[Image of Boss Hoss] Welcome to My page!
(Many thanks to Chakat Goldfur for providing it.)

I am Boss Hoss. In My true form, I am a bay stallion-'morph standing 6'4", with black points and three digit hands, usually found in S.A.Gallacci's "Albedo"® universe. In My current form, I am a human currently residing in Hector, Arkansas. I am 28 years old, 5'8", brown-haired and (*ahem*) slightly overweight. I have an intermediate form in the "Dallas Brawl Update" zap-apa from Laughing Coyote Press.

You can find My works in Silverfox Publications' Furryphile and Furrottica, Knechtshaft Studio's Fox One and Victoria's Secret and, recently, Karl Maurer's Fur Visions and Fur Plus.

I hope you like what you find here. I will have more art appearing here as soon as I can arrange it.

Here are some links to sites that I like:

[Go bare-pawed now!]

And now, My art! Click on the thumbnail to get the full-sized picture.

Please note that some of these images are Adult rated. These will be marked [A] while [M] is Mature audience and [G] is General viewing.

Thumbnail DescriptionThumbnailDescription
"Wanna Ride?"
The final inking of my first full sketch. (The first two are still in progress.)
"First Vision: Ride"
I finally bring Wanna Ride? to the original idea in my mind: that of my transformation pic.
"Like Cats And Dogs"
Color copy of "Man/Woman" assignment for typography.
"H is For..."
Color copy of "Letter" assignment in typography.
"Where are my WHAT!?!"
Chakat-Wemic first contact. A curious Chakat's first encounter on a planet of Wemics.
I and my IRC mate, Moonstone, the Arctic Wolf.
"Moonstone Side-study"
A drawing of my mate from the side.
"Boss Hoss: Swimsuit Edition"
Zephrey's vision of me for a swimsuit edition of the Dallas Brawl Update.
"Scar's Cub"
The real reason that none of the lionesses had Scar's cub...

All art is © 1997 to Scott Teel, with the exception of "Boss Hoss: Swimsuit Edition" which is © 1997 to Zephery.

 Click here for my previously uploaded art.

I am currently without an email account. Messages can be left with Bernard Doove but cannot be guaranteed to be delivered anytime soon.

Furry Forever!
Boss Hoss

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