A FOREST TALE 3: Fulfillment

by Bernard Doove © 1996

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

I was enjoying watching the unfamiliar scenery passing by. We were in a ground car on a back road in America on the way to a foxtaur community where Goldfur's mate was to introduce us to his family. My mind wandered back a couple of days to when we were first introduced to him.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

We met Red soon after we had gotten back from our mountain retreat. Kris, Trina and I arranged to have Goldfur bring him over for dinner. They arrived at exactly the appointed time with Goldfur's usual remarkable timing. Red seemed a bit shy and shi had to urge him inside to meet us. He was a handsome foxtaur, his coat having the common red fox markings, but the colour was an unusually deep shade of red, thus earning him his nickname. His fur was well kept and shiny, and his tail was proud and bushy. His only clothing was a wonderful soft leather vest that looked home-made, but with great craftsmanship. We all gathered in the spacious living room for formal introductions.

Goldfur announced, "I would like everyone to meet Garrek, my love-mate. Garrek, this is my sister Forestwalker."

I stepped up and embraced him and said, "You are welcome in our home Garrek. And please, just call me Forest."

After a moment's hesitation, he returned the hug. He definitely was a shy one! He said, "I'm pleased to meet you after hearing so much about you from Goldfur. And all my friends call me Red."

"Well, Red, I would like you to meet my life-mates, Kris and Trina." They stepped forward to greet him and then I said, "And of course you already have met Midnight on your last voyage. Shi is staying here as my guest for a while." Red seemed relieved to see a familiar face.

We made ourselves comfortable after passing around some refreshments. Red and Goldfur laid down together on one of the lounge rugs and shi put a proprietary arm around his waist. Red looked at hir and I could see the deep affection he had for hir in his gaze. Finally he was put at ease.

Trina spoke up, "Red, could you tell us something about yourself and your family, and how you came to meet Goldfur?"

"I come from a foxtaur commune in a wilderness area of California. My clan has established a village where we enjoy a low-tech lifestyle. My people prefer to provide for themselves and often hunt for food and skins, etcetera. Our homes are simple but well-built cabins clustered about a communal center. We don't dislike technology, we just prefer getting along without it."

"But you are a technician aboard a starship. Isn't that a bit of a contradiction?" Kris interjected.

"Yes, but I'm not a typical member of the village. As I said, we have nothing against modern technology. The community center is fully equipped with all the latest gadgets which are available for everyone's use. There are a few people with a special aptitude for using and maintaining the equipment, and I was one of them. However, in the course of my duties, I came to learn about other worlds, and I was smitten by the desire to see some of them myself. And that's how I came to join the Star Corps as a freelance technician and jack-of-all-trades. It was on my fourth voyage that I got to meet Goldfur."

"He makes it all sound so simple," Goldfur spoke up. "I practically had to pounce on him and drag him away from his work sometimes. He gets so wrapped up in it and he was shy about meeting me. I suppose I saw him as a bit of a challenge, but he was well worth the effort."

"I hope he realizes what he's getting into. We chakats are never slow to get friendly, and my life-mates are similarly inclined," I said with a grin. "Anyway, if you haven't been frightened off by what you've heard, you should fit in well. On behalf of everybody, I welcome you into our family."

"Thanks, Forest. And yes, Goldfur has given me fair warning!" he laughed. I'm looking forward to getting to know you all well, and I hope that you take the opportunity to meet my clan soon."

"Are you planning to go home soon? It was a long tour of duty, and Goldfur has told us that since you arrived at the North Australian Spaceport, you haven't had the opportunity to make a trip over to America yet."

"True. We decided that it would be simplest to visit here first to introduce me to hir family. We will be visiting your parents tomorrow. But now I'd like to formally invite you to meet mine. There is a festival due to start in a few days and it would be a perfect time to meet everybody and get to know my people."

"We'd be delighted," Trina replied. "We'll make arrangements immediately."

Just then the oven timer rang. Kris got up and headed for the kitchen. Trina followed saying, "Since dinner is ready, let's sort out the details at the table."

The rest of us trooped into the dining area. Since the house was purpose-built, it had a number of unusual features, one of which was a dining room with a bi-level floor. The large table was located at the junction and thus half of it was at a height suit able for taurforms to squat behind for dining comfort, while the other half had chairs suitable either for humans or humanoid morphs. Over a delicious roast meal, we learnt a bit more about each other and made plans to fly overseas. Kris had to decline because he had work commitments, but the rest of us, including Midnight, would all travel there in two days.

By the end of the meal, Red had overcome his shyness completely and had displayed the humor and sharp wit that Goldfur had told us had attracted hir so much. I was proud of my sister to have found such a delightful addition to our family and I hoped to get a chance to know him more intimately soon. I was sure that it wouldn't be tonight though. The way Goldfur's tail was entwined with his was a sure sign of intimacy, and there was a more personal reason why I would be spending the night with another.

The evening was spent just talking and catching up on many months of news and learning trivia about each other. However, as the evening hours grew long, it was apparent that all of us had other things on our mind. Goldfur and Red were given a spare room and Kris swept a giggling Trina off to our main bedroom. Midnight approached me asking, "Is what my nose is telling me true?"

I nodded and replied, "Yes, I've come into heat. It's time."

Shi grinned and wrapped hir tail around mine, sending a thrill of anticipation through me. As we made our way to hir room, I reflected on how well I had gotten to know hir in these few days. I had not met anyone that felt so right for me since Kris and Trina. We had the room to ourselves tonight. The others would have scented my sexual readiness, just as Midnight had, and they all knew what I planned.

I took Midnight's hands in mine and looked hir in the eyes and solemnly spoke, "Midnight, will you sire my child and promise to cherish and care for hir?"

"I will," shi replied. "Forest, will you bear my child and bring hir up happy in the security of the family?"

"I will," I confirmed.

We finished together, "In the spirit of love, let our child know joy and fulfilment all hir life."

With that short but deeply meant ceremony, we committed ourselves as mates. This wasn't anything nearly as complex as a life-mateship, but was a commitment to the well-being of the cub we intended to bring into the world.

We both broke into grins then. The solemn moment was done and the fun was about to start. We practically pounced on the huge mattress that served as a bed for chakats and other guest furries who preferred sleeping this way. We embraced as intimately as possible, all seven limbs hugging, holding, twining about the others. Our tongues lapped at each others muzzles and then we opened our mouths and explored within, tasting of each other.

Then Midnight broke and ducked hir head down. After only a short time, shi had learned how sensitive my breasts were to stimulation. Shi teased my right nipple with the tip of hir tongue. I thrilled to the pleasure it gave me. My nipples hardened, showing bright pink and firm above the fur. Then shi started getting serious, nipping and sucking on my teat. I felt my milkwater flow and my enjoyment leapt to greater proportions. Hir tail was caressing mine and a handpaw stroked the fur along my spine. Shi kept at it until shi felt the shudder of my first orgasm. Shi lifted hir head, a twinkle of pleasure in hir eyes and beads of milkwater still on hir lips. I smiled my thanks to hir.

"You came very quickly, Forest. Your body truly is ready, willing and able at the moment. Not that I didn't want to keep that up for a little longer. Besides, I haven't even started on your left tit yet!" With that, shi gave a quick flick of the tongue to the nipple in question.

"Oh, don't let me stop you, Midnight." Shi was right. My whole being was primed for this at the moment, and everything shi did to me was wonderful.

"This is your night, Forestwalker, and it is time to fulfill it. Show me the way, my love."

I smiled and got up and turned around. I crouched on my forepaws and raised my haunches, my tail moved to the side. Shi placed hir forepaws on my back and mounted me. I felt hir hot and firm erection enter my oh-so-ready vagina. Shi settled comfortably on me and moved hir handpaws into a hug about my waist and hir hands came around to caress and squeeze my breasts. I could feel hir own breasts firmly kneading my back which I found almost as exciting as the stimulation shi was giving my own. I turned my head in order to lap at the fur on the cheek of my lover, and my tail found hirs and they united as one. We were truly as joined as was possible and the realization of my dreams was enough to give me another orgasm.

"Now, Midnight! Do it now! I cannot be more ready!"

Shi didn't try to tease me. Shi started hir thrusts and at last I could sense my coming fulfilment. I continued to caress hir muzzle with my tongue, my hands firmly held over hir own, still stroking my nipples. I exercised the muscles of my vagina to stimulate hir cock and we both built towards the climax. After a deliriously wonderful interval, Midnight spoke.

"This is my...(huff)... gift to you..(huff)... dear one." With that, I sensed hir orgasm and the release of the gift of life into me. That was more than enough to trigger my final climax and we both shuddered and cried out with the gratification of our desires.

For a while, we just laid there, still united both in body and spirit. Finally we disengaged ourselves and I said to Midnight, "My deepest thanks for your gift. I will always treasure this moment." Thus our mating was fully consumated.

We were to make love several more times that night, but it was the first time that was, and always would be, of the most significance. The act of making love came easily to our species, but the creation of a new life was always a serious and meaningful event. And as this was to be my first, it was an especially moving and emotional occasion. There were tears of joy in my eyes as I put my hands around Midnight's face and simply kissed hir.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

That had been two days ago. Now we were on our way to the foxtaur community to meet Garrek's family. I was looking forward to exploring some of this wonderful country that seemed to go on forever. I was high on the joy of life. My chakat sense of inner-being told me that the mating was a success and I was pregnant. Tonight I would announce it and share my happiness with my family. At last I truly knew how my sister felt when shi announced shi was with child. I hoped that shi and Red would experience this joy together as life-mates. The road to the future was as enticing as this wilderness route, and I looked forward to walking them both.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
To be continued in A Forest Tale 4: Family

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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