This is my General Audience colour archive.

This page last updated 8th August 2004.

PAGE 7: C O L O R   Part 2

One's Diplomatic

Magical Musical

Reading Lesson

Like... Bummer!

Another Mr Foxy


Mandy's Dream

Wash-up Time

Empress Of The
Tidal Zone

Smile Everybody

The Bravest
Of The Bold

Chakat Hacky-sack

A Convertible?

A Great Horse

Y'all Better
Get Outta Here

Outback Sketching

Shaman's Staff

That'll Teach You!

A Shower After
A Bath

Expectant Seahorses

The Werewolf Meteor
Here's a cool animation
for you to look at. The
art is mine, the coloring
is by Starlight, and
the lot was turned into
an animated GIF by
Bernard Doove. Enjoy!

The following images are samples of Black & White art which
were excellently coloured in Photoshop by Starlight.

Please check out Starlight's home page for more great art!

All art is © 2004 Roy D. Pounds II.
Do not alter in any way or use without permission.

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