two hungry kittens pawing at us woke Forest and me at the crack of dawn. "No peace for a tired mother," Forest said with a grin. Shi picked up a kitten in each hand and put one to each breast where they eagerly sought out the nipple and began feeding. My sister began purring almost immediately.

"While the kittens are having their breakfast, I'll go prepare ours," I declared. We had been doing some foraging for ourselves while trekking here, but we also brought along a sizeable amount of portable foodstuffs too. They were all highly nutritious foods that ensured our ability to produce high-quality milk for the cubs. It didn't hurt that they were also a lot tastier than most of the stuff that we had found along the way. When all the members of our group were fed, we loaded the cubs into Forest's saddlebags. I carried the equipment needed for the research project.

We headed into the forest; my sister unerringly heading for the first of the livetraps shi had set. I was feeling wonderful in contrast to the discomfort that I had been feeling yesterday. The maturation of my masculine side had come as a total surprise to me. It was so different from how it was when I had first come into heat some months back. Then I had my entire family there to help get me through a couple of days of extreme horniness. I knew that I wasn't ready for my first sexual experience yet and my parents and sisters helped me with ways of dealing with it. Thankfully, successive heat cycles weren't as strong as the first and I could deal with them more readily. Now it seemed that I had to learn how to deal with another sexual need.

We spent all morning checking and resetting the livetraps. My disappointment grew with each failure. If the trap did contain some animal, we recorded meticulous details about it, tagged and released it. Even if it wasn't directly relevant to Forest's research, other people welcomed the additional data and it might prove to be very useful to others. However, I felt that we were failures when the last trap was found to be empty. Forest noticed my expression and grinned, saying, "Cheer up! You didn't think that we were going to find an animal suspected of being extinct on our first try, did you? That would be highly unlikely."

Hir grin was infectious and I smiled back. Of course shi was right and I had been letting our goal blind me to all the interesting stuff we had been doing in the meantime. I resolved not to let myself get disappointed so easily and pay more attention to the work we were doing. However, by this time, the cubs had begun squirming in their pouches, wanting to play. We let them out on tethers and slowly made our way back to camp. Very slowly. Those kittens were interested in absolutely everything.

When we finally got back, the cubs had burnt up most of their excess energy. We each gave a cub a quick drink while we munched on some energy bars. Forest then loaded up again with some more livetraps and prepared to depart. First though, shi made sure that shi lived up to hir responsibility to see that I continued my schooling.

"Physics and mathematics today. The next two chapters of each book. There will be a pop quiz when I get back," shi said cheerily.

I groaned. Definitely not my favourite subjects, but if I wanted to pursue a career in science, I had to take them. The afternoon passed quietly enough. I took a break between subjects to play once again with my nieces and Forest returned in time for the evening feed. While we each nursed a cub, Forest told me about spotting some evidence pointing to our quarry. Shi had also found a small rock pool fed by a spring. A dip in a cool pool sounded wonderful on a warm Summer's day like this. When the cubs were done with their meal, Forest led the way to hir find which fortunately was not too far from camp.

We had a marvellous time in the water, The cubs had delightful fun splashing about in the shallows while we relaxed in the deeper areas. Even at this young age, Chakat kittens can swim, but we kept a close eye on them anyway. Only once did we have to haul ourselves out when the playful siblings threatened to wander away from the poolside. The cold water was bliss after the unrelenting heat of the day. Some people are surprised that felines like us enjoy swimming but, just as Bengal Tigers do it to keep cool, we did too, although we also liked to do it as a recreational activity.

Finally satisfied, we headed back to the camp for a belated dinner. Unfortunately, then it was time for Forest to test me out on what I had learned. I surprised myself on how much that I got right though. Perhaps I was a little better at it than I had thought. Forest complimented me on my efforts, then turned the subject over to general chit-chat. The stars were out when shi announced that shi was feeling sleepy and headed for the tent. I said that I wasn't really ready yet and wanted to do a bit of stargazing. I laid on my back out in the clearing some distance from my tent to watch the night skies. I'm not sure how long I did that, but eventually I started feeling drowsy too and rolled over to get to my feet, only to end up nearly eye-to-eye with a little rodent-like creature. We both blinked at each other in surprise for a moment before it scampered off. I couldn't believe my eyes. That was the marsupial that we had been looking for! Suddenly, I gathered my wits, jumped up and raced over to the tent, calling, "Forest! Wake up! I've just seen an Eastern Barred Bandicoot!" I shook hir, trying to waken my soundly sleeping sister.

"Huh? What's up?" shi enquired, grumpy from being awakened so soon after going to sleep.

"I've seen an Eastern Barred Bandicoot. It was just here a minute ago!"

"What? Do you think this extremely rare animal is just going to walk up to you and say hello? You've been dreaming again. Go back to bed." Shi then curled up to resume hir interrupted sleep.

"But I did see it..." I started retorting.

"Bed!" was hir terse command.

I was annoyed. I knew what I had seen, but there was nothing that I could do about it. Or was there? Forest had supplied me with a datacorder like the one that shi used so that shi could train me in the usage of it and help hir with the research. There weren't any livetraps left but I could possibly gather some evidence of the bandicoot's presence. I went back to the area where I had been stargazing and programmed my datacorder to look for signs of the elusive creature. I left it sitting on a rock to work overnight and then went to bed.

In the morning, Forest apologised for the abrupt manner with which shi had dealt with me, but still believed that I had been dreaming. I didn't feel like talking with hir much and, besides, I was feeling a bit on edge again. This time I recognised it for what it was, but there was little I could do about it for now. I managed to retrieve the datacorder while shi was busy with the cubs, but didn't have time to review the results before leaving to check the livetraps again. Forest described the morning as productive even though we failed to catch our bandicoot once again. This time, however, I enjoyed the work, remembering my sister's advice.

That afternoon's subject was English, both literature and grammar. I had been guilty of being a little too free and easy with the usage of our language as a rather wild cub. When I had taken on the responsibility of helping care for Forest's children, I found that I wanted to take care with other things too, so I was now studying to correct that. However, as much as I wanted to, I found that I couldn't concentrate on the books. That same sexual tension was now driving me to distraction. Worse yet, I was getting an erection totally unbidden. Over the past few months as my body passed through adolescence, I had experienced this before, but only when I had laid eyes on a pretty chakat or fem. The first time that it had happened to me, it was a startling experience, and a slightly embarrassing one too. Then I had simply laid on the lawn until it subsided. This was very different. It was as if it had become a totally independent entity, demanding my attention. From my sex education classes, I knew that the first male cycle for a Chakat could be as extreme as the first heat cycle. I had thought that I was ready for it, but I was wrong. I knew that I had to deal with it and, since Chakats are very pragmatic about it, we knew what to do. We knew that we had a very strong sex drive and we would sometimes need relief, so the answer was simple: I would have to masturbate. Of course I didn't know how to do it; they didn't give practical demonstrations. I knew what to do though.

I rolled over so that my back was up against a tree and my belly skyward. There was my penis straining from its sheath, engorged to a size that I had never seen before. I tentatively touched it with one handpaw, sliding one digit along its length. I gasped a s a thrill went through me. That felt good! I put my entire handpaw upon my cock and stroked it. Oh wow! I had to do that again. I grasped it and started sliding my paw up and down, each stroke a wonderful experience. I did not want to stop it any more; in fact, I could not stop it. My body kept demanding more. After a while, I started feeling that sensation that I had only felt half consciously before, a sensation akin to an impending explosion. The pleasure that my touch was giving me was increasing rapidly and I realised that orgasm was coming. I yowled in pleasure as it burst upon me. I felt my semen pumping through my throbbing penis again and again until, at last, it stopped. My paw gave it one last pump, squeezing out the last of the cum. Then I was spent. I let my foreleg drop and panted lightly, enjoying the afterglow. I now thought I knew why Chakats made love so regularly. Between their male and female urges, they needed to, but they must have a lot of fun fulfilling that need!

When I felt almost back to normal, I rolled to my feet. My penis was back in its sheath where it belonged and I felt a lot more relaxed. I carefully cleaned myself, then checked on the cubs who, thankfully, had left me undisturbed, then went back to my books. Now that my stress had been relieved, I could concentrate on my studies and I got through them at high speed. After that, I had time to look at the results of my efforts with the datacorder. It showed some very promising leads, recording the presence of a few animals that fit the parameters. I picked the most likely point to put a livetrap, an inconspicuous path through the scrub that showed several 'hits'. I had begged the use of a livetrap and Forest had indulgently given me one. I set it up for that night and then went back to attend to making dinner. I had fed Patchwork and was wondering if I should try giving Snowcloud a partial feed when Forest finally turned up.

"Sorry to be so late. All the livetraps had a specimen in them and it slowed me up." Shi quickly dumped all hir equipment to attend to hir hungry cub. "I'm sorry, my kitten. Mummy has been very busy." As the cub drank thirstily, Forest said, "Shi isn't the only hungry one. Whatever you have cooked sure smells good."

I grinned and served up a large portion of the stew that I had concocted from dried meat and vegetables plus some seasoning of a few of the local edibles. We both ate a lot that evening. I knew what had given me my appetite.

We had a pleasant, quiet evening. We played with the cubs after Forest quizzed me on today's subjects. Shi also asked me how I was coping with my male urges and I told hir, "Very satisfactorily, thank you." Shi grinned, guessing my meaning. We went to bed in a contented mood that night, but I had a touch of anticipation for the next day.

I slept well but I still woke up before Forest, long before we normally had to get up. I crept out without disturbing anyone and went to check on my livetrap. I must admit that I was hugely disappointed to find my trap empty. I had been so sure that I would capture that bandicoot that I had seen. All I could do was try again. That day was unexceptional. I had to study history and biology and I was starting to feel randy again.

The next day started with the mewling of the kittens. For some reason, one had woken up early and had decided it was time for breakfast. Naturally, shi had woken hir twin and both were demanding attention. However, neither had proven interested in just drinking quietly. Forest called me over and said, "I seem to have my hands full with just one. You had better try feeding the other." Shi handed the closest to me.

"Come on, Patch," I said. "Let's see if we can get you to drink quietly away from your noisy sister." Away from hir twin, shi did quiet down and drank until shi was full. What a pleasant way to start the day. I didn't often get to do that. I took Patchwork back to Forest who had finally finished with Snowcloud. Then I remembered my livetrap. I trotted off to check it and I was suddenly nervous with anticipation when I saw that it had been sprung. I looked inside. "Yes!" I squealed in delight. "FOREST!" I yelled.

My sister was out of the tent like a shot, wondering why I was suddenly shouting. Shi met me halfway as I ran back to the tent. "What's wrong?" shi demanded worriedly.

"Nothing's wrong. Look!" I held up the livetrap so that shi could see inside.

"Oh! You got one! You actually caught an Eastern Barred Bandicoot!" Then shi realised something. "I suppose now you can say 'I told you so'," shi said chagrined.

"No, I'm just happy that I was right and pleased that this field trip will be a success. I don't need to rub it in," I replied happily.

"Well, I'm going to give you a great big thankyou hug anyway." Shi proceeded to do so and threw in a couple of kisses also. I enjoyed them immensely. In fact, I found myself enjoying them in a way that I had never done so before. When Forest was done, shi took the livetrap over to our work area. I just stood there dazed, a jumble of thoughts going through my mind. Then suddenly, everything settled into crystal clarity.

"Forest, I'm ready."

"Hmm? Ready for what, dear?" shi asked.

"Ready for my first," I stated.

Shi stopped what shi was doing. "Oh, that ready. That's wonderful! Do you know who you want to be your first?"

"I had thought I did, but now I realise that shi isn't ready. But you still don't understand. I am ready now."

"Oh!" shi said again. Shi thought for a moment, then beckoned me over. "Do you realise what you are asking? This is not a step to be taken lightly. Can you wait until you get back from this field trip?"

"And how long is that going to be?" I asked. We both already knew the answer to that.

"Yes, that may be a problem," shi admitted.

"May I ask who your first was?"

Shi smiled in happy reminiscence. "You're certainly old enough now to be discreet about this, so I will tell you. Goldfur was my first and I was hirs."

"I thought that shi might have been yours, but I hadn't realised that you were hir first too. Did shi wait for you?"

"Well, I was a bit of a precocious young Chakat and I was ready much sooner than average, but yes, shi did wait a bit for me. Your sister and I have always been very close and neither of us could think of anyone to whom we'd rather give our virginity. That was one of the happiest moments of our lives. I love all my family and my mates, but Goldfur and I share something special. If we weren't sisters, we would have had cubs by each other long ago." Shi paused to look skyward. "Even now, even though shi is lightyears away, I still feel close to hir."

"Then you can understand why I would want to ask you. You already know what it is like and I felt that we shared something special too. Maybe not anything near as strong as the bond between you and Goldfur, but something good anyway."

Forest reached out to caress my cheek. "You are special to me, little sister. You are a second mother to my cubs while Midnight is away and you've always brought brightness into our lives. I only want that you get the best that you deserve."

Then I ask you, Forestwalker, will you be my first?" I almost never called Forest by hir full name and shi realised that the formality meant that I had made up my mind and was serious in my request.

"It would be my honour and great pleasure to be your first, Quickpaw." Shi stepped up to give me another hug, but this time knowing fully how I would feel about it. I lick-kissed hir muzzle. Shi opened hir mouth and we shared a more intimate kiss. Then I pulled away for a moment to ask a bit shyly, "What is the right way of going about this?"

Forest smiled fondly. "There is no right way or wrong way, only different ways. Just because you are ready for your first sexual encounter doesn't mean that you are instantly aware of how to make love. I won't be judging you, so do what you feel would be good for you. It's your first after all. Just remember that the difference between having sex and making love is that in the latter, the experience is shared."

"In that case, what I want to do is this." I lowered my muzzle to hir breast. Shi hadn't had the chance to put on a halter yet and hir swollen nipples were proudly displayed thrusting past the fur. I had always known that Forest was beautiful and I appreciated hir breasts ability to readily feed twins, but only now did I fully realise just how sexy shi was. I gave hir right nipple a long teasing lick and I felt a tremor of reaction within hir. Then I started devoting my full attention to hir. I began fondling hir other breast with my left hand, my right occupied with caressing the small mane of fur that extended down hir back along the spine. I could sense hir responding happily to all this too. Then I started sucking on hir breast, savouring anew the taste of hir milk. Always before, it had been a sharing ceremony, but now it was something far more.

Forest gave a groan of immense pleasure. "Oohhhh, keep that up please!" shi murmured.

On many occasions I had said that I was out to rival my sister's bust size and sensitivity, but now I knew I never would. Here was someone who knew what shi liked best and revelled in it. But in doing so, shi increased my own desire and I felt my penis rapidly growing out of its sheath. I switched to hir other breast and started caressing the fur on hir upper belly. Shi groaned again wordlessly and I soon felt that my cock was so engorged, it was ready to burst. I broke off from pleasuring hir breasts and kissed hir again, then asked, "Are you ready for me?"

"Yes, my beautiful lover, mount me now!"

I moved behind hir and shi swung hir tail aside in invitation. I saw hir vulva glistening with the lubricating fluids that hir body had released in anticipation. Then I placed my forepaws on hir back and brought my hips forward. My penis found its way almost unerringly to hir nether lips, then parted them and I thrust myself within. Forest sighed in pleasure, but I gave a shuddering gasp of ecstasy as I experienced true sex for the first time. Without even thinking about it, I started thrusting in and out, each stroke even more marvellous than the last. I wanted this to go on forever, but even as I thought it, I knew that it would not be long before I succumbed to this new and powerful pleasure. Soon I felt it coming. Like a miniature bomb, orgasm hit me and I yowled in pleasure. I scarcely noticed Forest's cries join mine as shi matched me in the heights of ecstasy. When we had finally both come down, I dismounted and laid next to hir. We were both still panting from our exertions, so we just put our arms around each other until we were ready to talk.

Forest was the first to speak. "For someone who said shi didn't know what to do, you did that very well. Was it all you expected it to be?"

"Oh, much more than that!" I replied. "Thank you for being my first."

"Believe me, it was a pleasure, but we aren't done yet, you know."

"Of course, we reverse roles!" I had enjoyed myself that it had almost slipped my mind. I was so pleased to finally satisfy my masculine urges that I was almost ready to overlook the other half of the first encounter.

"Well, you're not the only one to get male urges. I'm feeling quite randy myself right now. I'm very glad that I wasn't in heat when you announced that you were ready. Now I'm going to show you how well you pleasured me. I'm going to do exactly the same things to you as you did to me."

Shi then proceeded to mirror my earlier actions. With my masculine side replete for now, I was able to fully enjoy the stimulation shi was giving my feminine attributes. I might never seriously rival Forest, but I was thoroughly enjoying what shi was doing to my breasts. Shi continued until I was completely horny and longing for hir. With a kiss, shi signalled that shi was going to mount me. I angled my body for hir and felt the weight of hir forepaws on my back. Then I felt hir cock probing at my vulva. With practiced ease, shi slid into my vagina. I cried out in pleasure as shi thrust deeply within me. The sensation was so different from when I was taking the masculine role, yet equally enjoyable. With the skill of years of experience, Forest carefully built me up to orgasm so that we came together. For the second time that day, I visited heaven. It was marvellous and I thanked God for making me a Chakat and able to enjoy the best of both sexes. I knew that from now on, I would certainly learn to live with the bouts of horniness now that I knew the pay-off.

As if reading my mind, Forest said, "Just wait until you get to try the Tri-form Position."

My mind boggled at the thought. "Good grief, I think that I'd explode from pleasure overload!"

"Pretty close," Forest agreed. "I recommend that you get some more one-on-one experience before you try that."

I fervently agreed. We rested together for a while, enjoying the afterglow and regaining our strength. Finally we were ready and got up and cleaned ourselves. Then we turned our attention to the little creature that had triggered all this. Forest had left it in the shade and our modern equipment enabled us to get heaps of information on it without imposing any more stress. When we were done, a micro transponder was implanted in him and then I took him back to where he had been trapped and released him. He scuttled for cover, then disappeared. Such a little thing to cause such a large reaction!

Forest was putting on hir carisak when I returned. I loaded the cubs in and grabbed my own stuff. We had to move a bit faster that morning to make up for the time that we had spent making love. Fortunately, not too many of the traps had been sprung and we came back to the campsite only a little late for lunch. When Forest was ready to leave again, I expressed a desire to go with hir this time.

"Sorry, Quickpaw, you may have grown up a lot these past few days, but some things haven't changed." Shi handed me a book and said, "Chapter 12. See you later."

I looked at the book and sighed. "Physics," I thought glumly. "Why did it have to be physics?"


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