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PAGE 4: Black & White (part 3)

Not a Morning Person

Mr.Instructor, Sir!


I Love This Job!

Steam-Powered Computer

One Night at the Hospital

Getting Old for Dummies

Good Idea, Bad Idea

No Greater Feeling

How Many Fingers?

Fixing The Guardian

Great View, Isn't It?

Halloween Story #1

Halloween Story #2

H-bomb Facts

Heavy Local Traffic

No MARX-Rated Movies

Don't Make Me Use This

Riddle of the Sphinx

Spider In The Rain

Start Spreading The News

We'll Take It In A Bit

Pop Goes The Chakat

The Littlest Clockwatcher

Littlest Clockwatcher
Part 2a

Littlest Clockwatcher
Part 2b

Turran Fisher

Turran Mated Pair

Drawin' Blanks

Long May You Run

Cosmic Mother

Let 'Er Rip!



Bitter Tears

Spring Dance

Close To Term
The image on the right is the same theme as the
original on the left drawn in 1991. I wanted to
re-do this to show how my drawing techniques
and skills have improved over the years.

Both Mothers-to-be

AYSS Flyer

Bipedal Morph

Musicians Of Bremen


More to come!

All art is © 1999 Roy D. Pounds II.
Do not alter in any way or use without permission.

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