A FOREST TALE 1: Reunion

by Bernard Doove © 1995

The sights and smells of the eucalyptus forest were always special to me. It was spring; the rain and sun had worked its usual magic on the plantlife. Everything was in full growth because it was too soon yet for the country to start drying out. Numerous small creeks could be heard making their way down to meet their larger brethren and the soil and compost beneath my paws was moist and smelled delightfully earthy and alive.

I was making my way along a barely discernible track that meandered between towering mountain ash and around stands of tree-ferns. No easy walking trail this; it also turned into a rock-climb in parts. It was infrequently used due to its length and difficulty, but I was in heaven. I loved this temperate bushland and I was always pleased to find an excuse to come out this way. I am a chakat, a feline taurform morph named Forestwalker. I had earned my adult name from my frequent excursions into the bushlands that so suited lifeforms such as me. My human friends tell me how much they enjoy the sights and sounds of the forest. How much more my far sharper senses could tell me. My nose alone could tell me more about what was happening around me than a human's full range of senses. As I travelled the trail, I was exploring the area by sound and smell, as well as sight, and it was utterly delightful.

However, today's trek wasn't a mere bushwalk. Today, I had a goal. I was heading for a hut built in a clearing near a small lake deep in the national park. Some hiking enthusiast had built it many years ago, but as it was on public land, it was available to any weary hiker passing by. However, this particular track was practically forgotten and the place saw very few visitors. A couple of years ago, I rediscovered it during one of my explorations of the park and subsequently made it into my own private getaway. But today it wasn't going to be just myself there.

Long before the cabin came into sight, I had heard the sound of an axe intermittently. I presumed that someone was chopping firewood. The mornings were still a bit cool (if you weren't a chakat) and besides, the stove ran on wood. As I came upon the clearing, I could see a male red fox-morph with his back to me, hard at work at the woodpile. He was not very tall, about 170cm, and with a wiry build. He wasn't wearing a shirt and I could see his muscles flexing beneath his fur. He looked mighty fine to me and I decided it was time to let my presence be known . . . . in my own way. Carefully placing all four paws, I padded up to him silently without being seen. I let out a roar as I grabbed him by the waist and hoisted him in to the air; my great upper body strength easily holding him up above my head.

"Aaghh! What the . . . .? Forest! Put me down!" he demanded. So I dropped him. He was not caught out again though. He agilely twisted and landed on his feet. His athletic nature was one of the things that I most liked about him. "That wasn't very ladylike of you", he said with a grimace.

"I'm an hermaph. I'm only half a lady", I replied smugly.

My friend Kris grinned, "Very true, as I should know well. So you finally got here. I was wondering if you were even going to turn up or maybe you had gotten lost.

"Ha! Me getting lost? That couldn't happen. I took the long trail and I'm afraid I got a bit caught up in the scenery. I'm always finding something new to examine. Despite that, you know that I wouldn't want to miss our rendezvous."

"Well, while you were dawdling, I reckon I cut enough firewood to last us half a year. Enough's enough! I've got the kettle on the stove. A mug of tea would go down well right about now."

"Okay, I'd like a cuppa myself. Just bring some of that wood in with you." While saying so, I grabbed a couple of logs in my arms, wrapped my prehensile tail around a few more and headed for the door.

"Show-off", Kris said. "Anyway, I've stacked enough bloody wood for the day. It's your turn. I'll just put the tools away."

Cabin I walked into the one room hut. The stove was in one corner with an admittedly impressive pile of wood next to it and I added my logs to the heap. I looked around to see a couple of mugs standing on the cupboard with teabags and sugar already sitting inside. I took the quietly simmering kettle from the stove and poured the water into the mugs. While I was waiting for them to brew a bit, I looked about the room. Large windows let plenty of natural light into the room when the curtains were drawn back. A sturdy square table stood in one corner with a small clutter of condiments and utensils adorning it. Three mismatched chairs stood around it, not that I ever needed any. A generous amount of bedding took up most of another corner with some storage shelves taking up the last. Good, the place had been left undisturbed since I was last here. I jiggled the teabags, took them out and put them in the refuse container. I then twisted around to open the flap of the carisak strapped around my lower torso. I pulled out a flask of fresh milk from the chillpak. Poor Kris. He must have been dying for a cuppa but he just had to have milk in it, and I had been dawdling along with the supplies. After adding the milk, I replaced the flask and then unbuckled the carisak and stowed it on a shelf to be unpacked later.

Just then, Kris walked in. "Ah! At last! All is forgiven." He grabbed his mug and poured half the contents down his throat without pausing. How he could drink that nearly scalding hot liquid that way always mystified me. A look of bliss crossed his face. "Thanks, love, I needed that." He then kissed me on the nosepad, something he knew I liked. He collapsed into the nearest chair and proceeded to work on the other half of the mug's contents. I stepped up behind him and started to massage his shoulders. His long stint at chopping had left him with some tired and aching muscles.

"Why don't you stretch out on the mattress and I'll give you a back rub," I offered.

"Just like the day we first met, hey? You weren't slow to offer your healing hands then either."

As he made his way over to the bed, I thought back on that day. It was about a year ago when I had made one of my visits to the hut. We chakats are very social creatures but I found that I enjoyed getting solitude occasionally. I had managed to catch some fish that morning and I was preparing them for lunch when I heard sounds coming through the window from the direction of the lakeside trail. I went outside and focused my ears in that direction and scented the breeze. I realised that I was due to be visited by one of those hiking groups that rarely made it out this way. I went back inside and filled up the kettle, anticipating some possible guests. It was a mixed group that stopped by that day: a human female, a red fox male, a vixen and a tod arctic fox, and a dingo male. We shared a meal and some tales of our ventures into the wilderness. I learned that Kris had suffered a minor mishap while navigating a treacherous cliffside trail and, while he was not really injured, he had numerous aches and pains that were slowing him down. I offered to give him a therapeutic massage which he accepted. He decided to stay at the hut for a couple of days to get back up to strength and during his visit we got to be very intimate. Since then we had been lovers and this place was our favourite rendezvous.

"Aahhh, much better thanks," said Kris as I finished the massage. He turned over and propped himself up on an elbow. "You've still got that magic touch."

"Well, then it's my turn for some T.L.C. After all, I hiked the long trail in."

"Yes, but you not only do it often, but you are built for that kind of thing," he grinned.

"So I need to be a two-legger to get a little attention around here?" I pouted.

"Oh no, we're equal opportunity lovers here and I think I can prove it." With that, he kissed me on the nosepad again. But he didn't stop there. This time, his warm full lips made their way down to my mouth and I parted my own thin lips and let his questing tongue come into my mouth and join with my tongue in an intimate message of caring and desire. His gentle hands were cradling my head at first, then they moved down to stroke my fur in a sensuous caress. He started finding the spots that he knew that I really enjoyed being stroked, first in the small of my back, next my belly fur and then his hands started wandering towards my breasts. Now chakats as a rule do not need clothing at all, but most of us wear halters or vests for various reasons and other clothing for ornamentation or a fashion item. I wore a halter top usually so as not to offend some more prudish humans and this one served as some protection in the bush but suddenly it all seemed too much and I whipped it off in a flash. Kris' hands then caressed my large, firm breasts. My nipples, normally hidden by fur, enlarged and hardened, poking out their bright pink tips. His tongue had been preoccupied with mine all this time but now it made its way down to my nipples and he gently licked them. A ripple of pleasure passed through my body and I urged him on. He teased the tips of the nipples a bit more with his tongue, then he carefully put his full muzzle over one and sucked. I could feel the milkwater we chakats store flow into him and, again, a shudder of pleasure coursed through my body. He repeated the performance with the other breast with similar results. Then, while I was enjoying the lingering sensation, he leaned back and asked, "Well, did I prove my point or not?"

"This bears further examination," I replied. "However, something is getting in the way of our investigations."

"And what might that be?" he smiled ingenuously.

"These!" I exclaimed, and started dragging off his shorts. With some willing help, he was quickly naked. He was a handsome tod, with thick white fur on his chest and belly, contrasting with the rich red fur on the rest of his body excepting the near black "gloves" and "boots" on his hands and feet. The white tip of his tail twitched in excitement as his blue eyes regarded me lovingly. He also proudly sported an erection of a most desirable size. "I see you have a point to make, I think some close interrogation is called for." Then I placed my face close to his eager member and slowly licked the entire length of his shaft with my long rough tongue. He shuddered and gasped, then laid back and closed his eyes while I thoroughly explored his quivering cock for a while, his breathing getting heavier and ragged. I built him up to near peak and only then did I envelope his whole shaft in my muzzle and started sucking. That was the trigger, for then my mouth was rapidly filling with copious amounts of his hot seed which I swallowed as fast as I could to keep up. The surging stopped and I took my muzzle away to look at him. The look on his face was always my reward and we both savoured the moment in different ways.

He opened his eyes and said, "Your investigations seem to have borne fruit, madam."

"You're not wrong there," I replied. "It seems to me that the results have waiting for the right line of questioning for many days."

"True, and you never know, there might be more to be learned."

"Perhaps you could convince me of the need for further enquiries?"

"I will do my best, my lady!" With that, his wonderful hands resumed their explorations, caressing and stroking the length of my body until he reached the base of the spine where it joined the tail. Then his ministrations became stronger, more forceful as he patted and scratched that point, sending wave after wave of sensual pleasure through my body. I hoisted my tail into the air and arched my back and just crouched there, lapping up the wondrous sensation. All too soon, it seems, he stopped. "Roll over, sweetheart," he ordered. I stretched out full length on the mattress and turned over, exposing my thick creamy underbelly fur to him. He gently stroked the fur, smoothing it down, and then he buried his face in it. "I've always loved your scent. It always reminds me of the forest and in turn, the forest smells remind me of you." His hands moved down to briefly tickle my sheath and my own penis was partially aroused. But this wasn't his present goal. He continued on until he reached the damp fur around my vagina and he parted the short fur around it. I felt immediately, a warm, wet rush as my body anticipated his presence and he wasted no time striving to satisfy my needs. His fingers thrust inside me and found my clit and gently teased it for a while. A growing sense of sexual readiness was communicated wordlessly to him and he went for the kill. His tongue was suddenly there, licking lapping, stroking, teasing, penetrating, drinking my love juice. I was filled with an enormous desire for this to continue forever, the tidal wave of pleasure due to his efforts was building and building. Then he stopped and I opened my eyes, wondering why. He just smiled and pointed. His penis was proudly back on duty and I knew just how he wanted to finish. He came down on me quickly then, his shaft seeking my eager love canal. As he entered me, he re-ignited the burning passion he had evoked in me with his tongue. He probed deeply and I yowled with delight. I threw my forepaws around him and pulled him closer, trying to make him fill me to the last millimetre of his willing cock. My ecstasy grew with each thrust. God, how does this relatively small fox make me feel such great pleasure? Then, without pausing in his rhythm, he reached up and caressed my right breast. That was it, the final nudge into an orgasm of epic proportions. I shuddered and gasped as my whole body was overwhelmed by the sheer intensity of my climax. Finally it abated and I just laid there, basking in the afterglow.

"You can let go of me now," Kris murmured, "I'm not going anywhere yet. Besides, you've been digging in the claws again."

"Sorry about that, darling, but you've been doing your bit too well and I tend to lose control a little." I let him go and he rolled off to one side and pulled himself up so we were lying face to face. His hand wandered onto my stomach and he started gently tickling me. "Stop that," I said. "We should have some lunch. I think we are going to need all our strength for this afternoon's activities."

Before he could answer, the door burst open and an arctic fox vixen strode inside, an indescribable look of aggravation on her face.

"Err, hi Trina," Kris said.

Now I suppose that I should explain something. On the day that we met, Trina was the vixen in that hiking group, which is not terribly surprising considering that she not only enjoyed bushwalking but she was also Kris' lifemate. Now here she stood in front of us, obviously pissed off. She pointed at us accusingly.

"I tried to meet you earlier," she started saying in a very aggrieved tone, "And then I was delayed and when I finally catch up to you, what are you doing? You've started without me!

Kris grinned and I laughed. I beckoned her over to join us in a cuddle. Oh, did I forget to mention: she also stayed back at the hut while Kris had been recovering and we all got to know each other very well. Now Trina was my lifemate too! I praised the fates for the day that introduced me to such an open-minded and loving couple. Now our threesome was complete and our weekend getaway could really get into full swing.

I was very glad to see Trina. My last field trip had been exceptionally long and I had badly missed our family snuggling sessions. Kris gave her a welcoming kiss then relinquished her to me. We embraced each other and I too kissed her, but in a lingering, deeply felt expression of welcome and pleasure in seeing her again.

"Whew!" she sighed when we finally broke apart. "That was wonderful. I am glad you are back, but if that's going to be your reaction after all your long excursions, you will have to do them more often. Let's see, how did that go again?" With that, she pulled me back into another kiss that proved that she had missed me just as badly. Our muzzles were locked for ages as we drank of each other's feelings, but eventually Trina had to break for a breather. You can't beat a chakat for lung capacity!

"Well, I'm tired of being ignored," Kris said petulantly. "I'm going to make that lunch you promised me."

"Maybe Trina had other ideas", I replied.

"Don't worry," Trina said giggling, "I was just hamming it up for you. I'm a bit tired from the trek in and a lunchbreak is just what I need right now to recharge a bit. Besides, we've got a hike planned for this afternoon and we're burning daylight. There's time for games when we get back."

"All right by me, love," Kris said while getting up from the bedding. He made his way over to the basin and washed using water from the rain tank. He then started to gather ingredients for the meal.

Trina said, "Kris, honey, do me a favour. Put on some pants! You are just too damn distracting."

Kris grinned but obliged whilst we started unpacking the provisions and other supplies that we had lugged in. Over lunch, we discussed our afternoon's plans: a simple hike around the lake which was to be just a warm-up for tomorrow's overnighter. We cleaned up and started preparing for the hike. Although this was only a short walk, being experienced bushwalkers, we knew enough to be prepared for the unforeseen. As I strapped on my carisak, an unusual sound tickled the threshold of my hearing. I started for the door saying, "Shh! Quiet for a moment, please." Outside, I listened intently. The breeze was favourable too and what my senses told me had me puzzled. "A couple of people are headed our way," I announced.

Trina noted my expression and asked, "What's so strange about that? I know that this track isn't used much, but it isn't that unusual."

"That's true, but what has got me wondering is why they are travelling so hard and fast. They've worked up quite a sweat."

"Well, if they are travelling that fast, we will know the answer in a few moments anyway."

Before long, two teenage kangaroo morphs burst into the clearing. Upon seeing us, one of them came up to us, panting. He tried to catch his breath for a moment, then gasped out, "We need help. Our friend has fallen over a cliff and he's stranded on a ledge. We think he's broken both an arm and a leg but he keeps losing consciousness. We didn't have any way of getting to him."

"Did you leave someone back there with him?" I asked.

"Yes, there's three more people waiting there for us to fetch help."

"Where exactly has he fallen?"

"It was shortly before the trail came down to join the one around the lake."

I was afraid of this. These were obviously inexperienced hikers taking on a track that was a challenge even to the experts. It was the same place that Kris had had his mishap and the footing was treacherous. At least they had the sense to send two people for help in case one had another accident.

"Right, we will organise a rescue." I turned to Kris only to find that he had anticipated me and was already bringing out our climbing gear. I took some long ropes and other equipment from him and turned back to the boys and said to them, "You will have to keep going to get some help flown in. Keep following this trail until it forks, then take the left branch. That is the quickest route to the main road. Turn right when you reach it and you will find a ranger station about 2 kilometres down the road. Tell them that Chakat Forestwalker sent you and asked to have an emergency helicopter evac from Lakeside Cliffs. The route there is pretty easy and you should make good time." Because of my work here and my many treks into the bush, I had gotten to know the people stationed there very well and my name would help elicit a rapid response.

"Thanks, Miss Forestwalker," one replied respectfully. "Come on Mick, let's get a move on!" Having gained a breather, they were able to set off at a fast pace.

Kris said to me, "You had better go on ahead and see what you can do until we catch up. You can make much better time without us."

So I finished fastening down the equipment and took off. We chakats can make quite some speed, even when carrying a load but we can't maintain it for too long. Fortunately the cliffs weren't too far away, so I reached them without having to slow down. There the trail started climbing the hillside in a number of switchbacks. Then, when the nearly vertical cliffs themselves were reached, it followed what was little more than a goat track. Loose stones made the footing uncertain and was probably the undoing of the victim. Being four-footed was certainly an advantage under these conditions. As I climbed, I began to hear voices calling out to their fallen comrade and occasionally getting a pained response. I was close now. I came around a bend and saw three people standing on the trail. Two were what I thought to be timber wolves, male & female. The third was a human girl who spotted me coming.

"Look, it's a chakat, perhaps shi can help us," she announced to her friends.

"Hello, your two companions alerted us and help is on the way; I'm the advance party. Now I would appreciate it if you would move away from the edge before you give me more victims to deal with," I brusquely stated. The ninnies had been precariously perched on the edge trying to see their companion. I located a suitable outcropping of rock and anchored my prehensile tail around it. The mountainside would have to break apart before my tail would lose its grip. Then I was able to lean far over the edge to peer down to the human male lying awkwardly on the ledge below. The descent would not be hard, although it was just about impossible without the proper equipment. I pulled myself back then hauled a rope out of my carisak. Firmly anchoring it to the same outcrop that I had used for my tail, I started my climb down.

Many people think that a taurform is totally unsuited to climbing, but not only was I a feline and thusly a climber by nature, but as a chakat I had a special advantage. Not everyone realises that our forepaws are specially modified. The toes are elongated into blunt fingers and the dewclaw made into a modified thumb, constructed so as not to interfere with walking or running. The result was a paw-hand that, while lacking the sensitivity to manipulate in fine detail, possessed great strength and enabled me to grasp objects in a hold that could not be broken. My upper body strength was proportional to my powerful lower torso and so my true hands and arms were deceptively strong. Climbing was therefore easy when you have four hands and the strength to match. I was down to the ledge quickly.

The boy had landed on his left side, breaking the leg which was lying at a horrible angle. That alone was enough to make him lose consciousness from the pain. The left arm looked odd too, but I suspected that was a dislocation. He had lost some blood and on top of all that, he was almost certainly concussed. However, though he needed medical aid urgently, nothing looked immediately life-threatening. Therefore, I did not attempt to move him as I could possibly do more harm than good. My job was to make sure that he wasn't in further danger and to prepare the way for the people who could help him best. Because he was so close to the edge of the ledge, I tied an anchoring rope to his unbroken leg, trying to hurt him as little as possible. That would prevent him from simply rolling off if he tried to move during a period of consciousness. I climbed back up and started fixing a couple more ropes for those to come.

"Your friend is badly hurt and needs medical attention before he can be moved," I informed the group. "My people will be here soon and it's going to get too crowded up here. "When your messengers get to the ranger station, they will get a chopper out here quickly."

"But there's nowhere to land," piped up the wolf bitch.

"There's the lake," I replied, "Their helicopter has pontoons for that very reason. I need someone to go down there and wait for it to show up and attract the pilot's attention so he can land as near to the trail as possible. Then you can point him our way. Hopefully, by then we may be in a position to haul him out of there."

The two wolves elected to carry out that task while the girl stayed to offer reassurance to the victim if needed. Just then, Kris and Trina arrived with their respective equipment. Firstly, our climbing expert inspected my lines. This was Trina's job. It was she who had introduced Kris, and later me, to the thrills of climbing in many different ways. She had custom-built a harness and other equipment for me. Satisfied, she and Kris made their way down. Now it was up to Kris who not only had a degree in sports medicine, but had training as a paramedic. He was a bit compulsive about keeping full stocks of emergency medical equipment and he had a well-stocked locker at the cabin. His pack therefore contained everything he thought he might need for someone who had suffered a fall of this nature. As he began to work on his patient, Trina yelled up to me, "Forest, can you find me some branches suitable for making a rescue cage?"

"I will have to go back down to the forest floor. I'll be back as quick as I can," I replied. I headed back down the track to where suitable material could be readily found. By the time I returned, Kris had put a neck brace on the boy, his broken leg was splinted and his arm looked as if it was back in place. His bleeding seemed to be under control and I presumed that he had been given a painkiller. I lowered the branches to Trina who efficiently wove them into a make-do stretcher/cage with Kris' help. With great care, they shifted him into the cage and strapped him in to immobilise him. They attached one of the ropes and then it was my turn again. I re-anchored myself and started hauling the cage up, slowly. I could go faster but of course my companions were ascending with it, making sure that it didn't jar or catch as it moved up. It reached the top virtually without a hitch and I heaved it over the edge.

Just before Kris and Trina pulled themselves over the lip, I heard a welcome sound. A helicopter was making its way in our direction. Those boys had made good time and the rescue chopper would be there to meet us at the lake. Kris positioned himself in front of the stretcher and I took the rear and we started down the cliff path while Trina stayed to pack up our gear. We proceeded cautiously; it was hard enough to travel this path normally, but with this load it became dangerous and I had the added difficulty of the stretcher obscuring my view. However, I was a lot more sure-footed than Kris and didn't have as much trouble as he did. Nevertheless, we had safely negotiated the worst of it when we were met by the rescue party. One of them relieved Kris at his end but I declined his offer. We made good time back to the chopper where he was transferred to a more suitable stretcher. All this time, the girl who had stayed back up at the cliff had kept a tearful vigil. Now she insisted that she went with him as, apparently, he was her boyfriend.

I knew the pilot and so I called out to him, "Hey, Mark, is it okay for this girl to accompany her friend?"

"Sure, Forest! We've got room as long as she keeps out of the way."

We bundled her into the chopper and it promptly took off, leaving us with the wolf duo who started thanking us profusely. This only set off Trina who launched into one of her lectures on how inexperienced and inadequately prepared people should know better than to take on such a hazardous route. There was a much safer alternative way down from the cliff-top which was clearly marked. I should know, we had marked it! The wolves looked pretty dejected by this time and I thought it was time to lighten up a bit. I pointed out that things had worked out fine; the boy would most likely make a complete recovery and we ended up having a more exciting afternoon than we had planned. I invited the wolves back to our cabin for some refreshment and we made a leisurely return trip. We drank tea and ate a light snack and told them that they were welcome to stay overnight. However, they wanted to find out how their friend was faring and wished to get out of the park before nightfall. So, we pointed out the short route and bade them farewell. I was glad that they chose to go; I had plans for tonight.

"Well, I actually enjoyed this afternoon's diversion," Kris spoke up. "It was better than the hike we had planned."

"We work well as a team, don't we?" commented Trina. "I wouldn't mind being involved with more rescue work like that."

"The trouble with that idea is that someone would have to get into serious strife or badly injured like today's victim so that we could indulge our whims," I replied. "I'll be glad if I never have a reason to do that again. Still, it is good to know that we can. Besides all that, I have some more interesting teamwork in mind right now."

They both smiled at this in wordless agreement. It was time to unwind in the best possible way. Trina led the way to the bedding, she was almost as eager as I was to make up for my long absence. In moments she was stripped to nothing but fur. Her coloration was rather mixed at the moment. Her summer coat was coming in, various shades of soft brown supplanting the white of winter. I'm very proud of my jaguar-like patterning which let me blend with the bushland that I love, but Trina's winter coat of near pure white was a glorious sight to see and I was almost jealous of her fine pelt. Curiously, her hair always stayed white except for one streak of brown. She struck a sexy pose for me. She had a wonderful lithe, lean (but not skinny) body. Her frame belied her strength, she was a fine example of the best of her species. She had only small breasts, but they were pert and beautifully formed. She knew she looked gorgeous and wanted to share herself with us. I certainly found myself getting excited! Kris, who got to share a bed with her most nights, kindly deferred to me and she and I were soon locked in an embrace. I wanted to rediscover her body and we started where we left off earlier today, with a passionate kiss. Our tongues explored each other's fangs and probed deeply within. Then I broke off as I wished to taste more of her. I lapped at her neck then moved down to the ruff of fur below her throat. My cat's tongue gave it a wash and then I homed in on her tits. She always had a fit of giggling when I played with her sensitive nipples. She claimed I tickled but she never asked me to stop. Her nipples were as hard as possible and I loved the feel of them in my mouth. I dallied a while then Trina said, "This feels wonderful, but it's time to get serious. Besides, Kris looks a little left out."

I surrendered her heavenly breasts to my partner; I had another goal. I started washing her fur again. I slowly moved down her firm stomach, making my way down to the generous tuft of fur at her groin. There I began licking in earnest, grooming and smoothing her fur away from her moist labia. As I caressed them with my tongue, she let out a soft moan. I did it again, a long sensuous stroke that made her writhe in pleasure. Her love juice flowed copiously and I lapped it up, then I parted her labia and drank of her more deeply. I found her clit and gave it a long caress with my rough tongue. She gasped as a wave of pleasure rolled over her and I knew she was ready. I abandoned subtlety and my tongue became my tool, thrusting its length into her again and again, lapping at her clit. The reaction was rapid and she came to climax whilst I was still sampling her warm depths. When she climaxed, she always yipped uncontrollably, the number and intensity were a good gauge of how good it was for her and I'd say that she had certainly liked this one a lot!

Now though, I was thoroughly stimulated. I had an erection that was begging for attention and Trina was still enjoying the afterglow of her orgasm. Kris came to my rescue; he moved himself beside me in what was a modified 69 position and started to kiss my male member. Then, with slow strokes of his tongue, started building up the pressure within me. I did not want to come too soon and so I diverted some of my attention to his own aroused member that was proudly exposed from his its sheath and proceeded to return the favour. We kept at this for some time, each of us trying to outdo the other in sensuous play, trying to make the other come first. I was doomed to fail. It had been a long absence from our love nest and my body was more than primed. My breathing grew heavy and ragged and I uttered a small growl as my orgasm burst upon me, spurting hot cum into my lover's mouth. He grinned at me in triumph, but I was content to let him have his victory, for how could I say that I had lost?

We both relaxed for a while next to our appreciative audience. We would soon begin the highlight of the evening, but for the moment, we would cherish what we had just done. Over the past year, my lovers and I had been learning each other's favourite pleasurings and the question that was soon asked of me was: Did I prefer male or female sex? I answered that the answer was neither; the experiences were very different and enjoyable in their own right. Female orgasm was something my whole body seemed to experience like a wave of pleasure passing over me. Male orgasm was a more focused and intense sensation. Then too, my cyclic sexual nature meant that the relative strength of each would rise and fall, depending on whether I was in male or female phase, but neither dominated. I loved both my lifemates equally, no matter what phase I was in. Right now though, I was in mid-phase, going from male to female, and I had a lot of semen stored due to my recent abstinence, and my cock was eager to perform its function. In fact, it was already almost back to full erection. A big advantage I have over human males is that I am capable of several consecutive male couplings; just part of the survival mechanism built into us I guess.

Trina moved to my right breast and started stroking the fur covering it. My nipple rapidly responded, lengthening and firming, making itself known to her ready tongue which proceeded to lick me, sending an electric thrill through me.

"I dibs the left one!" Kris claimed, and quickly started to play with my willing tit. They both started sucking me then, drinking of my milkwater. Chakat's breasts are specially modified in both structure and function. When not lactating, the mammary glands perform another duty. They produce a watery fluid that is rich in vitamins, sugars and other beneficial substances which is stored in the modified breast tissue. This lacks much of the fatty tissue of humanoid breasts but has a fibrous, sponge-like consistency which could store large amounts of this fluid. This construction meant that we chakats always have fairly large, rounded and very firm breasts. And ladies, it's like having a built-in sports bra; we don't jiggle outrageously when we run! Thus I have a large reserve of water and energy boosters always at hand. This substance which we call milkwater is also available to thirsty cubs who can't store as much as adults. It is also beneficial to those suffering illness. But best of all, it gave me a great thrill of pleasure to have a lover partake of me, and tonight I had two, both of whom were doing their best to drain me dry!

Finally Kris stopped and announced, "Time for the 'Chakat Maneuver'!" This was their pet name for a form of lovemaking that only became possible when I had joined their company. Trina got to her hands and knees, facing away from me. I petted the wonderful bush of fur around her love hole and was gratified to feel a prompt response in the form of a rush of warm lubricant. I straddled her then, lining up my cock and smoothly entering her. The feeling was electric; I had been dying for this for days. But that wasn't all there was to it. Kris then positioned himself behind me and plunged his eager member into my own throbbing vagina. Then the magic began. I thrust deeply into Trina, and then as I withdrew in the return stroke, I was met from behind by Kris' forward thrust. Together we rocked back and forth in perfect co-ordination, our pleasure building exponentially. Each thrust shoved me up to further heights of pleasure. My cunt was experiencing Kris' best efforts to place every last millimetre of his cock as far in as possible, my clit savouring each long, manly stroke. My penis in turn plumbed Trina's depths, each thrust a fulfilment of my long pent-up desire. It was a feat we could not sustain for long because the sheer amount of ecstasy it produced in me could not be contained for long. It was Kris who judged when I had reached my limit and let himself climax just before me. "I'm coming!" he warned. Immediately I felt the pulsing of his cock shooting his seed into me, threatening to fill me up, which instantly set off my female orgasm. As the huge rush of pleasure swept over me, it triggered my own cock, and I pumped surge after surge of semen into Trina. The process completed when, in turn, she reached her climax, thrusting herself back to more fully receive me. Forget atomic energy, this was the most powerful chain-reaction in the universe! I was literally overwhelmed by my simultaneous orgasms, jolting me over and over again. No non-hermaphrodite species could ever hope to attain these heights of ecstasy. I was yowling incessantly as this ultimate pleasure shut out the rest of the world to me until finally I collapsed on the bedding, unable to sustain it any longer. I just laid there, utterly blissed out and oblivious to the world.

From previous experience, Kris and Trina knew that I would be good for nothing for some time. They always claimed that half the pleasure they got from doing the Chakat Maneuver was to witness the effect of their double-teaming me. Whatever their reasons, I was just grateful to have such marvellous lovers. As I slowly came down from the heavens and I began to be aware again of what was happening around me, I knew that Kris and Trina weren't done with each other yet. I smiled to myself as I drifted into slumber; our holiday had only just begun and we were sure to get many more opportunities to strengthen the bonds of love between us. Also, my sister Goldfur was to join us for a few days on our long hike. Then we might see how well a foursome could perform the Chakat Maneuver. Hmmm, I wonder if shi will bring a friend?

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

To be continued in: "A Forest Tale 2: Partnerships"

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Forest Tale Notes:
This is a short background for the characters in Forest Tales. My own alter ego is Chakat Goldfur. My fur colour and markings most resemble those of the cougar with its golden brown pelt. My hair is a lighter shade of gold and it's easy to see how I got my name. Forestwalker, who almost always is just called Forest, is my younger sister. Hir fur is most likened to that of a jaguar with its strong patterning. This makes hir very inconspicuous in the bushlands shi loves. We have the same parents, but hir father was my mother and hir mother was my sire, a situation unique to a hermaphrodite species. We have a teenage sister named Quickpaw.

Forest is an expert biologist employed by the Department of Conservation. Hir duties involve surveying the national parks for their wildlife and vegetation, and to keep a watch out for possible environmental problems. Our species tend to excel in these conditions and shi loves hir work. However, this tends to keep hir away from home a lot.

Kris Fletcher is a red fox. He is a keen sports enthusiast and coaches athletics at a college and has a degree in sports medicine. He also has paramedic training.

Katrina (Trina) Snowfox is an arctic fox. At the time of this story, her all-white winter pelt is being replaced by the darker summer fur. The tod with her on the hike was her brother, Mikael. Trina is a professional architect and she designed the home in which the three live.

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