About the artist:

G'day! I'm Chakat Goldfur and I'm here to introduce you to the art of my good mate, Bernard Doove. Bernard has been a furry as far back as he can remember, but because he lives in Australia, he did not know much about furry fandom until relatively recently. He started drawing seriously about 1993 and has been slowly improving.

The art you see here at The Chakat's Den consists of both old and new stuff. There are a lots of examples of his newer pieces that show his development. His favourite characters are 'taurforms like my species, the chakats and there are several portraits of me, my family and friends.


First let's get the legal stuff out of the way.

  1. All Bernard's art and stories are copyright © 1993-2007 Bernard Doove.
  2. Chakat characters are specifically his creation and remain his intellectual property, but you are free to use them provided you use them in accordance with how they are described on this website.
  3. You may pass these images on to your friends by electronic means without any form of alteration, but you may only do a print-out for your own collection.
  4. Please do not sell or collect these works onto another site or onto any storage medium (e.g. diskette, CD-ROM) without the express permission of the artist. (Personal back-ups excepted of course.)
  5. Various art, stories and background information that has hugely enhanced the Chakat Universe has been provided by various people such as, but not limited to, John Plunkett, Terry Knight, Kacey Miyagami, Boyce Kline, Leonardo Maffi, Mayra "Huskie" Boyle, and many, many others. Thanks go out to each and every one of you! All contributions remain copyright to the respective contributors.

Where do you find it?

Good. Now that's out of the way, you may want to know where to find some more of Bernard's work and what he has done.

Prints of some of his colour works are available directly from Bernard and also photocopies of his black & white pieces. Colour prints are $5 each, B&W are $1 each, and postage & packing are $4 flat rate.


While Bernard does occasionally take commissions, he's very slow and has little time to spare for drawing nowadays. If this doesn't put you off, feel free to ask. Bernard will do art rated from G to hard R, but not anything with excessive violence or sex. If in doubt, please inquire. He won't be offended with your suggestions, he just won't do anything that is not to his taste. His guideline rates are as follows, depending on the complexity of the piece:

Bernard will email you a scan of the finished work. If it done to your satisfaction, only then do you need to send any money. It is his intention that everyone gets value for money and be pleased with the results.

NOTE: Bernard Doove retains copyright on all work and may wish to make prints of the finished pieces.

A great deal of time, effort and money has gone into producing everything on The Chakat's Den, including the stories, art and other goodies of my own, Roy Pounds' website, and South Fur Lands. I do my best to promote all of these, and also sell goods at conventions, but it all takes its toll on my finances, especially travelling to America for the cons. If you feel you'd like to help me continue doing all this, perhaps you'd like to donate to the cause? The most convenient way is to use the PayPal link button on the right. All donations most gratefully accepted.

How to contact Bernard:

The easiest way to ask about commissions, or just simply have a chat, is to email him at or snail mail him at:

The Chakat's Den
2 Silverstone Drive
Cranbourne, VIC 3977

Come chat with a Chakat! Tail High!


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