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Listing of currently available images as of 19th February 2004.

All images are © 2004 Bernard Doove. Please do not alter in any way.

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[Fancy icon] Important Note: Some images are of an adult nature.
I will provide after the filename, a basic rating recommendation of each picture.
[G] General audience, [M] Mature, [A] Adults only: minors should not view.

Here's a handy sub-list of my most recent drawings.
The current list includes only images that were completed since my last update.
My apologies for keeping people waiting for so long since then!

  Rating and image filename Brief description
Featured Art

[Small Chakat Artemis image]

"In The Fields"
[G]    InTheFields.jpg Chakat Artemis working in the fields.
[G]    LookingToTheFuture.jpg Chakat Amber surveys the landscape.
[M]   RecliningSkunk.jpg Zaftig skunk daydreams of a lover.
[M]   Busted.gif Chakat Quickpaw shows hir busted straight.
[G]    Tiger_guy-ink.gif Head shot of a male tiger.
[A]    Open_Invitation.jpg Female cat makes her intentions plain.
[G]    At_The_Canyon.jpg Bluestripe and Redstripe at the Grand Canyon.
[M]   WindowView-color.JPG Foxtaur Ketta greets the new day.
[G]    Glaide.GIF Raccoon-taur.
[G]    Bodysuit-shaded.gif Caitian in a bodysuit.
[M]   Fox-n-Flowers.jpg Pretty vixen with flowers.
[A]    Leanna-n-Kris.jpg Leanna and Kris make love.
[G]    KettasTrial.gif Ketta faces her peers at her trial.
[G]    OnGuard.jpg Chakat Midnight guards Forestwalker.
[M]   Squirrelmunk.jpg Pretty squirrel-chipmunk cross.
[A]    KTL-FirstEncounter.jpg Kris, Trina & Leanna's first threesome.
[A]    KTL-SecondEncounter.jpg Kris, Trina & Leanna's second threesome.
[A]    KTL-ThirdEncounter.jpg Kris, Trina & Leanna's third threesome.
[G]    Caroller-card.jpg A joyful Christmas caroller.
[G]    Natasha.gif Weightlifting tigress.
  Convention sketches:  
[G]    GoldfurVisitsKerja.GIF Chakat Goldfur on hir way to visit Kerja.
[G]    Woggle-taur.jpg Woggle as a foxtaur.
[G]    Kittentaur.gif Ultra cute taur kitten.
[G]    ButterflyTail.gif A butterfly lands on a chakat's tail.
[A]    Morning_wood.gif Herm foxtaur with double trouble.
[A]    Leanna-DoYouLike.JPG Herm fennec asks if you like what you see.

Complete listing of all my authorised scans in alphabetical order.

The following list is without thumbnails to slow down the loading of this page. If you want to see the much more detailed listing with thumbnails like the one on the right, and descriptions for all the images, just go to The Katlist.

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For the masochistic, or just for people who have fast connections, here's the entire set of thumbnails all at once in the Super Katlist! Beware though. There are hundreds of thumbnails to download.

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Filename & Character(s) Filename & Character(s)
1st_song.gif   [G]   Black Wolf fem
3haiku.gif   [G]   Dog, Dolphins & Cat
4tit-kit.gif   [A]   Cat
a_chakat.gif   [G]   Chakat (felitaur)
Akane.gif   [M]   Generic furry
altarsk2.gif   [G]   Skunk
Anna-Silv.gif   [M]   Demon Wolves
Annataur1.gif   [G]   Centauress
Anticipation.gif   [G]   Ratel
Anticipation-col.jpg   [G]   Ratel
archer.gif   [G]   Foxtaur
asmodels.gif   [G]   Skunk, Vixen & Chakat
assets.gif   [M]   Chakat
At_The_Canyon.jpg   [G]   Chakats
backrub.gif   [G]   Chakat & Wolf
BBV.gif   [M]   Vixen
bch-bums.jpg   [G]   Lioness & Mare
BD-Xmas2000.jpg   [G]   Chakat cub
Best_Present.jpg   [G]   Chakat, Foxtaur
birthday.gif   [G]   Chakat
blindate.jpg   [G]   Fox & Bunny
blindat2.gif   [G]   Fox & Skunk
Blue-ICU.gif   [G]   Ratel
Bodallia.jpg   [G]   Lioness
Bodysuit-shaded.gif   [G]   Caitian
brestfed.gif   [A]   Chakat & Human
bridget.jpg   [M]   Squirrel lass
Busted.gif   [M]   Chakat
Butterfly.gif   [M]   Chakat
ButterflyTail.gif   [G]   Chakat
cabinfox.gif   [G]   Vixen
Caitian1.gif   [G]   Caitian (feline)
Caitian2.jpg   [G]   Caitian (feline)
car_away.gif   [G]   Chakat
Carefree.gif   [G]   Vixen
Caroller-card.jpg   [G]   Cat
casual.jpg   [G]   Mouse fem
cat-pet.gif   [M]   Cat
changes.gif   [G]   Wolf
Cheetah_chakat.gif   [G] Chakat
chkdncvr.jpg   [G]   Chakat & Cat
chktstaf.gif   [G]   Chakat
chkygrin.jpg   [G]   Wolf
Colliefrot-shaded.gif   [G]   English Collie
compar-g.gif   [G]   Rrakith & Human
Compare2.gif   [G]   Rrakith (feline) & Human
Contemplation.gif   [M]   Vixen
Contemplation.JPG   [M] Vixen (Colour by Hellenic)
Coragule-ink.gif   [M] Felinoid
Cornered.jpg   [G]   Mongoose
Corset-2.jpg   [G]   Skunk
CowboyBoots.gif   [M]   Vixen
Coyoteroo-sketch1.jpg   [G]   Coyote/Roo hybrid
crazy-oz.gif   [G]   Fox & Penguin-lady
dancassi.jpg   [G]   Foxtaurs
dance_bd.gif   [G]   Otter
darla.jpg   [G]   Doe
desiree.gif   [G]   Tigress
devilish.jpg   [G]   Canine
didntsee.jpg   [G]   Lioness
Divinia.gif   [G]   Winged kitten
Divinia-colour.jpg   [G]   Winged kitten
dr-lair1.gif   [G]   Dragoness & Human
dr-lair2.gif   [A]   Dragoness
dragonet.jpg   [M]   Dragoness
dsprtch.gif   [G]   Foxtaur cub
e_felna.jpg   [G]   Feline
elantii.jpg   [A]   Vixen
enraged.gif   [M]   Chakat
examnatn.gif   [G]   Rrakith (feline) & Human
expectng.gif   [M]   Chakat
Faleshkarti.gif   [A]   Alien vulpinoid
fascinat.gif   [M]   Lioness
fast-fox.gif   [G]   Vixen
FestivalDance.gif   [G]   Chakat & Foxtaur
Fire-lizard.gif   [G]   Chakat & Fire-lizard
Fire-lizard.jpg   [G]   Chakat & Fire-lizard (col.)
FirstContact.gif   [G]   Rrakith (feline)
FirstSnow.gif   [G]   Kangaroo & Wolf
fish-scr.gif   [G]   Cat
Fishing.gif   [G]   Chakat
Fishing-Sepia.gif   [G]   Chakat
fly_prob.gif   [G]   Chakat, Cheetah & Cat
flyvisit.jpg   [G]   Winged Cat
for_me.gif   [G]   Wolverine
Forest_Pregnant.gif   [G]   Chakat
Forestwalker.gif   [M]   Chakat
foxhunt.gif   [M]   Vixen & German Shepherd
Fox-n-Flowers.jpg   [M]   Vixen
foxy-col.gif   [M]   Vixen
foxy-cub.gif   [G]   Fox & Chakat cub
foxylady.gif   [M]   Vixen
frstkris.gif   [M]   Chakat & Fox
fulfillment.gif   [M]   Chakats
fur_lace.gif   [M]   Wolverine
fur_trek.gif   [G]   Lynx
furotca6.gif   [M]   Vixen
fxtrhntr.gif   [M]   Foxtaur vixen
Girlbunny.gif   [G]   Rabbit
Glaide.GIF   [G]   Raccoontaur
gnztour4.gif   [G]   Chakat
gnztour5.gif   [G]   Chakat & Fox
gnztour6.gif   [G]   Chakat & Fox
goldfur.jpg   [G]   Chakat
Goldfur-N-Chmarr.jpg   [M]   Chakat & Cheetah
goldtrix.jpg   [G]   Chakat & Rabbit
GoldfurVisitsKerja.GIF   [G]   Chakat
got_milk.gif   [G]   Chakat
gotcha.gif   [G]   Fox & Bear
grlnd-v3.jpg   [G]   Tiger
greeting.gif   [G]   Chakats, Vixen and Human
grytgsnt.gif   [G]   Chakat
halt_pol.gif   [G]   Mare
haremdnc.gif   [M]   Cat
harvmnst.jpg   [G]   Husky & Arctic wolf
He's_in.gif   [M]   Chakats & Human
helios-b.jpg   [M]   Foxtaur
herm-duo.jpg   [G]   Cheetahs
Heroic-chakat.jpg   [G]   Chakat
hextaur.jpg   [G]   Taurform Tigress
his_gift.gif   [G]   Vixen & Human
hoofing.gif   [G]   Deer
horsey.gif   [G]   Chakat & Fox cub
how_feel.gif   [G]   Foxtaur
hparents.gif   [G]   Bears
Hunter.jpg   [G]   Chakat cub
i-spy.gif   [G]   Fox & Cat
InTheFields.jpg   [G]   Chakat
intro-1.jpg   [G]   Chakats
intro-2.jpg   [G]   Chakats
intro-3.jpg   [G]   Chakat
intro_Garrek.gif   [G]   Chakat & Foxtaur
introduc.gif   [M]   Chakats
j-chorus.jpg   [G]   Rrakith (Felines)
jagafeh.gif   [G]   Winged Panther
Jumping.gif   [G]   Chakat
just_one.jpg   [G]   Chakat
Kahlah-shaded.gif   [A]   Kitsune & Human
kassar.gif   [G]   Rrakith (Felines)
Keciyl_On_Watch.jpg   [A]   Herm felinoid
KettasTrial.gif   [M]   Foxtaurs
Kittentaur.gif   [G]   Cat-taur
KTL-FirstEncounter.jpg   [A]   Foxes
KTL-SecondEncounter.jpg   [A]   Foxes
KTL-ThirdEncounter.jpg   [A]   Foxes
ladysknk.gif   [G]   Skunk
Lashka.jpg   [G]   Panthress
Leanna-DoYouLike.JPG   [A]   Fennec Fox
Leanna-n-Kris.jpg   [A]   Foxes
lern2luv.gif   [A]   Chakat & Foxtaur vixen
lindgold.gif   [G]   Cheetah
Lion'sPride.jpg   [G]   Lion
look-to.gif   [G]   Chakat
LookingToTheFuture.jpg   [G]   Chakat
loss.gif   [G]   Wolf
Lucinda.gif   [G]   Canine
Mandy.jpg   [A]   Snow Leopard & Cat
mansbest.gif   [G]   Dalmation fem
mayfur-g.gif   [G]   Fox
minstrel.gif   [G]   Chakat
Misa.gif   [G]   Otter
mistivar.gif   [G]   Bat
mnb-1g.gif   [G]   Dragoness & Human
mnb-2g.gif   [A]   Dragoness & Human
Morning_wood.gif   [A]   Foxtaur
mouse-ch.gif   [M]   Mouse
mychakat.gif   [G]   Chakat
Natasha.gif   [G]   Tiger
newchamp.gif   [G]   Cheetah
No_limits.gif   [G]   Chakat & Human
No_Littering.gif   [M]   Chakat
notmouse.gif   [G]   Cat
Now_what.jpg   [G]   Chakat kitten
nutmeg.jpg   [M]   Squirrel
OlympicSwimmer.jpg   [G]   Vixen
OnGuard.jpg   [G]   Chakats
Open_Invitation.jpg   [A]   Cat
Outclassed.jpg   [G]   Vixen & Kangaroo
oxygen.gif   [G]   Skunk
ozcon5.gif   [G]   Assorted furries
pat-erin.gif   [G]   Cat & Skunk
Perfect.gif   [G]   Skunk
Picnic.gif   [M]   Chakat & Human
PiratePanda.gif   [G]   Panda
PlumYayin.gif   [G]   Chakat
PlumYayin2.jpg   [G]   Chakat (Coloured)
PrivateDance2.gif   [G]   Cat
proposal.gif   [G]   Doe
pumped.gif   [G]   Cheetah
Purple-skunk.jpg   [G]   Skunk
Purteshka.gif   [G]   Foxtaur vixen
quickpaw.gif   [G]   Chakat
quikdip.jpg   [G]   Otter
quinnshn.gif   [G]   Raccoon & Panda
quirelle.gif   [A]   Skunk
qurisami   [G]   Linsang
r_at_bch.gif   [M]   Black Cat
rac_cub.gif   [G]   Raccoon
rachel.gif   [M]   Black Cat
ram-bo.gif   [G]   Sheep
ranger.jpg   [G]   Chakat
rat-taur.gif   [G]   Rat
RecliningSkunk.jpg   [A]   Skunk
rescue.gif   [G]   Chakat
rhydia.jpg   [G]   Snow Leopard/ Panther cross
rrakith1.gif   [A]   Rrakith (Feline)
rrakith2.gif   [G]   Rrakith
rrakith3.gif   [A]   Rrakith
sabrina1.gif   [G]   Skunk
sabrina2.gif   [G]   Skunk
Sandwalker.gif   [G]   Chakat
scandal.gif   [M]   Tigers
SeaKitty.jpg   [M]   Cat
SeeToes.jpg   [M]   Arctic fox
sfl-2.gif   [G]   Lion cub
sfl-6.gif   [G]   Kangaroo
sfl-10.gif   [G]   Chakat & Kangaroo
sfl-16.jpg   [G]   Kangaroos, Chakat & Fox
sharra.gif   [M]   Squirrel
Sherlock.gif   [G]   Chakat
shutupdl.gif   [G]   Foxtaur
sissy.jpg   [G]   Mouse
sketchpd.jpg   [G]   Wolf
sknktaur.gif   [G]   Skunk
Skunktaur2.gif   [G]   Skunk
Skunktaur3.gif   [G]   Skunk
skunkwlf.gif   [G]   Skunk/Wolf cross
slinky_b.gif   [G]   Ferret-taur
snowgame.gif   [G]   Rrakith & Human children
soon-col.jpg   [M]   Wolf bitch
sparring.gif   [G]   Rrakith (feline) & Human
Spon1.gif   [G]   Squirrel
splshdwn.gif   [G]   Chakat
Squirrelmunk.jpg   [M]   Squirrel/chipmunk cross
Stargazer.gif   [G]   Herm feline
starry.gif   [G]   Dog fem
Stepping_out.gif   [M]   Foxtaur vixen
stnkngld.gif   [G]   Skunk & Chakat
Stretch.gif   [M]   Chakat
studying.gif   [G]   Raccoon
SuperColliePose.jpg   [G]   English Collie
superpan.jpg   [G]   Panda
surprise.gif   [G]   Skunk & Feline
svelte-2.gif   [G]   Mustelid
t_beauty.gif   [M]   Bear
tabitha.jpg   [M]   Tabby-cat fem
tailhigh.jpg   [G]   Skunk & Canine victim
tasha.jpg   [M]   Reindeer doe
Tasha-BD.jpg   [A]   Husky
taurseat.gif   [G]   Panda & Chakat
Tease.gif   [M]   Foxtaur vixen
terri-1.gif   [A]   Tigress/Polymorph
Terri-c2.jpg   [M]   Tigress
the_wish.gif   [A]   Bear
Tiger_guy-ink.gif   [G]   Tiger
too_many.gif   [G]   Chakat & Canine
touching.gif   [G]   Rrakith (feline) & Human
Tragic.gif   [G]   Fox
treetops.gif   [G]   Squirrel
trixi-b.jpg   [G]   Rabbit
trnapreg.gif   [M] Arctic Vixen
truelove.gif   [G]   Foxtaur & Chakat
trxgreet.gif   [G]   Chakat & Rabbit
ursula.gif   [G]   Bear
useful.gif   [G]   Cat
valeta.gif   [G]   Bat
venka.jpg   [M]   Wingless bat
VickiRibbon.jpg   [G]   Vixen
vickyrug.jpg   [M]   Vixen
visiting.jpg   [G]   Fox & Chakats
washing.gif   [G]   Chakat
wave.gif   [G]   Rrakith (Feline)
Weightlifting.jpg   [G]   Skunk
welcome.jpg   [G]   Chakat
Wereroo.gif   [G]   Were Kangaroo
why.gif   [A]   Bears
WindowView-color.JPG   [M]   Foxtaur vixen
Windswept.jpg   [G]   Foxtaur Vixen
wishful.jpg   [M]   Black Cat
Woggle-taur.jpg   [G]   Foxtaur
wolfgang.gif   [G]   Wolf
wretched.gif   [G]   Vixen
x-furs.gif   [G]   Fox, Mouse
xmas99bd.jpg   [G]   Chakat
xmasgift.gif   [G]   Fox & mouse
Yellow's_Surprise.gif   [G] Ratel
YiffClass-BD1.gif   [M] Foxes & Chakat
YiffClass-BD2.jpg   [M] Wolf & Chakat
YiffClass-BD3.jpg   [M] Fox & Chakat
Yoohoo.gif   [M]   Squirrel
You're_Home!.jpg   [G] Ratel & Dalmatian
Zonie-trib-BDMM.gif   [G]   Coyote & Giraffe


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