What is RSS?

RSS means 'Really Simple Syndication' and is an easy way to keep up to date with many online blog and information sites with many of them supporting RSS feeds.

Instead of going around from site to site looking up information wouldn't it be nice to have it all delivered to you to go through and decide what you want to read? That's what RSS feeds are for. With an RSS Feed enabled browser or an RSS Feed Reader you can recieve live feeds from a variety of sources around the internet, including my own site here.

How can I start to use it?

There are many wasy to read RSS Feeds, by Feed enabled browsers, RSS Feed reading programs, email clients, chat clients, RSS is everywhere. Below is a list of methods you can use to read the RSS news feed on this site.

If you have an RSS enabled browser of RSS Feed reading program, it will probably automatically detect the RSS feed and add it to your watchlist. Or you can simply click or drag the button below to add the RSS to your list:


If this doesn't work for you there are a number of other methods you can use to obtain an RSS feed:

RSS Enabled browsers

Here are a couple of browsers I know that have RSS Feed tacking features.

  • Firefox
    FireFox supports 'Live Bookmarks', links to RSS feeds which constantly update.

  • Maxthon
    This is an IE based tabbed browser which includes an RSS Feed collection.

RSS Reader programs

You can also download a RSS reader application on your computer to track feeds.

  • RssMate
    RSSMate is a free compact RSS news and weblog reader. RSSMate was designed for simplicity and compactness and unlike many RSS readers, does not attempt to emulate features of a web browser. Simple, light-weight and robust. Free download.

  • FeedReader
    A lightweight open-source aggregator that supports RSS and ATOM formats. It works under all version of Windows. Free download.

  • GreatNews
    Similar to FeedReader but with a few more features including page styles and tag grouping and a bit more omph under the hood. Free download.

  • wTicker
    This is a really good, if complicated, program that displays a scrolling ticker across your screen with your RSS feeds. Also has a 'watch for' function for keywords. This program is fairly heavy duty, but packed with lots of features and comes with a tonne of RSS feeds already installed. Free download.

  • And many many more...
    A site full of RSS Readers for most platforms including WIndows, MacOS and Linux.

Other RSS Feeds

Here are a few of my favourite RSS feeds.




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