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Please note that all adult-rated drawings are listed separately underneath the G-rated section.
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Tea & Tenderness
page 1

Tea & Tenderness
page 2

Tea & Tenderness
page 3

Tea & Tenderness
page 4

Lost His Mind

To Each Their Own
Part 1

To Each Their Own
Part 2

Stella Blueprints

Ya Gotta Fix That Squeak!

Alyssa Transforms

Enjoying The Smells

The World Goes Mad

Hamlin St
page 1

Hamlin St
page 2

Hamlin St
page 3

Hamlin St
page 4

Hamlin St
page 5

Hamlin St
page 6

Hamlin St, Epilog
page 1 - uncensored

Hamlin St, Epilog
page 2 - uncensored

Hamlin St, Epilog
page 1 - censored

Hamlin St, Epilog
page 2 - censored

Prickly Situation

Thus Begins Another
Busy Day

Mallek, Jallor & Rikkal

No Trouble At All

Desert Scavengers


Quange Ingenuity

Harry And Lupin

Care For A Stroll?

Kerry's Secret Spot

Surprise Encounter

Savannah's Cart

Trade Ya!

Fixing Up The

Starwalker Breed
Stellar Foxtaur

So Get It Off!

There's No Way That I
Can Eat All That!

My Twin Sisters

Humans Only!

Impulse Buyers

Just A Light Touch
On The Throttle



The following art is all mature-rated and should not be downloaded by persons under the age of eighteen (or whatever is the legal age in your country). Following these links is a declaration that you are of a legal age to view such material.

Skunk Beauty

I'm In The Mood

Pregnant Muse


High Maintenance
Type Female


Love At First Bite

Predator And Prey

Back In The Saddle

Under The Eyes
Of Inari

Motherly Pride,
Brotherly Love

Windrunner's Birth

All art is © 2006 Roy D. Pounds II.
Do not alter in any way or use without permission.

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