The Admiral and the Chakat
By Bernard Doove with Boyce Garald Kline Jr.


This story was written as a result of email interaction between our characters. The admiral is originally a Star Fleet officer of the Star Trek universe and this is his counterpart in the Chakat universe. This and subsequent stories deal with the growing relationship between the two and takes place in parallel with the ongoing Forest Tales storyline.

My sister, Goldfur, who had been preparing for hir departure on hir next deep space assignment, came from hir room with a broad smile on hir face. "I just got a call. Guess what? The admiral is in port!"

Admiral Kline had met my sister in the course of hir duties and they had come to be very good friends. One day, Goldfur had brought him home and introduced me to him. We had hit it off fabulously and since then, we looked forward to his visits whenever he wasn't gallivanting around space somewhere. "When is he coming?" I asked excitedly.

"He'll drop in later this morning. Unfortunately, I might miss him as I will have to be leaving for my tour of duty soon."

"Let's hope that he turns up in time to at least give you a farewell," I told hir.

Time passed while Goldfur busied hirself with hir final packing. I was tidying the living room when shi walked into the room to say goodbye. I gave hir a long hug and wished hir a successful voyage. As shi padded out, shi paused at the doorway and said, "Oh, just one more thing. I was passing by the entry and saw something that might interest you." With that, a human face popped around the door frame.

"Boyce!" I cried with glee. I bounded up to him as he walked into the room and he threw his arms around me and planted a big kiss on my lips. Goldfur grinned and left us to our reunion. In my eagerness to greet him, I knocked him off balance and, locked in his embrace, he pulled me down to the floor too. I returned his kiss, continuing it until he ran out of breath. Panting, I said, "Sorry to get carried like that, but I'm so glad to see you again. You had better not mention this to your mates though."

Boyce was panting harder than I, but he managed to grin and reply, "What's there to apologise for, love? I certainly enjoyed the enthusiasm of your greeting! As for my mates, they'd probably think it was funny, although they just might get a bit worried too. Humans aren't supposed to be cross-fertile with Caitians like Rosepetal or Rakshans like Zhane, and also, Zhane thought she was sterile. Then, on that one night of that Rakshan Fertility Festival, they both joined me in bed and, you guessed it, they both conceived that night! Rakshan deities are as mischievous as their people and enjoyed themselves immensely by making the three of us parents in one night. Given the way that Zhane's deities have intervened in our lives in the past (and will probably continue to do so), I think my two mates are glad that you're already pregnant!"

"One of these days you're going to have to introduce me to them. They sound like wonderful people." I gave him one more cuddle before letting him get up.

"Oh, they are. They have wicked senses of humour too. I guess they have to, living with me and trying to make this most unusual relationship work."

"Well, we're not on the Zhane's homeworld now. If you had a prankster demigod giving you a helping hand then, I doubt if she would be here now. Still, your record is pretty impressive. I can see that your mates would be proud to have such a virile sire for their cubs.... as would I."

"Flatterer," he replied, secretly pleased.

We continued our conversation with our arms about each other's waist, our bodies in pleasant contact with each other. I enjoyed the feeling of my breasts firmly pressed across his strong chest and I could definitely begin to feel his own maleness growing. Despite being of a bisexual nature, I did have a bias toward my feminine side and greatly enjoyed his attentions. I liked him all the more because he didn't think of me just as a female, but appreciated me for my entire hermaphrodite nature. I caught him surreptitiously looking for a sign of a male reaction of my own, but this was the wrong phase for me to get a masculine reflex, my female hormones suppressing any casual urges. His curiosity about my nature was one of the things I liked about him and I hoped that he wasn't disappointed by the lack of reaction. Of course, in a week's time, the story would be different as I swung into my male phase. Then he might get a truer gauge of the breadth of my feelings.

He disengaged himself from our embrace in order to stroke my flanks and examine the progress of my pregnancy. His hands lovingly stroked my swelling belly. "Judging by your hind quarters, no one could mistake you for just a male anymore," he commented. With a mischievous look he continued, "After all, it's very obvious 'up front' that you have a female side. And now your beautifully rounding belly shows that you are blessed with the female's gift of being the carrier and nurturer of new life." He stroked the fur again, sending a thrill through me.

I grinned at him and placed my hands under my ample breasts and lifted them for emphasis. "As if they could overlook these! Yes, we are very obviously female and we are proud of that. Sometimes though, it makes it a bit hard to make approaches to females who catch our eye when we are in male phase. Of course, there are females out there who know what we are and find that an appealing extra, so it tends to balance out.

"Of course they might be looking at your other attribute too," Boyce noted, nodding discreetly in the direction of my sheath. It was strange, but despite his relative hairlessness, he seemed so cat-like, sensuous and curious. That was one of the things that so attracted me, and possibly his mates as well. Then there was his unusual ability to cross-breed with them. Points to ponder. However, even if my maleness was unresponsive, my female side was thoroughly turned on by now. My nipples felt rock-hard and were doing their best to attract attention, poking through my breast fur and denting my halter top conspicuously. I hoped that I would get a little relief soon.

Boyce resumed stroking me, feeling the curves of my distended belly. Just then, there was a small internal jolt. "Oh! Did you feel the cub kick then, Boyce? That one has a lot of energy!" I rolled further onto my back to allow Boyce to put his hands more fully upon my pregnant form.

Boyce's mouth and eyes went wide with wonder as he felt life move within hir for the first time. "Shi moved," he whispered almost to himself. Then more triumphantly, he said, "Shi moved! Oh, Forest!" he threw his arms around me and gave me a big hug and kiss. "This is wonderful. How long has shi been doing this? This is wonderful! Just feeling hir move inside of you must thrill you no end. At last your heart must know what your head and body have already been telling you: that there really is a cub growing inside of you. Oh, I'm so happy for you!"

At this time, Boyce noticed my prominent nipples poking him in the chest. They had grown larger due to my advancing pregnancy. His eyes were drinking in the sight of my large breasts filling my halter top, my nipples very noticeably aroused. Then his eyes roved over the rest of my form, greedily taking in every aspect of my body. He moaned longingly.

"Oh God, Forest! You are so beautiful! You look so wonderful, laying here like this. If I wasn't already life-mated, I'd want to take you right here and now!" He playfully put his finger on my nosepad. "You do realise that you are sexy and desirable beyond words, don't you?"

He held me close again and I could feel his erection against the swell of my belly as he embraced me and started kissing me thoroughly. I longed to have him within me, but I knew how much he truly loved his life-mates and I also knew that he would never betray their trust in him or his oath to them. Although both he and his mates felt free to have relationships with others, they had promised that the most intimate form of love was to be shared only amongst themselves. There was some regret on both sides, but there were still many ways that we could share each other. I moaned in pleasure as I experienced his touch at last and I strove to show my own affection in the intensity of my kiss.

When we broke, I told him,"Thank you, Boyce. I find you truly desirable too. This closeness we share is wonderful and I'm glad that you can give me this much attention despite your commitment. If you find me sexy, it's because I feel so strongly for you and it manifests itself this way.

He smiled and stroked my belly while he remained close to me. I closed my eyes and simply enjoyed his touch for a while. As I did, I tried to work up the nerve to ask him something that I wanted to ask for some time. Sitting up slowly, I hesitantly spoke, unsure of myself, not really knowing the limits to the boundaries between us. However, being a chakat, I had to ask. "Boyce, will you do one thing for me?" I placed a hand on my full breast. "Will you drink of me? Will you taste my milk? I wish to share this symbol of our love with you." I stopped speaking, wondering if I had gone too far.

He looked at me with wonder and awe and I knew he realised this was a very intimate and special offer I was making, one that had special cultural significance. This was something that I would offer to very few people in my life and would bind us closer together than ever. He looked me in the eyes, sensing my fears. With quiet dignity, he responded, "I would be honoured to do so."

Slowly, he reached up to my halter top. It was held closed by crisscross ties which he undid. My halter sprang open, exposing the furry globes of my breasts, tipped with the fleshy pink of my exposed nipples. He dropped his head to my right breast and took its nipple into his mouth. He swirled his tongue around my nipple, causing it to stiffen even more, as he reached up to pleasure my left nipple. Finally he drew more of my breast into his mouth and pressed the nipple against the roof of his mouth. I felt my warm, nourishing milk flow into his mouth and he drank deeply. He moaned in pleasure at the sweet taste and continued drinking; his hand still teasing and caressing my other breast. I started purring in pleasure and drew him more tightly to me. I felt him begin to move his body unconsciously against me, his hardened member clearly felt pressing against me.

I thought it was time to do for him as he had done for me, so I undid the fastener holding his pants closed and pulled them down. His exposed penis was rigid and straining. I pulled his torso up against mine and let my body caress his hot member. Maybe I could not have sex with him, but there was nothing to stop me from giving him as much pleasure as he was giving to me. We were as close together now as was possible and our hands explored each other as he swapped to my other breast and started to savour that one too. With one hand-paw, I reached out to his hot member and began to give it a few long caresses. He gasped, then groaned. I felt his body start to stiffen.

"Oh. . . Forest! . . . I'm . . . going to . . . GRAAAAAHHHHH!

With a roar, his pleasure peaked and he CAME. With an animalistic growl of ecstasy, he crushed me to him, his fingers digging into my back, his penis spurting into the fur of my belly. He snarled, he snorted and he roared as he continued soaking me with his seed. At last, finally spent, he collapsed against me, his semen gently matting my fur with his pubic hair. We held each other close, enjoying this intimate encounter. He kissed me deeply, then said, "Forest, my love, thank you. What we have shared together this day is very special to me. Thank you for giving me this experience."

He then became more serious. "I regret nothing of what we have just shared, but I fear my mates might not understand. I think it best if they never found out. You can share this with Goldfur, if you wish, but I'll leave it to your judgement to tell anyone else. I trust that you will be discreet and keep this encounter a special memory between us otherwise. I believe that you would have been anyway, but I thought it best not to make assumptions."

I nodded my agreement and we held each other for a while. Then he noticed his seed still pooled on my fur. He dipped a finger into it, then spoke again. "Forest, my love, would you honour me by tasting of my milk? I feel that, without going beyond the imposed limitations, this is the only way that you can."

To taste of him? Of course, that would be the right thing to do, and I was pleased that he had thought to make the offer. Instead of answering him, I took his hand and brought it up to my muzzle. Then, with long, slow strokes of my tongue, I licked his essence, tasting of its sweet, salty creaminess. When I was done, I said, "Today we have shared of each other, both in body and in spirit. There is no need for more, for you are my love and no matter how far you roam or how long we are apart, I will always know that you are with me as part of my soul. Now I truly know how your lifemates must feel and I am glad for them. Now, enough of talk. You must be leaving soon, and I wish just to have and hold you for just a little while longer until we must part."

I gently pulled him to me and cradled his head on my breasts. A purr of my happiness rumbled through my chest and I hoped that he could feel just how happy he made me. A broad smile of contentment on his face said that he did.

Sometime later, he said to me, "You know, Forest, as I said earlier, it's a good thing that you are already pregnant because an encounter just like this one was how I ended up with two cubs! You see, when Rosepetal and I were visiting Zhane's home planet during the fertility festival, I had gone to bed early as I was tired. Zhane was feeling a bit depressed that she didn't have a partner for the festival and off-handedly made a remark about this fact to Rosepetal. She responded with "Would you like to share?" After Zhane recovered from the shock, Rosepetal went on to explain that in her culture, when one wanted to express very close and intimate friendship with another of the same sex, they offered to share their mate with them for one night. They came up to my room, stripped and they both climbed into bed with me and snuggled. After recovering from the surprise of having two females in the bed, Rosepetal explained to me what was happening. I agreed to honour them both by participating and, well, they both conceived that night. So in similar circumstances, you might see that my life-mates would be a little paranoid if you weren't already carrying a cub.

I grinned. "Yes, I can see that. Normally I would be quick to dismiss the possibility of you siring a cub from a chakat because we are built so differently, but you seem to be in the habit of doing the impossible." A look of resignation came on my face and I sighed and said, "But we will never find out for sure, will we?" I brightened up a bit as I came to a decision. "Still, there is one thing that could bring you a lot closer to it. Boyce, will you be the Godparent to our cubs? I know that Goldfur would want this too."

An expression of delight came upon Boyce's face. "Would I? I'd be absolutely delighted to be a Godparent to a chakat cub or two. You wouldn't be able to keep me away!" He jumped excitedly to his feet, then pulled me up onto all fours and started whirling me around (or trying to, at least). He hugged me again and I laughed along with his joy.

We were both unwilling to break our cuddling, but it was almost time for him to leave. We both needed to clean up first and Boyce departed for the bathroom. I followed close behind after picking up my halter top. As I tied it into place, I realised that, for the first time in ages, the sense of pressure within my breasts had been relieved. The longing had been fulfilled and I had a general sense of aliveness. I thought to myself, "You can't possibly beat this for therapy!"

The admiral helped clean my fur, then, although he didn't really need help, I cleaned his. We didn't dally at this because, not only didn't we have the time, but we had already achieved what we had both wanted. Now was not the time to further our relationship on a physical basis.

Finally he was ready and it was time to leave. I said to him, "I will miss you so much while you are gone. One last kiss to say goodbye to me and the cub. Come back safely to us soon."

"Goodbye for now, love, but only for a while. I look forward to seeing you both soon." He drew me in for one last, lingering kiss. Then, slowly breaking away, he ran his hands down the fur on my body, finally reaching the place where life was growing within me. Cradling it in both hands, he slowly pressed a kiss to my pregnant belly. "Goodbye for now, little one."


To be continued in The Admiral & The Chakat #2: The Glade

Characters and story copyright 1997 Bernard Doove & Boyce Garald Kline Jnr.

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