The Admiral and the Chakat 7:    Games of Life & Love
By Bernard Doove

Theme and role-playing by Christian Neumann

Ideas and inspiration by Boyce Kline

Goldfur and I had been planning a party for our sister, Quickpaw. Shi was about to turn 18 and we were going to celebrate hir birthday in style. Normally a chakat’s eighteenth birthday wasn’t especially significant, but Quick had been feeling a little down lately, a far cry from hir usual exuberant self, and we had decided to try cheering hir up. The event that had precipitated this gloom was the parting of ways with Bronzecoat, hir Companion of fifteen months. Since the two had met at school, they had been firm friends and had provided each other with companionship and relief for their physical needs. On top of this was the mystery of Bronzecoat’s past. Hir amnesia had left a void that Quickpaw filled and, for a while, both were very satisfied with the arrangement.

Then things changed. Goldfur had been using hir resources and computer skills to track down Bronzecoat’s identity. Finally shi struck pay dirt and located hir parents and arranged for them to meet Bronze. The result of the meeting had been a shock of recognition. Memories started flooding back and at last shi knew who and what shi was. A child of itinerant workers, they had been separated in a natural disaster and hir parents had believed hir to be dead, while shi had actually been concussed with a resultant loss of memory and could not correct this mistake. Welfare workers had shifted Bronzecoat around until shi had been found a home and a place to continue hir schooling until such time as shi recovered hir memory. When shi did, shi had been overjoyed at first, as was Quickpaw. However, as more and more memories returned, hir old personality had reasserted itself. On top of this, after both went to the School of Healing, Bronze to pursue a career as a doctor and Quick as a nurse, they had less and less time for each other. Sadly they concluded that it was time to dissolve the Companionship and go their separate ways. The choice was mutually agreed upon but still left Quickpaw moping since then. After several days of this, Goldfur, at whose den Quickpaw had been living, had had enough and shi called me and we conspired to lift hir spirits.

On the morning of hir birthday, Goldfur took Quickpaw for a day on the town, shopping and sightseeing. I was going to join them for lunch at a fancy restaurant in the botanic gardens and accompany them on a visit to the art museum later. Just as I was about to leave though, I got a call on the comm. I was delighted to see the face of my mate, Admiral Boyce Kline.

“Boyce! You’re back in the solar system!” I exclaimed.

“Better yet, love, I’m going to be coming out your way in a few hours, if that’s okay. I just have to finish filing a few reports after the crew stands down for shore leave, then I’ll be over in my shuttlecraft shortly after.”

“You’re timing is pretty good, dear. It’s Quickpaw’s birthday and we’re having a party for hir tonight and I’m sure you’d like to be there.”

“Quick’s turned eighteen? Oh yes! I’ll be pleased to help hir celebrate. Just name the time.”

“If you arrive at Goldfur’s den at about 1800, that should be ideal.”

Boyce nodded. “I’ll be there!”

“Great! Now I’ve got to go. I’m meeting my sisters for lunch and I don’t want to be late. Hugs and purrs, love!”

“Hugs and nuzzles, dear!” he said with a wink and a grin.

I switched off the comm, feeling quite good. I hadn’t seen much of the admiral since Midnight’s birthing party. Shortly after, Boyce had had to ship out and Midnight decided to accompany him so that they could both bond with their child. This suited me because we had already decided that we would give Midnight time to adjust, and that meant letting hir get more of the admiral’s affections. I had missed both my mates though and I was pleased with the prospect of getting some time with Boyce tonight.

As I drove off to the city, I thought about Quickpaw’s relationship with Boyce. When he was inducted into our family, shi had yet to reach full sexual maturity and they had been like big brother and little sister. Since shi had hir “First” though, I had noticed a change in their relationship. Shi had started paying more attention to him, flirting and making outrageous comments. He had handled it with aplomb, knowing full well that we didn’t mind and finding himself interested also. Perhaps he was the steadying influence that Quickpaw needed because shi’d started curbing hir full-steam-ahead manner of doing things and began to mature in hir tastes and attitudes. Shi was still a bright and energetic person, only now shi was becoming less a tomboy and more an adult with whom one could deal with on the same level as oneself. As Quick had started spending less and less time with Bronze, shi’d started spending more and more time with Boyce whenever shi could find him free. I was certain that it would only be a matter of time before they’d be lovers also. That was another reason I was so glad that Boyce would be here for dinner. One more piece of ammunition in our battle to beat hir depression. I was looking forward to seeing hir reaction when he arrived.

I was only a couple of minutes late rendezvousing with my sisters and we thoroughly enjoyed our leisurely lunch amidst the trees and local fauna. Although it was now Winter, the day was as clear and warm as early Autumn, and many people were enjoying the unusually good weather. Then we wandered off to the art museum where we let Quickpaw lead the way. It turned out that shi had some, well..., interesting tastes in art, ample proof that shi wasn’t just slavishly imitating what hir older sisters did. We may have shared an interest in the admiral, but Quick was hir own person, and that’s the way things ought to be.

We all hugely enjoyed our excursion and we talked about it all the way back to Goldfur’s home. We broke out a bottle of fine wine and lounged by the fireplace, just talking and listening to music while drinking it. With our large families, it was rare that we three sisters could take the time to be completely by ourselves, and we took great pleasure in these precious moments. They couldn’t last forever though, and it was Lupu who showed up with her and Goldfur’s twins in the saddle-pack that she had borrowed from me.

“Hello, Love!” she said as she trotted over to plant a lick-kiss on Goldfur’s muzzle. “I hope that I’m not disturbing you, but it’s time for the cubs to be fed and put to bed.”

“No problem, dear,” replied Goldfur as shi nuzzled Lupu back. “Perhaps Quickpaw would like to help you feed them?”

Quickpaw was up on hir feet in a moment. One thing hadn’t changed as shi had matured, shi still loved breast-feeding cubs. Lupu grinned. She had already guessed that Quick would want to help. Normally the evening feed was the time that she and Goldfur would take time together to be with their cubs; each feeding a hungry child wile chatting and catching up with the day’s events. However, today they were offering the opportunity to Quick as a kind of birthday present. Our sister already fed the cubs once a day as part of hir child-minding duties, but shi was always eager to do more since hir breasts had reached their full adult capacity. I had always said that Quickpaw was trying to outdo me!

While Lupu and Quickpaw fed Stonefur and Greypaw, Goldfur and I started the final preparations for the evening meal. We weren’t at it for long before the comm started beeping for attention. Goldfur answered it, but immediately said, “Forest, it’s for you!”

I guessed who it was, and sure enough, there was the beaming face of my mate, Boyce. I said, “Admiral, love, can you come in quietly? If possible, I’d like to make this a surprise for Quick.”

“Sure, Forest! Is the usual landing area clear?”

“Yep. Goldie and I made sure of that.”

“Then come on out and meet me, love. I’ll be down in a moment.”

I switched off the comm and bounded out the back door. I could just hear the admiral’s personal vehicle approaching and it was very quickly hovering over the sculptured gardens. The admiral’s shuttlecraft settled delicately down in the clear space behind Goldfur’s den. The engines ceased their low-pitched whine and, moments later, the door opened. Boyce stepped out with his newest child in tow, to my surprise. He had hir on one of the cub-leashes that we use to keep our children from straying. About three months old, Chakat Ember, child of Midnight and Boyce, was full of kittenish energy. Hir chocolate brown fur was mottled with the dark red spots that looked like the little burning coals that gave the cub hir name. Hir head was topped with a mop of the same red hair.

Ember bounded over to me, not really recognising me beyond the fact that I was vaguely familiar. Shi was too young yet to tell apart anyone but hir parents. I hugged and fuzzled hir before shi squirmed away, hir attention caught by something else. My mate grinned at me. “My turn!” he declared, so I gave him the biggest welcoming hug that I could. Gasping for breath, he finally broke the kiss. After panting for a bit, he looked me in the eyes and stroked my cheek. He said, “No wonder I fell for you,” then promptly did so! I looked down to see him sprawled on the ground with a sheepish look on his face. While our attention had been engaged, Ember had walked around both of us, wrapping the leash around our legs unnoticed. The moment that Boyce had shifted his stance, he tripped over it.

“Nice to see you really mean what you say, dear,” I said with a smile as I helped him to his feet and untangled the leash.

Boyce laughed. “Part of the perils of raising cubs, as you well know!”

I nodded, then my curiosity got the better of me. “How come Midnight let you go off alone with Ember?”

“Shi said that I should spend some time with my child while I could, and shi could do with a break besides. Also, shi reckoned that with you, Goldfur and Quickpaw here, shi won’t lack for a feed!”

I was happy to hear this. Since the cub’s birth, Midnight had been a little possessive of hir. I knew that this was going to be the final difficult part of Midnight’s acceptance of the child. Despite coming to terms with hir unexpected pregnancy and taking Boyce formally as hir mate, the actual birth had been the moment of truth. Finally having the cub in hir arms, hir maternal instincts had kicked into overdrive, over-compensating a little for hir initial reluctance. Our family had supported hir and helped guide hir through this new experience, and now shi was finally relaxing enough to let Ember out of hir sight.

Boyce and I strolled into the den. I told him to make himself comfortable while we finished preparing the meal. Ember had the run of the living room, and shi delighted in picking up toys, playing with them for a bit, then bringing them over to hir sire and proudly dropping them at his feet before scampering off after something else. Shi was near the hall entrance when Quickpaw came out of the nursery.

“Ember! What are you doing here?” Quick’s eyes darted around the room, hir nose testing the air. “Does this mean...? Boyce!” Shi leaped over to him and nearly knocked him back into the chair from which he was rising as shi wildly hugged him. “Mmurrrr! How are you, big brother? I’ve missed you!”

Boyce gasped a bit at the strong hug but still smiled and kissed hir. “I’m fine, little sister. And I see that you’re doing well also. Been feeding cubs, I see.”

Quick grinned as shi let the admiral loose and rubbed one exposed nipple. As was usual in the privacy of the den, shi hadn’t bothered putting hir top back on before coming out. Hir nipples were enlarged from constant feeding and hir chest fur could do little to conceal that they were reddened and still moist. “I’ve just fed Stonefur. Shi tends to chew a bit, but I love hir anyway.”

“You’ll be a marvellous mother one of these days, dear,” Boyce said.

Quickpaw looked a little dreamy for a moment before shaking hirself and nuzzling him. “Thanks, Boyce. I mean that!” shi murmured.

“Dinner’s ready!” announced Goldfur, ending the moment.

“I brought an appetite,” declared the admiral.

“Good! We’ve got quite a feast to get through,” Goldfur said. “Lupu! Are the cubs settled?”

Lupu came into the dining-room, nodding an affirmative. “They were both tired and settled down straight away, unlike this one!” Ember was busy getting under Lupu’s paws. Shi picked hir up and brought hir over to the admiral.

“No, bring hir over here, please,” I told hir. “Shi’s probably due for a feed too, and a full belly will make hir drowsy. Since shi’s my mate’s cub, I should be the one to feed hir.”

Sounds good to me,” Boyce agreed as he sat at the table. I took off the tight T-shirt that I had been wearing and gathered Ember into my arms. Sure enough, shi headed straight for the teat and started suckling. “Good! That’s one satisfied. Now how about some food for the rest of us?”

It was a lively dinner, full of good food, good conversation and pleasant companionship. Ember had fallen asleep in my arms, so I laid hir down in the nursery with the others. After the table was cleared, we all settled down about the fireplace to catch up on each other’s news. After a while, Lupu excused herself, pleading tiredness, and went to the nursery to sleep with the cubs. Whether or not she was really tired, I did not know for Goldfur had arranged that we three sisters be left alone for the evening.

After Lupu had left, Goldfur said to Quickpaw, “The rest of the evening is yours to spend as you wish, Quick. It’s your birthday and you get to choose the entertainment.” Shi grinned a little suggestively at our sister.

Quickpaw lit up with eagerness. “I have the perfect idea. Let’s play poker!”

Both Goldfur and I were startled. We hadn’t expected that at all. We’d all but stated that we intended to renew our bonds of love with some very physical interaction. Neither of us believed that shi would misunderstand this offer of sex-play.

Shi noticed our expressions and laughed. “Oh, I’m not talking about ordinary poker. I meant a game of strip poker with some very special rules. I guarantee that you’ll enjoy it!”

Ah! That was more like it. I looked down pointedly at my bare chest. “It’s a bit hard to play a game of strip poker when you’re not wearing anything!”

Quickpaw smirked. “Go put something on, silly! And make it appropriate!”

“Of course!” I trotted off to the guest room to get one of the halter-tops that I kept here for the times that I stayed with my sister. Goldfur was already wearing a very figure-flattering “boob tube” and was ready for the game. Quickpaw had also gone to fetch a top, one that I thought that shi’d bought with just this sort of thing in mind. It was a cunningly designed bikini top that covered all the “naughty bits”, but practically screamed sexuality by what it did and didn’t conceal. I purred in appreciation and made a mental note to find out where shi had bought that.

We’d both grabbed tail ribbons and I brought out an extra for Goldfur, just to keep things even. I noticed that Boyce, aside from having taken off his shoes, was still fully dressed and had a decided advantage over us. “Boyce dear, if you’re going to play too, how about making things a bit fairer and taking off a few things?”

“Oh! Of course, Forest! Happy to oblige!” He took off his jacket, revealing the phaser-proof vest that he often wore underneath.

I frowned. “You found it necessary to wear that to our den?” I asked disapprovingly.

“I’m sorry, love, but I didn’t have time to change before coming over. Besides, my habit of wearing it at all times has already saved my life once. There was a recent incident which involved some dissidents outside Starfleet headquarters protesting the number of morphs and aliens taking jobs from humans, or so they claimed. I was part of a group representing Starfleet who’d been asked to try to defuse the situation. Some ringleaders started stirring up the crowd and someone produced a weapon. Shots were fired and one caught me square on the chest. The vest did its job though and the only casualty was one of my uniforms. I’ll continue to wear a phaser-proof vest in public because of this though.

I nodded reluctantly. “You’re right. I apologise, dear.” I nuzzled him and helped him out of the vest. “Although I’d like to know what’s getting into people lately.”

“It’s okay, Forest,” he said while stroking my cheek. “I won’t let anything ever happen to you.”

“Are you two lovebirds ready to play yet?” Quickpaw said with mock annoyance. “My birthday is going to be over soon at this rate!”

We laughed and gathered about the table. Boyce was down to shirt and trousers, a much more even start. We cut the cards to see who would deal. By coincidence, it was Quickpaw who won. Shi started explaining the rules as shi shuffled the cards, something that shi seemed very adept at doing.

“Okay, listen up! The person with the worst hand has to take off an item of clothing, naturally. However, when it comes down to the last piece, he or shi must make a production of it, and no one plays to deliberately lose, right?” Shi said that last with a big grin. “I know some people like to show off!”

“Who? Me?” I asked innocently.

“Did I name anyone?” Quickpaw tried to keep a straight face, but we both burst out into a giggle. Then shi started dealing the cards. “When you run out of clothes, the next penalty is to kiss the winner as passionately as possible for one whole minute.”

“This is sounding better all the time,” Boyce said with a grin.

“Oh, that’s nothing. The next penalty is to pleasure the winner to orgasm!” Quickpaw said with a smirk. “And the final penalty is to be the willing victim for whatever the winner chooses.”

“Then what are we waiting for?” Goldfur asked. “Let’s get this game started!”

There were plenty of hearty agreements with that and we picked up our cards. We all discarded some cards and got more, for all the good it did me. When we showed our hands, my pair of eights was easily beaten by everyone else.

“Well, this didn’t last long!” I said as I unwound my tail ribbon.

The rounds went fairly evenly and we each lost an item of clothing. When Boyce lost his shirt, I ran my fingers through his thick chest hair and winked. He put his hand over mine and held it for a moment in silent promise.

Then Quickpaw lost for the second time and had to shed that gorgeous top. Shi asked Boyce, the winner of the round, to undo the straps while shi held the top in place. When he seated himself, shi leant forward, letting the straps fall down and slowly revealed hir nipples, then let it drop away completely, flicking it in Goldfur’s direction. Shi leant over the table in the admiral’s direction and said “Ta-da!”

Boyce quickly leant forward and licked a nipple. Quickpaw was startled, then giggled. “I deserved that!”

And indeed, it was mostly for Boyce’s benefit that we were doing this. Although we liked to dress up, we didn’t do it for sexual purposes but just to look good. With the admiral here though, that changed everything. We would all be showing off for our guest, and in my case, for my mate. I suspected that was why Quick had suggested the game.

Another round and Goldfur lost hir top. Shi slowly and sensuously pulled it up and off over hir head, gradually revealing the underside of hir breasts, then slowly exposing the nipples. Shi ended up with hir arms straight up over head, stretching languorously, giving hir breasts some heft. I glanced at Boyce and grinned to myself. Oh yes! We had his attention alright!

A dismal King-high card only saw Boyce strip off his pants before I got my chance to show off. It did leave ample evidence of his interest in the form of rather tented Y-fronts. This time he noticed my gaze and smiled back shamelessly.

I thought that I wasn’t going to lose next round either when I ended up with three of a kind, but it turned out that everyone got lucky and they all had stronger hands than me. That was fine by me as I had been starting to feel over-dressed. I stood up and turned sideways to show off my breasts generous profile. I took a deep breath to exaggerate it still further, then I reached behind me and released the halter’s clasp. The straining material nearly flew off my chest! I cupped my breasts with my hands and turned back to my audience and took a bow and got a round of applause. Then we all burst out laughing at our silly antics as I sat down to continue the game. This was where things would start to get interesting. We three sisters were all dead even and the kiss was the inevitable next step for all of us. The next hand saw me get three Jacks, Quickpaw a pair of Kings, Boyce a pair of Aces and Goldfur four Queens.

Quickpaw smiled happily at Goldfur. “I’m really going to like this!”

“Shut up and come here!” Goldfur demanded. Quickpaw most eagerly went into Goldfur’s arms and, moments later, their muzzles were locked in a passionate kiss. I put my arm around Boyce as we watched the two enjoying themselves. I had seen Quick and Goldie grow closer over the months since Quickpaw’s sexual maturity. I had had the honour of being hir First, but it was our sister to whom shi was most strongly attracted. Shi and Goldfur had completed the bonds of love between us three when they made love only weeks after Quick’s first. Perhaps the empathic bond with Quickpaw wasn’t quite as strong as between Goldfur and myself, but we could both sense hir in our hearts and found satisfaction and comfort in that. Part of the reason that Quickpaw lived with Goldfur was the stronger attraction between them. Hir new cubs were just an added bonus.

“Ahem!” I cleared my throat. “I think your minute kiss was up two minutes ago!”

The two finally stopped kissing. They pulled apart reluctantly, both with big smiles on their faces. Goldfur said innocently, “We couldn’t exactly time ourselves while doing it, could we?”

“Oh, shut up and get back to the game, “ I said with mock impatience. “Some of us want our share of the action.”

Boyce won the next round, with Goldfur the lucky loser. Shi winked at me as shi walked over to the admiral. “Don’t worry! I think I have the hang of this now.”

Boyce gave hir every bit as much as Quickpaw had, and we let it go on for as long, just to be fair of course. As usual, my mate had top pant for breath when the kiss finally ended, but there was a satisfied smile on his face. Damn! That had gotten me feeling really horny!

From winner to loser next hand, Boyce could only show a King high-card out of a busted straight. I started chanting, “Take it off! Take it off!” and my sisters joined in. Boyce shrugged, stood up and posed, his erection clearly showing. He hooked his thumbs into the waist of his briefs and slowly eased them down. His rigid member snagged on them for a moment until he forced the Y-fronts over it. He let them drop to the floor and bowed, his cock virtually saluting us too! We cheered and Quickpaw even put two fingers into hir mouth and gave him a big wolf-whistle. Boyce was a handsome male, and though he wasn’t embarrassed to me naked with us, he was a little flushed from his performance. He took his place for the next round.

I won the next round, and I was delighted that it was Quickpaw who lost. I wanted my turn with my younger sister and this was my chance. “Come here, Quick, and do your duty. The penalty is for you to bring me to orgasm, I believe?”

Shi gave me a wicked grin. “Oh yes! But it doesn’t specify how! I’ve got something special in mind for you! Roll over on your back, please.”

I complied, but propped-up my upper torso with my arms so that I could see what shi was up to. Quick crouched behind my rear legs and grinned at me. “I haven’t had the chance to try this with you before, but I think you’ll like it,” shi said, then lowered hir muzzle to my labia and nuzzled them. Shi didn’t stop there though. Shi shifted forward until shi was over my sheath, then extended hir tongue and gave it a long, sensuous lick. Shi repeated this as I mewed with pleasure and felt my cock responding eagerly. Quickpaw rocked back and forth, licking my sheath faster, hir breasts rubbing against the inside of my thighs, heightening the experience. My male member rapidly swelled out of the sheath and was very soon rigid and quivering in its eagerness to be pleasured. Quick lived up to hir name and was onto it immediately. Shi gave it a long, teasing lick and I groaned in pleasure.

“I’ve wanted to taste you there for a long time, Sis, and this is only the beginning!”

I smiled my encouragement even as I took a peek at Boyce and Goldfur. He had his arm about hir waist while shi was gently scritching him as they watched. His other hand was unconsciously stroking his own rigid cock. Then Quickpaw started again, licking and nibbling, tantalising me until hir tongue encountered the first drops of pre-cum. Shi sniffed it, taking in its scent, then delicately sniffed the tip. I mewed and groaned in joy. Then shi changed tactics. Shi slid forward until hir breasts were level with my male member. With one hand, shi pushed my cock between hir breasts, holding it in place as shi rocked back and forth. My cock slid between the fur of hir deliciously large and firm mammaries. At each thrust, the head of my penis would show and Quickpaw would lick it before it disappeared again. I started losing track of what was happening as my mind was swamped with growing ecstasy. I fingered my breast, wanting to touch hirs, but they were out of reach. The pleasure was starting to peak and I felt the pressure in my loins that signalled the impending climax. The growl in my throat grew until it turned into a yowl of joy as my body was suffused with the pleasure of orgasm. My hips bucked in a futile attempt to drive my cock deeper. I felt Quickpaw’s teeth upon it as it started spurting my seed into hir maw. For a few precious moments, I enjoyed the sensation of my semen surging forth while Quick lapped it up. Then, with a final growl of satisfaction, I was done. I lay there panting a little, focusing on my sister. Hir muzzle was flecked with my cum, but not for long. Shi was licking it clean with swipes of hir long tongue, then shi cleaned off my cock before it went flaccid again prior to retracting within its sheath. When shi was finished, shi looked up and met my gaze.

“So that’s what you taste like, Sis. I like it! You’ve got to give me another sample soon.” Shi gave me a smugly satisfied smile.

“I think that can be arranged,” I replied. Oh yes! I most certainly wanted to try that again! I’d also have to get Midnight to try that on me, and I on hir.

The others gave me a few minutes to recover before the next hand. Goldfur and Boyce enjoyed a little cuddling while Quickpaw gave me a shoulder rub to help the tense muscles that I got from propping myself up during that lovely pleasuring. I sighed contentedly when shi finished. “Okay, I’m ready,” I announced.

Boyce lost, Quickpaw won. My sister practically leaped into his arms to receive the penalty kiss, but this time he was ready for hir and held hir firmly while doing his pleasant duty. I watched them closely this time, looking for any subtle clues. Quick had been less teasing and more eager this time, and the admiral was definitely enjoying himself. Yes, something more dedicated had grown between them.

Quickpaw looked disappointed that shi had to stop. Shi took up the cards to shuffle them and deal the next hand. We all traded in three or four cards. When we showed our hands, it was Quickpaw who had lost with only a high-card Ace.

“Either Quick has no luck, or all the luck,” remarked Boyce.

“I swear I didn’t stack the deck or cheat!” protested Quickpaw.

“Relax, Quick. Nobody’s accusing you of anything,” I reassured hir.

“In fact,” Goldfur said with a smile, “This works out just fine. Now be quiet! Victims should be seen and not heard.”

Quickpaw shut up and watched us with a mixture of apprehension and excitement. The three of us consulted on how to deal with our victim.

“I suggest we do a Chakat Manoeuvre,” Boyce said. “I’ll mount Quick while shi mounts one of you. I’m not sure what the other should do though.”

“I reckon that Goldfur should be the one who’s mounted,” I asserted. “I know that Quick and hir are closer than shi and I. Besides, I have an idea where I can best fit in.”

“Then we’re agreed?” Goldfur asked. We all nodded and turned to our sister with mischievous looks on our faces. “Step up and take your punishment, loser!” Goldfur hammed it up. “Step lively! Our pleasure won’t wait for slowpokes!”

“Yes, Ma’am!” Quickpaw snapped back and trotted over to us. Shi looked intently at Boyce. “This will be our first together, Boyce. I hope I please you.”

“I’m sure you will,” he replied tenderly.

“Am I right in thinking that this will be your first Triform Position mating too?” I asked as I picked up a few cushions in preparation for my part in this coupling.

“Well, sort of,” Quickpaw replied. “Bronzecoat frequently pleasured my male member while shi mounted me and gave me many double orgasms.”

“You’ll find that this isn’t the same as a proper Triform mating,” I assured hir. “The empathic feedback from your partners enormously magnifies the experience. If physical stimulation was all there was to a sexual liaison, we’d all settle for masturbation. You felt the bond that formed between us when we mated? Well, when there are two partners, the feeling is not merely doubled. It is far stronger than that, which is why it leaves us so exhausted. It’s also why we tell newly matured chakats to get some experience before trying it. We think that you’re ready. Do you?”

“Yes! I’m sure I am! I just haven’t found the right people or the right moment to do it before this,” Quickpaw replied excitedly.

I’d piled the cushions in a corner while we were talking and laid upon them, rolling over on my back and bending forward so that I was sort-of rolled up with my upper torso bent over my lower. This would have been uncomfortable and a bit of a strain except that I was using the cushions to prop myself up, supporting me in that position. “I’m ready for you now, Goldie.”

“Coming, Love!” shi replied. Shi bent over to lick-kiss me on the cheek first. Then shi turned around so that hir hindquarters were close to my hand. Shi already had an erection from the excitement of anticipation. I reached under hir to slowly stroke hir cock with an extended claw. I felt a shudder of pleasure from hir and hir penis immediately responded by hardening to its fullest. Shi was now completely ready and shifted to straddle me. Expertly shi found my femsex and, with a long, steady thrust, shi was soon deep within me. I purred in happiness to have hir one with me again. In this position, Goldfur’s breasts were directly in front of me and I licked one of the nipples that were peeking from the fur.

“Ooh, lovely!” purred Goldfur, then dreamily looked towards Quickpaw. Your turn to get into position, Sis.”

Quickpaw stepped up, and it was quite obvious that shi was as excited as possible. Hir cock didn’t even need the slightest encouragement as it was already fully engorged and ready. However, as shi was about to mount Goldfur, shi looked back at Boyce and hesitated. After a moment shi said, “No. I don’t want this.”

Very much surprised, all of us stared at Quickpaw. I blurted out, “But why not?”

“I don’t want to have Boyce just mount me like this,” shi said determinedly.

Boyce looked hurt. “Have I done anything to offend you, Quick? I thought you wanted this?”

Quickpaw walked up to him and took his hands. “No, you haven’t offended me, big brother. Far from it in fact, but I want something more.” Shi took a deep, calming breath, glanced at me for a moment, then looked at him in the eyes. “Admiral Boyce, I’m formally asking, will you be my new Companion?”

There was a start of surprise from him, and Goldfur and I looked at each other and grinned. We had guessed that something like this might happen. Quickpaw had chosen hir moment well. After a few seconds that seemed like an eternity, the admiral finally replied, “I’d be honoured and delighted to be your Companion, sweet Quickpaw.”

Quickpaw gave a cry of joy and hugged him fiercely, something he manfully endured despite nearly having the breath squeezed out of him. “You’ve made me so happy, Boyce!”

“I’m so... pleased to... hear that,” he gasped out.

Quickpaw realised what shi was doing and released hir grip. “Sorry, big brother,” shi said.

“No, not big brother any more. You’re my mate now, dear one,” Boyce pointed out. “My little sister has grown up into an adorable adult.”

“Yes! You’re my mate! I love the sound of that!” Shi nuzzled and lick-kissed him passionately.

When shi was done, Boyce continued, “I’ve watched you grow up from a gangling adolescent into a mature and desirable adult. I’ve felt an attraction for you for a long time, and I’ve enjoyed our times together. I’m going to truly enjoy celebrating our union tonight, Quick.”

“Speaking of which,” I spoke up, “You’ve left us waiting here for you long enough, don’t you think?” I smiled at the two of them and they grinned a little sheepishly back after almost forgetting about us. Not that Goldfur or I minded too much. While they were making their commitment, we had been quietly nuzzling and touching, enjoying our oneness. It was hard to be anything but happy when we were joined together. Still, this was to be Quickpaw’s special night and shi was about to get the biggest thrill of hir life.

“Coming!” Quickpaw said.

“Not yet you’re not, but soon!” Goldfur promised.

“Oh you silly!” Quickpaw nuzzled hir affectionately. “I love you, Sis. You too, Forest.” Shi gave me a quick lick-kiss, then took hir place behind Goldfur who lifted hir tail aside in invitation. Quick crouched low and sniffed hir femsex, then extended hir tongue to lick the folds of the labia and taste the juices there. I felt a shudder of pleasure from Goldfur, a feeling that was transmitted to me as Quickpaw continued hir licking, pushing hir tongue in further and stimulating the flow of lubricant. Then shi got up, licking hir lips.

“Delicious as always, Goldie. I think you’re really ready for me now!”

“Good and ready, Quick. Mount me now!”

Quickpaw nodded happily, straddled our conjoined bodies and found Goldfur’s femsex with hir cock this time. With a practiced thrust, shi buried it deep within Goldfur’s vagina and both made mews of pleasure. Quickpaw stroked hir a couple of times while settling in, then turned around to Boyce. “I’m ready for you now, my Companion!”

“About time!” grinned Boyce. “Do you know what it’s been like standing around with a hard-on while you three have gotten settled in?” He knelt beside Quickpaw, kissing hir and fondling hir breasts. Then, with gentle loving hands, stroked and petted hir down the length of hir body until he reached hir tail. Shi lifted it as his hand went underneath to find hir moist nether lips. A finger pushed between the folds, filling Quickpaw with excitement. Shi purred happily as he built up the lubricant as shi had done with Goldfur. Then he got up to kneel behind Quick. With one hand, he guided his rigid member into hir warm depths and both groaned in pleasure. He settled comfortably on Quickpaw’s back after thrusting a few times. The four of us were finally joined as one!

A four-person coupling was hardly a new concept, but every time you add another person to the coupling, you increase the difficulty of coordinating the effort. However, it didn’t take too long for us to find our rhythm. Boyce and Goldfur would thrust as Quickpaw withdrew, then they’d draw back as Quickpaw would stroke forward. As I was propped up, I couldn’t move much, so I leant back with my eyes closed, simply enjoying the experience. My hands fondled Goldfur’s lovely firm breasts, my fingers teasing the nipples until they leaked milk all over them, making them slippery. Occasionally I’d put my muzzle to one and taste hir sweet milk. My tail was free to move also and was perfectly positioned to wrap around Quick’s torso. My tail-tip fluttered over hir tits, making hir giggle and playfully snap at the teasing limb, but shi never faltered in hir rhythm. Hir own tail was intimately entwined about Goldfur’s and I could feel us all so perfectly blending together. Apart from various noises of pleasure, no words were passed between us. As a nearly perfect unit, we both gave pleasure and savoured that which was given us. The empathic link that I had talked about with Quickpaw had now formed between the four of us, and the pleasure of one was indeed the pleasure of all. We kept it at a steady level for a while, then slowly turned up the heat. It was Quickpaw’s inexperience with dealing with this multi-level love-making that caused hir to lose control first as the sensations grew into ecstasy. Hir thrusts started to become stronger, wilder; hir growls growing louder. Both Boyce and Goldfur adjusted to hir level and I allowed mine to go higher also.

The moment was at hand. Through the link, we could sense that Quick was about to come to orgasm and we threw ourselves into the strongest stimulation that we could in order to bring ourselves to climax simultaneously. Almost at the same moment, we came! The air was filled with the yowls of three deliriously ecstatic chakats and even the admiral roared his joy as he pounded into Quickpaw’s vagina, jetting his seed, spurt after spurt. It was a moment that lasted for ages, yet ended all too soon, and then there were four panting lovers collapsing against their partners. In unspoken agreement, all of us just laid there savouring the afterglow. Finally though, I said, “Boyce, honey, I think you’d better get off Quick now so that shi can release Goldfur and me.”

“Okay, although I thought I’d wait until shi asked me to move though.”

“Admiral, dear, Quickpaw’s just had hir first true experience of a Triform mating. If shi’s anything like Goldfur and I were, hir brain is pretty much fried right now from dealing with the dual orgasms. Help ease hir off Goldie...”

“No!” interjected a tired-sounding Goldfur who’d had hir own double orgasm and was pretty much exhausted too. “Just help me roll over with hir still in me.”

They did this and the two remained most intimately joined. Goldfur slid out of me as shi rolled to one side, hir penis still quite hard. One of the side-effects from the dual orgasm of a Tri-form Mating was a sustained erection. The two would remain linked for quite a long time yet as Quick’s cock would be in exactly the same condition.. Good thing we normally slept off the effects of the coupling. Walking around with a raging erection would have been somewhat uncomfortable and possibly embarrassing, depending on the circumstances.

Quickpaw made an attempt to pull hirself together. Shi smiled weakly at us. “Thank you... sisters... Boyce... That was... awesome,” shi said softly, nearly whispering.

“Happy birthday, Quickpaw. We hope you liked your present!” I replied with a grin.

Quick managed a small giggle. “Oh yes... I think... you can say... I did.”

“Cuddle up to me,” instructed Goldfur. “We’re going to spend the rest of the night together, with you inside me for as long as it lasts.”

“Mmrrr! Sounds good... to me!” Quickpaw snuggled closer, making sure that their physical link remained intimately joined. Then, with one arm and one paw draped over hir sister, shi succumbed to hir need to sleep off the most intense experience of hir life.

Goldfur winked at us. “Thanks, both of you. I think that Quickpaw will be back to hir usual bright self in the morning.” Shi suddenly yawned hugely, baring all hir fangs. “And now, you must excuse me as I’m pretty wiped-out also. Have fun, you two!” Goldfur laid hir head down and was almost immediately asleep.

Boyce looked at me. “I suppose this means that the poker game is over?” he asked with a grin.

“Ha! I’d say so, but what a game! Four winners and no losers! It really worked out for the best, and now we two can have the rest of the evening to ourselves.” I put my head upon his shoulder and my arm around his waist and purred.

“Mmmm. Sounds perfect to me. Oh! There’s something that I have to tell you. It’s a message that Midnight told me to give to you when going to bed. Shi said to say, “It’s time!”. Should I guess what that’s supposed to mean?”

“No,” I said excitedly. “Midnight told me that shi would let me know when shi was ready to take on the role of mother unsupported. As of this moment, we are free to pursue our own goals again. Boyce! It means that it’s time for us to try for that cub that we both want so badly!”

Boyce swept me into his arms and kissed me passionately. When he finally finished, he said, “I’ve been dying for this day to come! This is so great! Can we do it tonight?”

I laughed merrily. “I won’t be in heat for another two days, or else I couldn’t have joined in the last sex-play as I did. But there’s nothing to stop us from getting in practice for the event!”

“I’m all for plenty of practice. Shall we?” He indicated the direction of the guest room where we regularly stayed.

“I’ll just check the cubs first.” I quietly opened the door to the nursery and found Lupu surrounded by the cubs, all snuggled close together, fast asleep. I smiled and closed the door again. “They’ll be fine for a while. If they wake up later and want a mid-night feed, I’ll have to attend to them because Lupu won’t be able to cope on hir own, and neither Goldfur nor Quickpaw will be in any condition to help for several hours yet.”

“Of course, but in the meantime, the evening is ours.” Boyce gently but firmly led me away to the bedroom. We made love for hours, exchanging promises of care and devotion for the child that our love would soon be responsible for conceiving. In my heart, I offered up a prayer of thanks to the elder race whose meddling would enable us to fulfil our dreams, then I turned my attention back to Boyce. This may have been Quickpaw’s day, but it was our night!


To be continued in The Admiral & The Chakat #8: Becoming As One

Story © 1999 Bernard Doove.
Admiral Kline is the creation of Boyce Garald Kline Jnr. and is used with his permission.
Lupu is the creation of her Player and is used with permission.
Illustration of Lupu is by Mayra Boyle and copyright © 1999 to her!

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