The Admiral and the Chakat 3:    Ceremony
By Bernard Doove

"Over here, Goldfur," I called to the golden form that I spotted amongst the crowd disembarking from the shuttle. Goldfur and the accompanying foxtaur immediately detoured in my direction, instantly picking out my voice over the excited babble of re-uniting families.

Goldfur bounded up to give me an enthusiastic hug and a quick lick to my muzzle. "It's great to be back, little sister!"

I gently swatted hir for that. Shi grinned and then commented, "I'm really going to have to find a new way to tease you. Looking at how big you have grown while I've been away, I might have to call you big sister soon." Shi ran a sensitive hand down my flank, just in time to feel one of the cubs give a kick. "Oh! They're lively ones! Have you told Boyce yet?"

"I told him straight after my check-up. I was getting so big so quickly, he was getting suspicious, and I wanted to break it to him first.

"That's okay. I'm looking forward to introducing my cub to him, too."

"Speaking of introductions, are you just going to hang back there, Garrek," I queried.

Garrek grinned and stepped forward. He was still a shy person, but the greeting hug that he gave was warm and enthusiastic. He had gotten comfortable with his new family and had obviously missed us too.

"Welcome home, Red," I said and gave him a quick kiss. Before he could get embarrassed about me doing this in the middle of a crowded spaceport, I started dragging him along with me in the direction of the luggage claim area. "C'mon Goldfur, there's lots to do before we turn in for the night. It's going to be a big day tomorrow!"

The trip back to the house was filled with the little details of Goldfur's latest assignment, the type that you don't bother wasting valuable sub-space communication's time on. Upon arriving home, we got them settled into their quarters and then laid down on the rugs in front of the open fire with hot drinks. We might not feel the cold of the late autumn evenings, but the real fire always cheered the place up. We usually had it going as a courtesy to our less fortunate friends and family who weren't as well-adapted to the cooler temperatures.

Plans were discussed as to when to prepare the family meal and all the minute details involved in an important occasion were dealt with. Then we made our way to bed, expecting to have to get up fairly early tomorrow morning to get things going. I shared a communal bed with Goldfur and hir mate that night, enjoying their closeness once more. No sex was wanted or needed, we just felt so good just to be together again.

The day started off with one of those widespread ground fogs that soon burned away when the sun rose, providing us with a perfect day. We all ate a hearty breakfast (a 'taur needs lots of fuel!) and got stuck into our pre-arranged assignments. We soon had the midday meal of an old-fashioned roast prepared. Then, right at the appointed time, the doorbell chimed.

I'll get it!" I yelled, and bounded for the door. I flung open the door to see Boyce standing there all dressed up in his formal admiral's uniform. "Well, don't just stand there grinning," I said, "Come on inside. I'd love to give you a big hug, but I'd leave fur all over that immaculate clothing of yours."

"Don't worry, it's special lint repelling material; your fur won't stick to it. I want that hug!" he demanded.

I needed no further encouragement and embraced him enthusiastically. I had to wonder if the material was equally crush-resistant. I broke the hug to give him a kiss, but then I controlled myself and said, "Goldfur will be waiting to see you, and we'll introduce you to Garrek now. He won't be participating in this ceremony as that is a private thing between you and us." I led him out to where the others were waiting.

Goldfur immediately padded over to him and planted a kiss on his cheek. "It's so nice to see you again, I'm really looking forward to the ceremony later." Shi turned and beckoned Red over to hir side. "Boyce, I'm pleased to introduce my love-mate Garrek Redfox of the Mountain Glade Taur clan. Garrek, this is my dear friend Admiral Boyce Garald Kline Jr. of Star Fleet."

"It's a pleasure to meet you, sir," Garrek started saying, holding out his hand for a polite handshake.

Boyce wasn't going to stand on stiff formality in these circumstances though. He took his hand, shook it enthusiastically and clapped him on the shoulder, saying, "This is a gathering of family, Garrek. I'm not your superior officer today. Congratulations on winning the heart of Goldfur and even more for the cub you have sired."

Garrek stood there a little dazed for a moment, then his muzzle split in a grin. "Then please just call me Red."

Goldfur nodded hir head in approval. This was a good start. Shi had wondered what would happen when the two men in hir life came together. Shi stepped between them, put an arm around both and led them off in the direction of the living room.

In the meantime, I had started preparing drinks for all. I'd let Goldfur catch up with events with Boyce and allow he and Garrek to get a little better acquainted.

The morning passed quickly in this fashion, we 'taurs comfortably sprawled on the thick rugs while Boyce was seated in a exceedingly comfortable (or so we are told) chair parked directly next to me. His right hand was constantly stroking my life-swollen lower torso. Sometimes it was a bit hard to concentrate on the conversation whilst his loving hand caressed me. I felt like leaning back and purring.

We heard the sound of a ground vehicle pulling up in front of the house. "It sounds like the rest of the family has arrived," I observed.

We all got to our feet and made our way to the entry. I opened it just as two mature chakats and one adolescent got there. Goldfur and I ran out onto the porch to hug and greet our parents. They were grinning at the enthusiasm we put into it.

"Enough, child!" my mother said with a smile, we have other people to meet too." My sire and Goldfur also contained themselves at this command. My mother was the dominant (but not domineering) partner in the relationship. Shi was likely to be a clan leader when the time came for the present one to step down.

"Of course," I concurred. "Boyce, may I introduce my mother, Chakat Desertsand, and my sire, Chakat Longstripe. Mother, Sire, I'd like to present the mate of my heart, Admiral Boyce Garald Kline Jr."

"Hello Desertsand," he said, reaching out to shake hir hand with a smile. "Hello Longstripe," he said again, shaking the other chakat's hand. "I'm pleased to finally meet the parents of two such wonderful people as Goldfur and Forestwalker." Then he grinned. "Oh, that's no way to have a greeting. Let me give each of you a hug!"

Desertsand smiled broadly. "Now that's more like a chakat greeting!" shi told him. "There's no need for stiff formality, Boyce. We're not here to judge you; we're here to get to know you. Our daughter Forestwalker has already done as much as vouch for you by inviting you into the family." Shi hugged Boyce quite willingly, then gave up hir place to Longstripe, who in turn gave him an enthusiastic cuddle.

When they finished hugging, Longstripe said, "He hugs almost as good as you Sandy," while putting an affectionate arm around hir mate's waist. "I noticed," shi replied. "The ceremony looks like it's going to be fun."

I was pleased with this introduction to my parents. Even though I knew that there wasn't any need to be, I had been nervous, hoping that he would make a good impression. Of course, there was one other person who had to be introduced. "Boyce, this is my younger sister, Quickpaw."

Quickpaw bounded up and gave him a quick hug and a cheeky lick on the nose. Shi grinned and said, "Nice to meet you, Boyce. I'm really looking forward to the ceremony, you know. It'll be my first one."

"Oh, yes, I believe that you have only recently qualified to take part. Forest has told me the hows and whys of the ceremony, so you are now officially a young lady. I suppose that you didn't expect a human to be part of your first ritual?"

"No, but that only makes it more interesting," shi replied unfazed.

"Come into the living room," I said. "We can start exchanging a few stories about ourselves and we can have some light refreshments before the midday meal.

As the conversation flowed, I was surprised by the depth of interest that my parents had in Boyce's work. For two stay-at-homes, they were remarkably well-informed about Star Fleet activities. I suppose that you never can really know everything about your parents until something such as this occurs. Perhaps Goldfur knew a bit more about this side of them considering how much time shi spent working in conjunction with Star Fleet personnel.

The time passed very quickly, then the meal was ready. We all trooped into the kitchen to grab some item of food and brought it to the table. We had gone with the old-fashioned, and expensive, real beef roast. No meat-substitute could ever match the taste of the real thing, and this was a special occasion. There were lashings of roast potatoes, pumpkin, carrots and beans, much of which were grown in our own back yard.

Despite the large amounts of food consumed, the conversation never faltered. Boyce was chatting with my parents as if they were old friends. He had previously brought pictures of his mates and children and my parents oohed and aahed over them as if they were their own cubs. That had been the best touch. We chakats value family above all else and it was clear to them that Boyce was devoted to his own family. Now that he was entering ours, we wanted that same commitment. I had virtually shoved this upon him, yet my instincts had been right. Boyce was going to be a marvellous addition to our family.

Although we had large portions, for chakats that was just a nice amount to satisfy us and not leave us feeling stuffed. We didn't want anything to spoil the ceremony afterwards. After-dinner conversation started to taper off as anticipation started to affect us. Desertsand declared, "It is time. Would everyone please make your way to the living room? Garrek, dear, you don't have a part in this ceremony, but you may stay and observe if you like, or leave if you prefer.

Red replied, "I know how my mate feels about this, and I'd prefer to stay. That is unless the admiral feels uncomfortable about my presence." He looked to Boyce for confirmation.

"No, please feel free to stay. You're a part of this family too, after all." Garrek smiled in gratitude and then moved to the corner of the room where he was out of the way but could see everything happening.

They gathered in a semi-circle with the rug in front of the fire our focus. I sat on my haunches on the rug and faced the rest. Darned if I didn't feel nervous. I looked towards Boyce and said, "As you know, we chakats don't stand on stuffy ceremonies, but we do have some heart-felt rituals. Today we welcome you into our family. This ceremony has a form, but no set wording, so please respond as you see fit."

Then I addressed the family as a whole. "When a cub is born into our family, we experience the joy of nurturing hir, watching hir grow and learn and sharing hir life with ours. Nothing else better symbolises this care and nurturing than the drinking of our life-giving milk, a task that is shared amongst all those who are old enough to lactate. When we adopt someone into the family, what is more symbolic of becoming one of our own than to share our milk with that person." I turned my attention to Boyce again. "As the one who has brought you to the family, it is my place to be the first to ask you formally." I paused briefly to unfasten my halter and exposed my full breasts. "Will you drink of me?"

"Forestwalker, mate of my heart, my beloved, my heart fair bursts with joy at the love and happiness I feel at being asked to join this family." Tears of happiness sparkled in his eyes as he smiled and continued, "Yes, Forestwalker, I will drink of you."

Slowly he knelt before me, his eyes seeming to drink in my every aspect. He wrapped his arms around me, staring into my eyes, communicating his love without words, and then he lowered his sights to my breasts where he could see my aroused nipples poking through the fur. Gently pulling me close, he dropped his mouth to my left breast. My arms held him close to me in a maternal embrace as he drew my nipple into his mouth. Drawing more of my breast into his mouth, he pressed the engorged nipple against the roof of his mouth, then moaned quietly in pleasure as he felt the first flowing of nourishing, life-giving milk flow into his mouth. I purred in pleasure as he drank slowly, savouring each mouthful.

He was drinking steadily from me, so I had to nudge him to the other breast, while whispering, "Don't fill yourself up before you have tasted of everyone, my love." His eyes gave assent, and he reluctantly refrained from drinking more than a few mouthfuls from my right breast. I was disappointed to have to restrain him like this, but he made up for it by suddenly drawing me in and passionately kissing me. I'm not sure how long we kept that up, but Quickpaw's grinning face reminded me that there was more to do. Our lips slowly parted and he released me from his grasp. "Thank you, Boyce. I accept you with joy."

I turned to the others and said, "Boyce has shown his willingness to join our family. Who speaks as head of this family?"

Desertsand spoke up; "I claim that right."

"Then I present to you my heart-mate Boyce, whom I have sponsored to join our family unit." Desertsand stepped forward and I took hir place to observe.

"Boyce," shi started hir ritual, "Since the day of hir birth, I have suckled Forestwalker and nurtured hir and brought hir up to be a happy and healthy member of our family. As I am responsible for the ultimate well-being of this family, I offer you the same. I offer you my life-giving milk and my love and caring. Boyce, will you drink of me?" With this shi drew off the blouse shi was wearing to display hir firm and well-formed breasts. Hir nipples clearly showed peering through hir soft red-sand fur.

Boyce replied, "I would be happy and proud to contribute to the well-being of this family and I accept your offer of love and nurture." With dignity, he put his arms around hir waist and drew them both together. His lips caressed hir nipple then drew it in and he began to drink. My mother's eyes closed and a smile played on hir lips as shi enjoyed his attentions. Boyce swapped tits without hir losing that look of pleasure. When Boyce had finished, shi brought his face to hir muzzle and symbolically washed it a few times with hir long tongue.

When shi finished, shi said, "I accept your request to join our family, my dear." Hir hand caressed his cheek, then shi turned to face us. "Who speaks for the security of our family?"

My sire spoke up; "I claim that right."

They swapped places. Then Longstripe took Boyce's hands and earnestly spoke to him, "Since the day I sired Forestwalker, I have worked to ensure that shi and the rest of our family have never lacked for love, food or shelter. I shared the responsibility and the joy of feeding our child and kept hir safe from harm, as I have done for all our cubs. Boyce, will you undertake to do the same? Will you care for all our family as you would your own? Will you share milk with me?

Boyce was visibly moved by hir request. "I so promise, Longstripe. No one will lack for anything within my power to provide. I would gladly share your milk and your duties."

Longstripe continued, "Then take off your shirt now please." Shi released hir breasts from the halter shi was wearing, hir pink nipples clearly visible amongst the riot of black stripes that entirely covered hir white fur pelt. When Boyce had disrobed everything above the waist, shi said, "I drink of you, Boyce." Shi licked the thick hair around his nipples and teased them into firming, then symbolically drank of him. Shi drew back from him, indicating that it was his turn. He leaned over hir and caressed hir breasts with his tongue in imitation of hir, then started drinking from hir right breast. His skill at this was evident on hir face as shi too enjoyed feeding him hir milk. When Boyce had finished, shi announced, "I gladly accept your offer to share in the responsibilities of this family." Shi turned to us and then asked, "Who wishes to speak for Forestwalker?"

"I do," announced Goldfur. Shi traded places with Longstripe. "My friend, Boyce," shi began, "As Forest's older sister, I have had occasion to help hir throughout hir life. I have loved and cared for hir and hir happiness benefits the entire family. I introduced you to hir and I have seen hir joy of life increase since that day. I will always continue to share my joys and my support with hir. Will you do the same? Will you share your life, love and support with hir, with me, with the family? Will you share milk with me, dear one?"

A tender look crossed Boyce's face, a reminder of how much my sister meant to him. I had gotten lucky in that I was home more often and was able to meet Boyce frequently. I have no doubt that Goldfur and my roles could have been reversed, although I like to think that we were fated to be the ones to come together. Boyce had no hesitation in saying, "I will love hir with all my heart, as love can never be divided, only multiplied. I will share my life with hir, and with all of you, as you will share yours with me. I will share your joys and offer my own in return. I will share milk with you, Goldfur." Instead of opening hir halter for him, Goldfur had left it to Boyce to take the responsibility. He carefully opened the catch and tenderly exposed hir creamy-furred breasts to his gaze. He then proceeded to give my sister as much pleasure as he had my parents. Goldfur's face was blissful. Shi had been waiting a long time for this and shi did nothing to limit his attentions. However, he broke them off by himself and then offered himself to hir. Goldfur drew hir long tongue lovingly over his nipples. Boyce's breath shuddered at the sensation as shi announced, "I drink of you, dear heart." Hir symbolic feed done, shi declared to all of us, "I accept Boyce's declaration of commitment. Who else wishes to speak?"

"I do!" Quickpaw declared excitedly. Goldfur smiled fondly at hir enthusiasm as shi swapped places. "My sisters have always been around to care for me and get me out of trouble throughout my life, and I love them for that. Now you are coming into the family. I've always wanted to be able to say that I had a big brother to look out for me and share his life with me. I offer my love and caring in return. I offer you my milk, Boyce.

Shi pulled off the vest that had been concealing hir moderately sized breasts. Hir fairly recent entry into adolescence had gained hir the right to participate in this ceremony, but it would be a couple more years yet before shi achieved full breast growth. However, what shi had was proud and beautiful, the colourful patches of hir calico coat making them look a bit exotic. Normally shi would only be able to give a little milkwater, but to enable hir to fully participate, shi had partaken of my milk a couple of days ago. This was how a non-pregnant chakat stimulated milk production. The hormones in the milk of an expectant chakat triggered the lactation process in any sufficiently mature chakat who wasn't pregnant. This way the sire (or any other member of the family) could participate in the feeding of the cub. Quickpaw now had mother's milk filling hir breasts to their full capacity and shi eagerly anticipated hir first time of sharing.

Boyce tenderly knelt by hir. "I accept your offer, little sister." He then carefully took hir breast into his mouth and began to drink. A startled look came over Quickpaw's face, then a grin and then shi closed hir eyes as shi blissed-out over the sensation. From the strength of hir reaction, I wondered if shi was going to rival me in sensitive breasts. When Boyce finished, shi showed signs of disappointment. Then a hand started to make its way towards Boyce's crotch, only to be intercepted gently by the forewarned Boyce. It was only a feint though, as a handpaw came from behind to give his buns a squeeze. Boyce jumped slightly, then looked chagrined for a moment. Then a devilish look came on his face. He grabbed hir around the shoulders, pulled hir to him, and planted a long, passionate kiss on hir lips. Quickpaw's arms were sticking out in surprise; hir prehensile tail stood up rigid as a pole. Boyce broke the kiss and stood back to let us see a dazed and dreamy look on hir face. After a few moments, shi shook hirself and declared imperatively, "He's in!"

We all burst out laughing. "Welcome to the family, Boyce!" I cried. The ritual was over and he was officially one of us. He had been tried and accepted by all and passed with flying colours, as I knew he would. Garrek stepped in to offer his congratulations.

"Let me say that it's a pleasure being able to count you as one of my family, Boyce. I must admit though that I was on the verge of jealousy for a moment there. That's one heck of a pleasant ritual."

"Thanks, Red. I admit that I could stand doing that again," Boyce acknowledged with a grin.

"So my mate feels a little left out, does he?" Goldfur asked. "Well Boyce didn't drink me dry, and I feel in the mood. Come here, lover, and finish the job." It was a mark of how much Red had changed in that he didn't hesitate to make for hir offered tit, despite the rest of the family being there to watch. He knew that we knew that he appreciated and cared for hir and that this was the right thing to do.

I also knew that I was left wanting a bit more. "Boyce, if you have any more room left, would you care to complete my day and drink me dry?"

"Of course, my love," he declared. "Left or right first?" he teased me, hanging back.

"Shut up and drink," I declared, backing it up with a grope that succeeded where Quickpaw hadn't. Boyce yipped, then started to pleasure my right tit. "What a perfect afternoon," I thought.

Out of the corner of my, I saw Longstripe picking up hir halter. "Kids!" shi declared to hir mate, "They so easily get carried away."

"Yes, they do, don't they?" Desertsand agreed, then grabbed hir and licked hir nipples and started drinking hir mate's remaining milk.

My sire smiled and then chucked away hir halter. "There's no way I'm going to let my cubs get more fun out this than me!" shi declared, then turned hir attention fully to my mother.

There was so much love and unity in that room, it was tangible. My affair with Boyce had turned into a family celebration and all was right in the world. Well, almost.

"Oh jeez, you guys," came Quickpaw's voice, "How much older do I have to get to join in the fun?"


To be continued in The Admiral & The Chakat #4: Good Clean Fun!

Story copyright © 1997 Bernard Doove
Admiral Kline is the creation of Boyce Garald Kline Jnr, and is used with permission.

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