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Here you will find the rest of my previously uploaded art.

Please note that some of these images are Adult rated. These will be marked [A] while [M] is Mature audience and [G] is General viewing.

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"Boss Hoss"
Character study of Hoss himself.
"Boss Chakat!"
Boss Hoss undergoes a chakat transformation... without checking the fine print.
"Muse of Furrydom"
The Muse of furrydom guides Hoss at his drawing table.
Equinon, a.k.a "Lil' Trouble-Maker", an equisydhe.
"Bunny & Clydesdale"
The famous bank-robbing furry duo.
"Karl Lupin"
Lt. Karl Lupin of the Mutant Animal Commandos.
"Bear-barian Tribes"
Not just a job... it's an adventure!
Military furries on parade. The first art I ever did on commission.
"Furry Transformation"
Not having learnt his lesson, Scott tries another magical transformation.
Art by Bernard Doove, color by the victim.
"Greetings from Furstead"
Lt. Tabby Lowell, U.S.A.A.F. shows off his airplane's furry nose art.
"Hoss (Dallas Brawl)"
This is a variation of My Brawl self-character for an area I now call BRAWL-bedo. Albedo Refs © 1997 S.A.Gallacci.
"Hoss (Albedo)"
This is what I think I should look like on the world that I should have been born in. (Albedo © 1997 S.A.Gallacci)
"Dollie, The Mellon Collie"
I thought of this one while listening to a Smashing Pumpkins interview about their new album. I started thinking: What is a mellon collie?
"Dollie 2"
Dollie takes exception to My furverted ideals of beauty and talks to Me directly.
"Bad Noise"
The rock band used in My party I'm holding in the D.B.U.
"Critter At The N.Y. Office"
This is a pencil sketch of a self character for My Mutant Animal Commandoes universe. He is their leader. (M.A.Co. © 1997 myself)

  All art is © 1997 to Scott Teel, with the exception of "Furry Transformation" which is © 1997 to Bernard Doove.

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Furry Forever!
Boss Hoss

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