The Admiral and the Chakat 4:    Good Clean Fun
By Bernard Doove with Boyce Garald Kline Jr.

The two chakat sisters were settling in for a quiet evening by themselves when the comm signalled an incoming call. Forestwalker padded over to answer it and hir face lit up with joy upon recognising the face of their favourite admiral.

"Boyce! We weren't expecting you back so soon. How far away are you and when will you be over?"

"I'm closer than you think and I was hoping to come around soon."

"That's great news. Goldfur and I are here by ourselves tonight and the place seems a little empty."

"I've missed cuddling with you and your sister. Thoughts of our previous times together have kept me warm through some cold nights."

"So you're saying that a couple of chakats are enough to keep you cosy? No blankets even? Goldfur and I demand empirical evidence. Come over to our testing facilities soon. I'll lay out a couple of extra pillows."

"YES! I'm on the way! There's no way that I'm going to pass up an opportunity to do some 'testing' with two people I love so much. And, of course, being the horny male human that I unashamedly am, I'm not going to pass up the opportunity to cuddle up close to your two gorgeous pregnant bodies either!"

"My! Such an eager researcher. Tonight it is very cold; perfect weather for testing!"

Boyce grinned. "All the more excuse to cuddle you close. Turn on the welcome light; I'll be there before you know it."

Forest disconnected and padded off to the front door to turn on the porch lamp. Shi had barely made hirself comfortable on the lounge room rug and informed Goldfur as to Boyce's plans when the doorbell rang and shi had to get up again to answer it.

"Good evening girls. Ready for some testing?" Admiral Boyce Kline stood there smiling in pleasure at the surprise he had given them. Forest said to Goldfur, "Sister, I think Boyce has discovered something faster than warp speed!"

"Ship to door beaming. Admiral's privilege," Boyce explained.

"Come in Boyce; it's your home too!" Some prolonged welcoming cuddles ensued. The room was reverberating with happy purring as the sisters greeted their dear friend after a long absence in space.

Goldfur prepared some refreshments as Boyce brought them up to date with his latest exploits; then it was the sisters turn, telling him mostly about the progress of their cubs. Many hours were spent chatting and just enjoying being with each other. The time came however when the sisters would normally start getting ready for bed.

"Ready to get down to that testing now, Boyce?" Goldfur asked.

"Just about. I'll join you both after I take out my contacts and shower."

"You mean in our really big, 2-chakat sized shower stall?" asked Forest with a wicked grin only matched by hir sister's.

"Oh now, this should be fun!" Boyce was clearly excited by the possibilities that this evoked." Just remember the restrictions I have to observe, Forest dear. And (ahem) if things become too warm, all three of us can always go to those holosuites. I failed to mention this, but I own a 5% interest in the facility! I after all helped design it! Smart business decision, really. It's a growing market and the facility has been generating a tidy profit."

"Don't worry, Boyce. This will be just clean fun. It's always good to have an extra pair of hands to shampoo the hard-to-reach fur. Believe me, we'll both look forward to going out with you to the holosuite some day soon. Tonight we are just looking forward to snuggling with you in bed. You've got a point to prove, remember?"

"One of the perks being, my dears," he said while giving them a quick kiss on their foreheads, "Is that I get to use the facilities anytime I want and at a very reduced rate! I even have free time each month!"

"Now that's a great business to be in. I'd say that the perks are unbeatable!" Goldfur remarked.

"Okay, time to remove those contacts and have that shower!" Boyce said as he walked into the bathroom.

"And we'll help you to remove anything else. Wheee!" Forest laughed.

The admiral went to the bathroom sink, washed his hands, then one by one removed each of his contacts, cleaning each and rinsing them thoroughly before putting them into the hydrogen peroxide solution for the night. Being very short-sighted and needing to see, he pulled out a pair of rather thick looking glasses from a pocket. He then started undressing, beginning with his shirt. Forest practically tore it off his back when Boyce finished unfastening it. He undid his trouser belt, then his breath whoofed out as Forest grabbed him around the waist to let Goldfur grasp the leggings and pull them off with only a bit of resistance. The undershorts proved to be a bit more of a challenge as they seemed to be strongly snagged. Efforts to untangle them only made the guilty member more obstinate, but it was no match for two determined dishabillers.

Goldfur then said, "Fair's fair. You can help us now. This halter has the fastener at the back. Think you can manage?" shi grinned.

"Don't worry, sister" Forest spoke up, "I'm familiar with that clasp." With a private wink, shi then made as if to help Goldfur.

"No, no!" exclaimed Boyce, "I can manage!" He eagerly started to work on the fastener which really wasn't all that hard. The sisters were nearly bubbling over with mirth at his enthusiasm. Goldfur slipped hir arms from the halter straps and then, angling hir body strategically towards Boyce, let it fall away from hir breasts, rewarding him with the sight of hir already stimulated nipples.

Forest let him appreciate them for a while, then tapped him on the shoulder and said, "It's remarkable how hard it is to remove my vest. Perhaps you can help me with that too?"

"Your wish is my command, my love!" His hands went to work on the buttons, casually and sensually stroking her breasts at the same time. Forest gasped with the thrill it sent through hir, putting added strain on the material, resulting in making it harder to undo the buttons and making his efforts more noticeable in a positive feedback loop. As the last button came undone, the vest virtually leaped off hir breasts, spectacularly revealing themselves to Boyce.

Both parties were panting a bit. Goldfur spoke up, a smile in hir voice, asking; "Oooh, I wonder if this should be a hot or a cold shower?"

All three laughed at this, hir statement made all the funnier by the fact that it was very close to being the truth.

Boyce spoke up first. "Well, I don't know about you two, but I always like hot showers. It really helps to relax the muscles and just feels good after a long day. Besides, how long do you think we could stand to be in a cold shower?"

Forest replied, "We can stand it far longer, but we much prefer a warm shower. Perhaps not as hot as some humans like it, but I think it will be more pleasant for a shower mate this way."

Not knowing what temperature is comfortable for them, Boyce allowed Goldfur to adjust the water. Once the water was up to temperature, he and the two chakats stepped into the shower.

"Oooh, that feels good!" Boyce says with a sigh. He allowed the water to sluice over him for a minute to thoroughly wet down his hair and his body, his eyes closed in pleasure as the shower played over his body and his still aroused manhood.

Opening his eyes, he took a look at his two shower companions and couldn't help but giggle a little. With the wet fur of their lower torsos plastered to their bodies, he couldn't help but notice how much this made them look like soaking wet house cats! He also couldn't help but stare appreciatively at how the wetted down fur made their pregnant bellies that much more obvious. Or, for that matter, their milk-filled breasts. "Stop it!" he said to himself. "You're supposed to be taking a shower, not make yourself even more hot and bothered than you already are!"

Goldfur looked to hir sister and said, "The water doesn't seem to be relaxing him at all, does it?" A smirk played on hir lips as shi glanced in Boyce's direction.

"I think we'll have to try to distract him, or at least put him to work," Forest replied. "Wasn't there something said about a backscrub?"

Tearing his eyes away with a smile, he reached for the hair and fur shampoo. "Okay, who wants to be washed first?"

A sodden tail slapped moistly around his waist and pulled him towards Goldfur. "I think that it's my turn to go first, eh?"

"Fair enough," Boyce conceded, then squirted a generous amount of shampoo onto hir back fur. Massaging it into the fur, he worked his way down the length of hir lower torso, finally reaching the base of hir tail where he doubled his efforts. Goldfur arched hir back as a thrill of pleasure swept through hir. Boyce continued to knead that point and shi kept trying to exert more upward pressure to increase the sensation. Finally he stopped, saying, "Any more and I'll wear a hole in your fur coat, I think."

"Perhaps you are right," shi replied, panting slightly. I'll rinse off now while you attend to your other client.

"It's about time," grumbled Forest in mock annoyance. "The service here is rather slow, don't you think?"

"A thousand apologies, milady. I will endeavour to make up for it, post haste!" Boyce made to repeat his efforts with Goldfur, only to be stopped by Forest.

"I have different needs to my sister. Can't you tell where I most want your talented hands?" Forest smiled in encouragement, a hint of lust in hir eyes.

Boyce knew exactly what shi intended. His first thought was, "This is supposed to relax me?!"

He thought at first to tease hir, pretending to forget where shi most wished him to touch hir and washing every other part of hir body. But he realised that this would just build the tension in hir even further until shi growled in frustration and made him wash where shi wanted him to. Taking the shampoo, he squirted a generous amount over the top of her gorgeous breasts. He watched a moment as the shampoo flowed over the beautiful curves then reached up and began to work the shampoo into a lather. He smiled as he watched Forest's eyes close in pleasure, a small gasp and sigh of pleasure escaping hir lips before turning into a pleasure filled purr. He worked his hands over hir milk-filled breasts, occasionally teasing hir nipples, until he was sure they were thoroughly clean. Squirting some more shampoo on hir head, he washed hir hair, paying special attention to washing for a while behind hir ears. He worked his way down hir upper torso, then worked on hir lower torso, making sure hir legs, back and big baby filled belly were thoroughly washed. Finishing at last at hir tail, he gave hir a light kiss on hir rump and said "Okay, you can go rinse now."

Forest said, "That was one of the best and most pleasant shampoo jobs I have ever had. Thank you Boyce." Shi pulled him close to give him a long kiss; the shampoo lathering hir fur soaking into the hair on his chest. Shi pulled away a bit and then, upon seeing the condition of his own pelt, started massaging the foam into a lather. Shi grabbed the shampoo bottle and added a bit more and worked hir hands down his torso. Shi kept right on going upon reaching his crotch, thoroughly washing the pubic hair, the scrotum and then finally his erect penis.

"Personal hygiene is so important, don't you think, Goldfur?" Shi continued stroking his manhood which must surely have been thoroughly clean by now. Hir sister had come over to join hir and started some delicate ministrations of hir own. He had felt hir washing his back, but now, shi had stepped up close to sensuously stroke the hair on his arms. So close in fact that hir breasts were constantly brushing against his back. Hir erect nipples could be clearly felt making tracks along his skin.

"Of course, Forest," shi answered hir sister. He heard hir purrs growing in intensity. His sensitive skin was being overwhelmed by the sensation of their tender but persistent touch. He felt the pressure growing within him and felt Forest respond with more urgency in hir stroking. Goldfur pressed hard up against his back and put hir hands on the cheeks of his backside and squeezed.

"Aaaahh, ohhhh," he groaned in ecstasy as he came with great force, his hips bucking reflexively. The sisters held him in a tender hug until he was spent, then they stepped back from him with smiles upon their muzzles.

Forest said, "Now I will rinse off," hir eyes pointing out his cum sticking to hir fur. Shi stepped in front of one of the strong jets of water and thoroughly rinsed all traces of both semen and shampoo from hir pelt, while saying, "So how do you like a chakat's method of taking a shower, Boyce?"

"Oh, I love it! Thank you both for making it such an enjoyable and unique experience!" He hugged them both close then, feeling their purrs reverberate through him, careful to keep the sticky parts of himself away from them.

"Now we've got to rinse again!" Goldfur groused good-naturedly. They laughed, rinsing off together before Forest turned off the water and activated the air jets. Blasts of warm air played over them, drying their fur, hair and skin.

Once dry, they stepped out of the shower stall. Boyce was feeling very content and very relaxed. He was very grateful that his friends had helped him with his "problem". He didn't know how he would have been able to sleep, cuddled up next to both of them, otherwise. Pleasantly relaxed and thoroughly clean, he was now ready for bed.

Forest led the way to the communal sleeping den. Shi started explaining as they padded down the hall; "Chakat showers are almost always big enough for at least two. It is one of our favourite ways of relaxing and dealing with stress. Being such a sensually orientated species, we find many reasons to have a session of 'Good Clean Fun'. There are times where the release achieved there is essential. For you, we realised that you would be 'under pressure', shall we say. Now we can curl up and sleep without a problem."

"There are other circumstances too. There are others who are committed to mates, but the most common occurrences are when someone is on heat and wants relief, or when there are just family members here." Shi paused to grab a few big pillows and threw one to Boyce. "Remember back a few weeks ago when Goldfur and I were posing for the 'Learning How To Make Love' piece for Bernard? The erotic nature of the pose had us all hot and bothered and we had to have a session of G.C.F. to work it out. This way, everybody comes out happy."

Boyce smiled, thankful for the foresight and thoughtfulness of his two dear friends. They had foreseen his 'problem' and had come up with the perfect way of dealing with it. "Thank you," he said. "Thank you both." They smiled and he stepped forward to embrace them both in a hug.

Forest made hirself comfortable on the huge mattress that nearly filled the room. Goldfur settled beside hir and then patted a spot between them, saying, "It's time to test that warmth-sharing theory. Grab a sheet if you wish and make yourself comfortable."

He grabbed a sheet from a nearby shelf, then started to explain his theory. "You see, the person without the fur snuggles up with the person or persons with fur to keep warm, thus eliminating the need for a blanket!" He got in between his two dear friends and shook out the sheet over them. "Okay, I'm ready!"

"Lights dim!" Forest commanded the house computer.

The night was a bit chilly, as Forest had said it would be, and right after shi ordered the lights dim Boyce noticed he wasn't all that warm. In fact, now that the heat of the shower was wearing off, he was starting to feel downright cool! Well, there was one way to take care of that! Scooting over to Forest, he snuggled his body close to hirs, pressing his body close against hir warm lower torso. He felt one of hir cubs move within hir as he snuggled his stomach up against the gravid curve of hir swollen belly and he smiled at the sensation of this new life growing within hir. His smile broadened as he felt Goldfur snuggle up against his back, helping hir sister to keep him warm. Hir own cub filled belly was pressed up against his lower back and he could feel hir cub move too. He sighed as the warmth of their bodies flowed into him and he felt his whole body relax. Pressed close between them, he felt warm and secure and loved. "This must be what it feels like to be a chakat cub," he thought.

Forest thought that this was the perfect way to go sleep. With hir dear sister helping to keep warm their beloved friend, shi could revel in their closeness. Shi laughed to hirself as the thought of how hir cubs, once born, would probably pounce on him at odd times, making for a rather disturbed night; but for now, only their restless stirring within hir belly were evident. As shi drifted into slumber, a final stray thought crossed hir mind; "Hmmm, I think we'll have to get Boyce to make breakfast. He's got to pay for room & board somehow!"

They went rapidly asleep, happy and secure within each other's embrace and even slumber couldn't wipe the expression of contentment off the faces of the three lovers.


To be continued in The Admiral & The Chakat #5: The Glade Revisited

Characters and story copyright © 1997 Bernard Doove & Boyce Garald Kline Jnr.

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