The Admiral and the Chakat 2:    The Glade
By Bernard Doove with Boyce Garald Kline Jr.

"No! Stop it! Oh God, I'm dying!" the admiral cried.

"I'm not stopping until you have paid in full. You will regret what you have done," the chakat persisted.

"HELP! SHRIEK! AAHAHAHAHAHAHA! No, it was worth it!"

Forestwalker had Boyce pinned, hind paws planted on his legs and strong hands restraining his arms. Hir handpaws were busy tickling every sensitive spot on his body, and with the admiral, those were many. Finally shi relented and released hir victim. "No more cracks about M&M's and giving chocolate milk, okay?"

Boyce was weak from laughter, but not so helpless as not to take advantage of his position relative to hir. A sly grin of appreciation crossed his face as he looked directly up to see hir gorgeous breasts. Then he looked further forward and underneath hir to see how hir pregnant belly was pressing up against his crotch, causing considerable arousal. The weeks that they had spent since their first intimate moments had seen hir grow large with the life to come, all of which only made hir more attractive to the admiral.

"Mmmm, I can really appreciate the view from here, Forest," he said as he rubbed himself against hir.

A shudder went through hir body as it thrilled to his touch. "Oh! He's doing it to me again!" shi thought. "I just can't seem to resist him. He's such a wonderfully sensual person." His words just served to enhance hir feelings for him and shi just didn't know how to deal with knowing that he couldn't be hir mate too. "I'm glad you like the view, Boyce. I like to please you."

Shi helped him to his feet and he gave hir a snuggle. "You always do, love. I hope that I do so for you too." They held each other for a while, then they walked over to one of the lounge rugs and settled together. Gently, tenderly, he started playing with hir left breast, feeling the swollen nipple beneath hir halter. Shi in turn caressed his firm buns and lick-kissed him. The scene had changed from mutual teasing to tender appreciation. The pleasure that shi felt did not mask the reaction shi sensed in him.

Boyce was feeling torn. He loved his two mates and his children, but his love had grown to include Forest and hir sister Goldfur too. He thought back to the time when shi had offered hir breasts to him, to drink hir life-giving milk. It had been such a loving, intimate moment of sharing between them; an event the memory of which he would treasure all his life. Oh! How he would love to take that final step, to join his body with hirs, making them one. He could see only one course of action and he had come prepared to take it this day.

Forest sensed his inner turmoil mirroring hir own. Shi had not told him all the consequences of hir actions when shi had asked him to share milk with hir. Time had passed and it had only become harder to tell him. Shi stroked his chest and noted his manhood straining under his pants. "How can we go on like this, Boyce? I love you so much, body and soul, but if things keep going like this, surely one of us will get hurt. But I do so want to keep our relationship growing too." Shi couldn't think of how to go on, so shi just leaned hir head on his shoulder, seeking his strength.

"I love you completely too, Forest, and I want to mate with you so badly, it hurts. But.. I CAN'T! I love my lifemates truly and I swore an oath to them that I would not mate with any other. Could you respect me if I were to break that oath, even to be with you?" He hugged hir, seeking comfort in their closeness. He was quiet for a moment, then continued, "I've thought about this for a while, ever since the day when you let me partake of your milk." He sat up and looked deeply into hir eyes. He placed his hand on hir chest, above the heart. "Chakat Forestwalker, I ask if you will become a mate of my heart. To be joined with me not in body, but in love and friendship, to share in my joy and pain, to walk with me even be we not physically together in the journey of our lives. I treasure your love and I give that same love in return. I ask that you join with me in the closest friendship, one that might only be broken by death, but I pray that will last even beyond the grave."

"Dear Boyce, how could I refuse? I have been guilty of being too greedy in my desire for you. You have already shared my milk and demonstrated that you care for me; to ask you to break your oath would be utterly selfish of me. You have offered so much and what you offer me now is so much to be treasured also. I accept you as mate of my heart and offer my love for all time. From now on, know that you are also a full member of my chakat family clan." Hir voice began to choke with the intensity of the emotion. Shi looks into his as if by the very strength of hir gaze, shi could convey all that shi wishes to express. "Please, would you seal this pact with a kiss?"

The tears that flowed from the admiral's eyes were ones of deepest joy. Drawing hir to him, he closed his eyes and kissed hir long and deeply, pouring out his heart and soul into this kiss, pouring forth his love for hir. With this kiss, he felt hir emotions flowing into him and marvelled at the intensity of the love shi had for him. Such a special, wonderful gift from shi who was now more than a friend. From now until forever, shi was his heartmate.

They held each other for a long time, wordlessly sharing each other. Much later, Forest finally spoke.

"When I told you that you were part of my clan, you actually have been unofficially since the day we shared milk. I didn't really know how to tell you this as I had been a bit impulsive, but when a chakat formally asks someone to share their milk, it is actually part of a longer ceremony to accept someone fully into their family. Should that person accept, they are expected to meet with the rest of the family to share milk with all those who are of age and to exchange oaths of love, support and sharing. As my heartmate, I want you to become fully one with my family. Goldfur most certainly will want to share with you too."

Boyce was a bit stunned, then a grin of pleasure lit his face. "Share milk with your entire family? And you were worried about my reaction? I couldn't think of a better way to be introduced into your family."

Shi laughed at his reply. "You haven't taken Quickpaw into account yet," shi smirked. "Hir milkwater recently started flowing, so that means that shi is eligible to take part in the ceremony too. Do you think you can cope with my... I mean our hyperactive little sister?"

"Oh, yes! I will look forward to that, let me assure you!"

"I'll bet you do!" shi replied and snuggled him. He returned the intimate hug and then reached around hir to feel the bulge of hir pregnant belly. He thought he felt something stir within and looked questioningly into Forest's eyes. "Yes, there's been a lot of movement lately."

He examined hir greatly expanded girth and felt all the activity within. "Are you sure there's only one in there? The cub seems to be rather restless."

"They seem to be playing with each other, I think," Forest replied.

"They? You are having twins? Oh, Forest! This is wonderful! Why didn't you tell me sooner?"

"Well, I only suspected before. I had grown a lot bigger than the average pregnant chakat, so I decided that I should have a check-up. The doctor confirmed that there were two of them. I only learned that for sure the other day and I was saving it up for this visit."

"I thought that your inner sense told you of these things?"

"That's what gave me my first clue, but it can't tell you everything. Besides, wasn't it a nice surprise?"

"Yes, it was! How did Midnight take the news?"

"I sent a message to hir ship, but it's very far away and I haven't received a reply yet."

"I'll bet the rest of the family is happy though."

Forest grinned. "My mother was ecstatic. Twins are so rare, and here I am getting them in my first pregnancy. They are going to get spoiled rotten if I'm not careful."

Boyce stroked hir belly proudly. "As my future Godchildren, you might just have to save them from more of that from me too!" He sighed. "More than ever, I wish that one of them was mine."

"I know," Forest replied tenderly, and hugged him. "I wish that it could be too. But we both have your love, and that is enough."

"Well, there is one more thing I can offer. I came here today prepared to give you an alternative." He rummaged in his pocket for a moment, then pulled out a small case. "Here. This is for you."

Shi opened the case to find a datacube and a voucher for time at a VR palace. "Good heavens, Boyce! This is a surprise! No one has ever given me one of these before. These holosuite programs are a pretty expensive gift. You shouldn't have, but I'm grateful anyway." Shi gave him a long kiss of gratitude, hir purrs telling him just how pleased shi was.

He enjoyed the kiss immensely, thinking to himself, "Oh, I can't wait for hir reaction when shi runs that program!"

Forest broke off the kiss before Boyce started gasping for breath, then started examining the gift more closely. "Hmmm, it doesn't say what the program is about, and I can tell by the smirk on your face that you're not about to tell me, are you? And this voucher, that's an enormous amount of time at ... oh my! ... the New Worlds VR Palace! That's only the most sophisticated holosuite facility in Melbourne!"

"Actually, it's as sophisticated as the best in the world. I should know. I'm a part owner of the business."

Forest found that shi could hardly contain hir excitement. "When can we go?!!" shi demanded as shi jumped to hir feet and started prancing with barely controlled impatience.

Boyce laughed. "Right now, if you want."

"YES!" Shi grabbed him and indecorously carried him out to hir PTV (Personal Transport Vehicle) and almost threw him inside, all with the ease of hir deceptively strong species. Shi disconnected the charger and was about to jump into the driving seat when shi realised that Boyce was climbing out again. Sheepishly shi realised that he couldn't properly sit in the vehicle modified for taurforms. The seats could be adjusted though and soon Boyce could comfortably seat himself. When they departed, shi drove the PTV manually to the nearest Controlled Highway going into Melbourne, then allowed Traffic Control to take over for the high speed flit into the city. Shi entered hir destination into the computer and the T.C. computer automatically routed hir to the optimum exit point with recommendations for the best available parking area. The 30 kilometre journey was accomplished in less than 20 minutes, which was all to the good because shi was bursting with curiosity and Boyce had remained tight-lipped. Instead, he had tried to distract hir a bit. When they made the short walk from the PTV park to the New Worlds VR Palace, only the wish to preserve hir dignity stopped hir from picking him up and carrying him at a trot to get there faster. At last they arrived and hir reservation was approved. Shi and Boyce walked up to the indicated holosuite entrance where shi entered the program from the datacube into the local terminal, then waited in nervous anticipation.

"Program complete," announced the computer voice; "You may enter now."

"Have fun, Forest!"

"Aren't you coming in too, Boyce?" Shi had thought that this was going to be a shared experience.

He grinned in reassurance. "Go on! You will understand soon enough."

The doors of the holosuite opened to reveal a forest, but one not like those shi was used to seeing. This one was filled with deciduous trees; maple and oak mostly with some beech, white birch and a few other species represented as well. The trees were in full flower as it was Spring and the forest floor was covered in petals. Shi noted that the air was crisp and the time was around eleven in the morning, judging by the position of the holo-sun.

In one direction, shi saw that the petals looked to have been recently disturbed and shi could make out a seldom-used forest trail beneath the petals. Shi decided that this had to be the way to go and headed off down the trail as the holosuite doors closed quietly behind hir.

Not far down the trail, hir sensitive ears heard the sound of music. It was a bright and cheery piece that shi recognised as Vivaldi's "Spring" from his work "The Four Seasons". Intrigued, shi quickened hir pace. Soon the trail opened up onto a meadow. From the stone walls and the fruit trees that were around the meadow edges, it looks to hir that this was once an orchard, abandoned and allowed to go back to forest. Blossom from the fruit trees that shi now recognised as cherry trees, blanketed the meadow.

At the centre of the meadow, a blanket had been laid down and upon it spread a picnic lunch: cold shrimp, cold lobster, fresh fruit, juices, fowl, etcetera. Laying on one side of the blanket, waiting for hir, shi saw Boyce. He raised his crystal goblet in greeting, saying, "Welcome, Forest, to my forest!"

"Oh, Boyce! This is magnificent. You knew that I'd love to see this." Shi bounded up to him and hugged him so enthusiastically that he nearly spilled the contents of his goblet.

"Forest! Down girl!" he laughed. "I'm glad that you like it! This part of the program is taken directly from one that I have on my ship. Whenever I feel really stressed and just need to be alone or whatever, or whenever I feel the need to get back to my roots, I come home here to New England."

"I knew where this was immediately. You've described it to me in such detail and I truly understand why you like it so much. It's the perfect place for a picnic."

"Would you care for something to drink? This is ngi juice," he said, holding up his goblet which was filled with a bright pink, opaque liquid. "It comes from the home planet of one of my life-mates and I've come to enjoy it quite a bit." He held the goblet out to hir. With a smile, he asked, "Care to drink from cup, my lady?"

"Why of course, sir." Forest accepted the goblet from Boyce and carefully sipped the juice and spent a moment savouring the taste. "Are you sure this isn't guava juice? It's very nice anyway."

"Would you like anything else to drink?"

"I'm partial to mango or tomato juice. Have you got either of those, or is that a silly question in a holosuite?"

Boyce grinned and held up a flask. "You guessed it. This is a magic drink container. Just rub it and make a wish for any beverage. Would I kid you?"

"No, that's just the silly-fun thing you'd dream up." Shi got into the spirit of the thing and gave it an enthusiastic rub and wished for mango juice. Boyce passed hir another glass, one better suited to chakat mouths, and poured hir drink. He then took a plate of assorted delicacies and started to feed hir.

Laughter and light conversation passed between them during the meal until finally they were sated. Boyce laid back on the blanket and asked Forest if shi would join him. He wrapped his arms around hir and drew hir in close for a long, deep, love-filled kiss, breaking off only when he needed air.

"Forest," he said to hir softly, "Mate of my heart, we both know that, due to my oath and the love that I have for my mates and my children, we can never really be together." Then he smiled at hir gently. "But here, my love, we can be! That's why I gave you this program. Using the facilities here, I have duplicated myself down to the minutest detail. That image of me is now interacting with you, while at the same time, the computer is scanning you and reproducing your holo-self in my arms. I'm actually over there not too far away." He waved his arm vaguely in a direction to his right.

Forest was briefly mute with shock upon realising that this wasn't the real Boyce, but now shi protested. "But I can even scent you! I thought that you had taken a shortcut to get here before I did, but now you are saying that you are just another hologram?"

"No, Forest, certainly not just another hologram. You should regard me as an extension of my real body. Everything that I do is replicated perfectly by this holo body of mine, and in turn, everything you do is also replicated perfectly in my presence. The sophistication of this holosuite is such that it can duplicate any image, sound, touch or smell, even if it has to use the incorporated transporter technology to move such subtle things as my scent. I am Boyce, but because this me is a hologram, I can technically claim that I haven't broken my vow. So, dear Forest, I offer myself in the only way that I can. Mate of my heart, will you have me?"

Various emotions crossed hir face as shi considered the ramifications until shi realised something. Despite hir unconscious doubts, hir subconscious mind was already giving hir the answer: hir body ached for him! Shi had resigned hirself to never being able to making love with him all the way, but shi had never stopped wanting it. Now here was hir loved one offering himself in the only way that he could and still remain true to his oath. This was Boyce standing there so earnestly waiting for hir reply. Hir senses had been convinced of it and now hir heart was too. Only hir mind had been unsure, but now shi saw the logic in it. "Yes! Oh, yes! I will have you, and I will love you forever for this!"

Shi nearly crushed him in a hug that announced that now that shi had him, shi would never let him go. They started kissing and stroking each other with an intensity previously unsurpassed. No longer did they have to subconsciously restrain themselves and their passion was let loose.

They both paused for a moment to catch their breath from that initial frenzy. Forest asked, "For how long did you book this facility, Boyce?"

He grinned from ear to ear and replied, "Don't worry about that. Remember that I'm a part owner and I'm entitled to a few perks. We've got as much time as we need."

"Good, because we are going to need it. Now let's get serious. I've got an itch that needs scratching... right... there!"

Boyce's eyes lit up. "Then it's a good thing I'm here to scratch it."

As their love-making became more intimate and tender, the music shifted to fit the mood, turning from Vivaldi's light-hearted "The Four Seasons" to Pachabel's "Canon in D Major", a very romantic piece featuring lots of violins. Boyce drew hir close to him, pressing the full length of his body to hirs as he joined himself to hir with a deep, love-filled kiss. As he held hir to him with his right arm, he gently stroked hir body with his left hand, delighting in the feel of hir fur.

The sensuous feel of his fingers sifting through hir pelt sent a thrill of pleasure through hir. Shi felt his strong arm returning the possessive hug shi had given him. Shi concentrated on returning the pleasure to him through their kiss. His hand moved down hir torso and began to stroke the curve of hir belly. Forest could feel his manhood grow even harder as he caressed the place where hir cubs grew within hir. His touch on hir pregnant belly was so tender! Shi was reminded of the very essence of hir feminine side and shi marvelled at the way he so appreciated the miracle of life.

His hand moved lower, starting to move between hir hind legs. "Ooo! What is this?" he suddenly said with a smile in his voice. With long, delicate strokes, he began to stroke hir furry penis sheath.

Oh! OHH! No matter where hir cycle was, hir male organ was very quick to respond this time. His caresses on hir sheath served to bring hir to full erection very quickly. Hir engorged penis quivered there, awaiting the touch of a lover, straining to fulfil its purpose. Forest wondered just how far Boyce was going to take this. Even now, shi still wasn't sure how hir very masculine mate would react to hir own masculine needs. Now shi had a delicious dilemma. Both sides of hir sexual nature had been fully aroused and there was now nothing on Earth that would stop hir from satisfying hir desires.

Shi sought to distract hirself from the confrontation by starting to undress Boyce, starting with his shirt. After exposing his hirsute chest, shi stroked his manly form appreciatively. Hir hand wandered down to his pants where it unfastened them and released his manhood. Both the trousers and the undershorts were rapidly pulled off to show that his penis was also fully erect and awaiting attention. Shi drew the claw of one finger tantalisingly up its length. "Two can play at that game," shi thought.

A soft gasp escaped Boyce's lips at the erotic feel of Forest's claw running the length of his seven inch cock. Not wanting to come to orgasm too quickly, for he wished to pleasure all of hir, he reached out and ran his hands up underneath hir halter top, cupping hir large, heavy breasts as his fingers sought out hir nipples, gently tweaking and pulling on them until they grew rock hard. With hir help, he removed hir top, revealing the magnificent swell of hir breasts. He wondered out loud, "Am I imagining things or are your breasts even larger than the last time that I saw them?"

For a moment, shi had had the upper hand, but Boyce was now engaging hir in hir favourite activity. As always, whenever he caressed hir breasts so appreciatively, shi started trembling with the intensity of the pleasure it gave hir. Boyce's comment had to make hir grin though. "It's not that long since you saw them last, but thanks for the comment anyway."

Now that they were both fully nude, their love-making began in earnest. Moulding his body to hirs, he drew hir in for another long, loving kiss. As their tongues explored each others, shi diverted part of hir attention to making sure that hir breasts were firmly pressed against his rugged chest. Not only did shi want to feel him intimately in contact with hir, but shi wanted him to feel how strongly hir body was responding to his. Hir hard nipples traced sensuous tracks across his hairy chest, sensing each curve of his muscles, and in turn making hir nipples even more sensitive.

Finally breaking the kiss for the need to breathe, he then proceeded to kiss and lick the rest of hir face. Shi unconsciously lifted hir chin as his kisses moved to the underside of hir jaw, baring hir throat to him. He opened his jaws wide and bit, a gentle but firm love bite such as the male Terran cats gave to their mates during the act of love-making. "Ohh!" shi thought, "This must be why his mates are so attracted to him. He thinks and makes love like a feline."

He moved lower on hir, his hands stroking and caressing hir body as his mouth made a trail from hir throat to hir chest, only briefly kissing hir breasts. He moved on down hir torso to hir life-swollen belly and hir fully aroused penis, quivering with each beat of hir heart. Never having done this before, but having had it done to him a number of times, he began to make love to hir maleness. Gently he blew on hir, noting that hir penis momentarily became stiffer as he did so. Moving fully between hir hind legs, he gently licked from the base up, the full length of hir 8" long and very thick cock.

It was hir turn to gasp. It had been too long since shi had made love in the male mode and hir body was now primed and ready to respond at a touch. Shi fervently wished to hirself that Boyce would keep that up. However, hir doubts about his reaction to hir maleness were rapidly washed away. Here was a mate who knew how to pleasure a hermaph completely!

Moving to the head, he swirled his tongue around the base of hir glans, tasting the exotic flavour of hir maleness. He continued this for a minute, then opening his mouth wide, he took hir as deeply as he could into his mouth. Sealing his lips about hir, he pulled back, applying suction as he went until he only had the head of hir penis still in his mouth. After swirling his tongue quickly around it again, he plunged his mouth downward onto hir again.

Hir thoughts became incoherent as the sheer ecstasy of his sex-play dominated hir being. Hir penis ached with hardness from his stimulation. Shi tried to stretch out the experience, to savour each and every moment of his attentions. Shi knew that it couldn't be held back for much longer. He continued, his hands as well as his mouth pleasuring hir maleness. Occasionally he lightly grazed his teeth over the surface of hir penis, adding yet another sensation to what shi was feeling, perhaps also adding a bit of a thrill at hir vulnerable position. It was too much! Shi could not hold back any longer. Hir groans of pleasure turned into a cry of ecstasy as hir orgasm came upon hir. He heard hir breath become ragged and felt hir penis swell even larger and he knew what was about to happen, so he plunged his mouth deeply onto hir. It had been so long, and the release was a mighty climax. Hir body automatically thrust hir appendage even further into hir lover's mouth. There was no way for hir to restrain hirself, and beneath the joy of hir coming, shi hoped that he could cope with the power of the delivery.

The force of hir orgasm was incredible, nearly drowning him with the volume and force of the initial release. Quickly, he sought to drink hir sperm down, tasting the saltiness of a male orgasm for the first time. He only barely managed to keep up with the incredible quantity of hir release. Hir orgasm peaked and the flow faltered. Shi panted for a while, then sighed in happiness as Boyce gently cleaned every drop of hir seed from hir softening penis. He then hugged hir, sharing in the afterglow of this first time experience for him.

This had been hir first male orgasm in a long time, and it had been shared with someone who not only cared, but deeply appreciated hir. He had done so much to make hir happy and the memory of this experience would last a long time. Shi rested in his arms for a while, gathering strength for their next round of love-making. Shi had something very special in mind for him. Shi realised that he wasn't going to fulfil hir ultimate wish just yet, but shi also knew that was his end goal and shi had a couple of ideas about just what was the most enjoyable way to get there.

When shi was ready, shi extricated hirself from his arms. Shi asked Boyce to stand up in front of hir while shi crouched in front of him. This brought his penis to just below hir chin. Shi extended hir long and slightly rough tongue to slowly lick his manhood all at once. He still had an erection, but now it hardened, demanding more attention. He was ready now. Shi drew him closer, pushing his penis into the tight cleft between hir breasts. Shi gave one more lick to the exposed tip, then said, "So how good are you at tit-fucking, Boyce?"

He had gasped from the sensation of hir tongue caressing his cock, making him tingle all over. "Why don't we find out?" he replied. Gently, he began to thrust himself in and out between hir breasts, the feel of hir fur upon his bare skin erotic almost beyond imagining. Each time the head of his penis would appear in the cleft of hir breasts, Forest was ready for it, swiping hir rough tongue across its tip. He made sure that he pressed close against hir so that that his thighs would rub up and down hir breasts, pleasuring hir as well.

Once again, shi had the upper hand, but barely. The thrill of feeling his manhood sliding through the fur of hir sensitive breasts was marvellous. The thick hair on his thighs teased hir nipples deliciously and, at each stroke, shi tasted the pre-cum at the tip of his cock. Shi was enjoying this mightily, but shi wanted to get control of this encounter. Boyce groaned in pleasure as Forest suddenly captured him in hir mouth, hir tongue expertly swirling around the base of his glans. His knees almost buckled and it was only with great effort that he managed to remain standing upright. As he continued to thrust gently in and out of hir expert muzzle, he gently drew hir head to him, caressing hir hair in long, sensuous strokes.

Meanwhile, hir long tongue stroked the entire length of his penis continuously. Hir fangs grazed the skin as shi closed firmly upon his eager member. Hir mouth could just hold his entire length and shi savoured it all. Knowing hir feline nature, he knew that shi could unman him with one snap of hir powerful jaws, but it only added to the thrill of the moment. Try as he might, under hir expert ministrations, he knew that he wouldn't last long. He felt the familiar flush, the base of his penis began to swell even larger and he knew that his release was inevitable.

"Oh... F-forest... I'm... going to.... AAAAARRRRRR!" he roared upon orgasm.

Shi felt his penis begin to thrum. At last, after having only a taste of him some days ago, shi would now get to drink of him properly. The force of his orgasm was powerful, having been held back for so long. He continued to cry out as he sent jet after jet of his seed into hir mouth, his hands clenching hir to him and his toes all but digging holes in the ground. Finally, as his orgasm waned, he lowered himself and Forest to the ground, all but spent.

The experience had been everything shi had anticipated. Shi took pleasure in drinking his seed and in the thought of how much joy shi had brought for hir lover. Shi held him just as tightly as he hugged hir. At that moment, shi felt that shi had given him hir best and had been vindicated in hir choice of mates.

Boyce finally spoke. "Oh, Forest! That had to be one of the most incredible experiences of my life. Thank you!"

"I'm truly happy to have pleased you, Boyce," shi replied, still licking hir lips from the result of their intercourse.

He smiled gently at hir as he prepared to make his next move. "You know, all this love-making has made me a bit... thirsty." Reverently, he cupped hir magnificent left breast in his right hand. "Do you mind if I get myself a drink?"

"Please do. They were created for a reason and who are we not to put them to good use? Besides," shi grinned, "I feel full and I need milking!"

Laying down next to hir, he pressed his body close to hirs as he took hir aroused nipple into his mouth, his left hand coming up to pleasure hir right nipple. He swirled his tongue around the hard teat, savouring the feel of it in his mouth, noticing that it became harder and more swollen as he did. Lightly sucking, he pressed hir nipple against the roof of his mouth with his tongue and let hir warm, life-giving milk flow into him. He had been breast-fed as a child and had the pleasure of nursing at his mates' own milk-filled breasts while they had been feeding their cubs, but he thrilled at the exotic taste of this most-precious of drinks. Softly, he began to thrust himself against hir as hir milk continued to flow.

Shi never tired of just how erotic it felt to have a lover drink from hir willing tits. The sharing of milk was such an important cultural thing for chakats, but to add to that a lover's attentions, you had something truly powerful, even more so to hir femininely inclined nature.

As he finished drinking from hir left breast, he felt his penis begin to arouse once again. He moved to hir right breast and hungrily took the nipple into his mouth. His right hand came up to continue pleasuring hir swollen, milk and saliva covered right nipple. The energy expended in their previous love-making was now being returned to him by Forest's chakat milk, filling him with new vigour. When hir right breast was finally drained as well, Boyce's thirst was satisfied at last and his cock was again fully aroused into a throbbing erection. "Thank you for that wonderful drink, love," he said as he raised his head reluctantly from hir breast.

"No, thank you for being the right person with whom to share my milk." Hir sense of fullness was now gone, leaving instead an ache of desire.

Boyce smiled in gratitude, then said, "Now, my love, it is time for me to get you ready for the next step in getting to know each other more intimately." Kissing hir once again on the lips, he began to run a trail of kisses down hir body - face, throat, breasts, belly, sheath, until he reached his final destination. Crouching between hir hind legs, he lowered his head between them. Then, sticking out his tongue, he began to delve the secrets of hir hot, moist vulva.

The touch of his tongue was like an electric signal. It thrilled hir to the bone and caused a rush of lubricant to be released. There was nothing shi could do but lie there, soaking up the waves of pleasure that he was sending through hir. He licked at hir sopping wet female opening for as long as it took to take in all the love fluid, then shi felt him part hir nether lips and his tongue entered to explore within. Hir body was rocked by a shock of pleasure as he stroked hir clitoris. "Oh, my love, do that again!"

Boyce didn't do so immediately, Instead, he licked hir labia and probed more deeply within, building up the tension. When he sensed that shi was ripe, he triggered hir again, feeling the shudder of orgasm shake hir entire body. How many times could he tease hir into coming, shi wondered? He repeated his actions as creatively as possible, but this time kept hir right on the edge for what seemed to be an eternity. Finally he relented and his talented tongue caressed hir clit again. This time, when shi came, shi bucked him right off hir. Shi barely noticed as shi coped with the great orgasm sending wave after wave of ecstasy through hir helpless form. Finally, panting heavily, shi drew hirself up to see him sitting nearby, watching with an almost smug grin on his face.

"Well, who do you think comes out ahead in points?" he enquired mischievously.

"The game's not over yet lover!" shi cried and surprised him by pouncing on him. Shi had him stretched out full length, hir arms trapping his and hir rear paws holding down his outstretched legs. Shi put hir handpaws around his waist and pulled him to hir, then rolled onto hir side while pulling his head into hir well-padded chest. Hir hind legs wrapped around him to produce a full length hug. Hir penis was still erect and it rested warmly against his upper thigh. "So, you think you can tease me until I'm at your mercy? Well, now I've got you, and if you won't mount me, perhaps I will have to mount you!" shi finished with a wicked smile on hir muzzle.

Boyce's eyes grew wide at this last pronouncement. Forest mount him? EEP!!! He had better do something quick!

"Oh dear Forest, I am more than ready to mount you! Feel how much I need to be within you!" He pushed his hips forward, pressing his aching erection against the curve of hir pregnant belly.

Forest smiled to hirself. Hir little threat had had the desired effect. Although shi would not have carried it out, it had felt nice just to have hir cock resting so intimately against him. Now however, shi could feel his own proud member announcing its intentions, and hir eagerness for hir ultimate goal returned in strength.

Pressing his head deeply into hir chest fur, he kissed hir lovingly. He turned his head to continue kissing hir right nipple. Swirling his tongue about it, he drew it in for a long, tender kiss. Then releasing it he trailed a series of kisses down between the narrow valley between hir breasts then up the side of hir other breast, whereupon he lovingly attended to hir other nipple.

His loving attentions were rekindling hir desires. Hir strength was recovering from hir last orgasm, kiss by tender kiss. Hir breasts greedily accepted his attentions once again and shi relaxed hir captive hug on him, encouraging him to go on. As he felt hir hold loosen, he moved upward, his body still pressed close to hirs all the way. He pressed his lips to hirs, kissing hir deeply, wrestling his tongue with hirs. His kisses moved to the side of hir muzzle, then to hir cheek. Reaching hir neck, he firmly bit down, claiming hir as his own. He had proclaimed himself to be hir mate and shi accepted with all hir heart.

Boyce began to move to hir back and shi rolled onto hir folded legs. He continued to kiss and caress hir, moving further down hir back to hir rear. At last, he knelt behind hir. His erection pulsed and throbbed with every beat of his heart as he saw Forest raise hir hindquarters, moving aside hir tail and presenting hir femininity to him. Hir lover had reached his goal and shi surrendered hirself to his desires. Shi awaited the fulfilment of hir own wants and needs from this man whom shi had come to love and care for as deeply as hir lifemates. "I am yours, Boyce," shi said simply and meaningfully.

He placed his hands on hir flanks and brought his hips close to hir until, as if guided by instinct, the tip of his penis touched the entrance to Forest's body. Then slowly but powerfully, he began to push himself into hir. At last! Shi felt him delving further within hir, becoming one with hir. His shaft thrust inexorably deeper and deeper, exciting hir to new heights as it probed to its limits.

Boyce moaned loudly in ecstasy at the feel of the hot furnace that was Forest's aroused body. He could feel hir powerful muscles contracting around him, making him more intimately joined with hir. Then his hips were firmly pressed to hirs in a vain attempt to plunge further still within hir. He remained there for a moment, savouring the feel of the heat of hir arousal all around him. Then he began to pull out of hir, his cock retracing its route until only the head of his maleness was still within hir, then plunging back into hir again.

His strokes were strong and vigorous; the ecstasy they were giving hir already exceeding the earlier love-play. Shi used hir vaginal muscles to do hir best to hold and caress his manhood, striving to build them both up to new peaks. Shi twisted around on hir supple waist to bring hirself face to face where he was bent over hir lower torso and lick-kissed his face, his eyes, his hair, tasting of his very being. He reached forward as moved within hir to pleasure hir breasts with a free hand, bringing hir nipples to their own tiny erections of arousal. His other hand leaned on hir body, steadying him but also letting hir feel his weight upon hir as he mounted hir.

Shi was incredible! "Oh Forest!," he moaned, "You're so incredibly hot! Oh God, you feel so good around me! So hot and wet and wonderful!" There was something so incredibly primal, so wonderfully right in making love to hir. His breathing became harsher, his thrusts became harder and faster, his caressing of hir breasts became more stimulating as he strove to give Forest as much pleasure as shi was giving him.

Hir breathing had turned to panting. Shi almost gasped hir response. "Boyce, mate of my heart and now my very being, I feel the strength of your love drawing me to new heights of desire. I have waited so long for this!"

As his pleasure built, an idea came to him. Taking his hand from hir breasts, he trailed it down hir body. Reaching underneath hir, he stroked the side of hir pregnant belly, smoothing his hands over its gravid curve. His hand found hir erect penis and he wrapped his fingers about it and he began to stroke it in rhythm with his thrusts.

Ohh! Just when shi thought that he had brought hir to the highest, he gave hir more. Hir cock gave its own contribution to the almost unbearably pleasurable stimulation. He was performing his own version of the "Chakat Manoeuvre" upon hir: the complete and total sexual stimulation of hir body. This was marvellous! This was incredible! Hir complete fulfilment was upon hir and shi couldn't hold it back much longer.

Boyce felt himself beginning to flush and his penis began to swell as his breath became even more ragged. Forest's prehensile tail had whipped about him, the powerful limb pulling him insistently, striving to make them become totally one. He felt it tensing even as the moment came upon him. Thrusting as deeply as possibly while trying to keep giving much attention to stroking hir cock, he reached climax simultaneously with hir. His roar upon coming, split the air of the New England forest meadow, the sound echoing from nearby hills. Wave after wave of some of the most intense pleasure of his life hit him as he shot his seed into Forest's body. He felt hir close tighter about him and he roared again as he sent shot after shot of his male essence into hir. Forest's yowls of extreme ecstasy joined with his roars as hir double orgasm shook them both and hir own penis spurted hir sperm into his hand. Orgasm followed orgasm, female climax had triggered male, and it in turn triggered another female one. Such pleasure could not be maintained indefinitely, and shi began to come down from the zenith of hir pleasure.

It seemed to go on forever; the intensity of their joining, the strength and duration of their orgasms. How long this went on, he could not say, but eventually it began to taper off. His thrusts became slower and more languid until at last he was spent. His maleness still hard and throbbing within hir, he lay atop hir for a precious while, stroking hir belly as he savoured the pleasure of their joining. Shi felt his weight upon hir as if their love-making had physically joined them. Shi could also feel that he was still within hir and made sure that no action of hirs would let him slip out just yet. Shi strove not to drift off into slumber as multiple climaxes usually made hir do. Shi wanted to enjoy every moment of this precious time with him.

Shi felt complete at last. The lover that could never be hirs had finally satisfied hir needs. The dull pain that had come from lack of fulfilment had vanished. The world could end right now and shi would be happy. Nothing could ever take this time away from them and shi would always know that however far they were apart, shi would feel as close to him as they were now, their bodies entwined together.

They stayed joined for a long time, but inevitably he slipped out of hir. Forest then pulled him over and curled about him. He was cradled in hir warm furry form and felt no desire to move any more than to put his arm around hir waist and rest his head against hir torso. Forest in turn draped an arm protectively over him and finally succumbed to the weariness of their ultimate lovemaking.

The forest glade was silent now except for the whisper of a light breeze stirring the fallen leaves, and the easy breathing of the two lovers. Perhaps the world had seen love as strong as theirs before, but never would it be surpassed.


To be continued in The Admiral & The Chakat #3: Ceremony

Characters and story copyright 1997 Bernard Doove & Boyce Garald Kline Jnr.

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