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During the Ancestral Wars, when the two universes collapsed, the crests where born to seal the universe and their corrupted guardians forever. Basically, the Crests are the representations of the twelve spirits of the Core that are fused with special life forms: the Animal Warriors. The Crests are passed through the generations and have been since the beginning of time…



Mostly, it's like the old Earth. It all began when six of the Crest warriors came from a far away planet when they were babies, carrying the Crest of Legend inside their bodies.
Different native humans raised them here, on different parts of the earth.

Time passed while the rest of the Crest, the other six, returned to this planet... A great battle for life began. At the same time, a Great War started in Drakonia, the planet where the Dragons guard the Core of the universe. During the war, the twelve Crests are reunited, preserving the seal of the Prime Astral Planum. In this time of crisis, the Earth was destroyed. The Crest, now in Drakonia, with the aid of the humans, used their combined power and the power of the Core to slowly regenerate the planet.

One thousand years later, the Mother Planet Earth was reborn as the Neo Earth. The Crests, Furs, and humans return to it and started a new life, all together. The humans evolve a little in that time. And now many of them can control the life energy. The planet is bigger than before, but don't expect the futuristic look you find in science fiction stuff. Nature and science come together now with a traditional, ancestral look. Many countries and places exist once more. The furs and the humans live together in peace and the twelve Crests live there too, preserving the planet that is now their home.





I lived in Scandinavia all my childhood, but now that I'm a little older, I moved to a city named Prism, near the famous Prime Education Center , where I study now. I like to visit other places too: Kate and her family live in Japan (near that cool hot springs), and miss Ambar in China . Miss Geecku in the vast jungle in the south. Xeánica's home is in the ocean and miss Feather lives on the north continent with her son. The other Crests are harder to find: Miss Grace settled dow with kayin, the newcomer, Minos stoped followind her and I hear he`s now working in some kind of farm... Pulsar usually lives with miss Ambar, but most of the time hangs around both poles... and I don't know where Zem-Deth lives... and I plan to respect his space... its healthier for me.



Miss Ambar is the owner of the biggest company in Neo Earth. The headquarters is in China , more specifically in Hong Kong . It has influence in just about everywhere and practically owns everything... but hey! This isn't a monopoly, is just that her discoveries changed the way the people live now... check what's next and see...



What are those things? They were the biggest... and I mean the BIGGEST advancement of the millennium. Combining the discoveries in particle acceleration (with the help of miss Kate and her amazing speed) and the properties of the Zauries bodies (with the help of miss Zephy here), the Nano-Zells were born. They are nano-machines, but they are also considered a new life form, so now they live in symbiosis with the humans and furs, just like the Dragon Gods and the Zauries do. Their uses are vast: medicine, construction, maintenance, communications, and my favorite: videogames! AI based videogames are very popular, mostly the RPG's (Pokemon World is still one of my favorites). The Nano-Zell's are able to create worlds as vast as the real ones and their inhabitants are so complex that they're almost real.



Another important thing comes with the use of the “N-Z” everywhere. The personal computers (or any other form of processor), usually called Terminals, are now N-Z based. And because of that they all have their own mind and even personality. These form of AI takes the form (on screen) of an animal or imaginary character, unique on each, called Spirits. The Spirits vary depending of the power and complexity of the terminal... and even the uses that they have. Some terminals, like the Nano-Cybers of miss Ambar and her daughter Naerie have very complex spirits by being Apogeo, which is the Main Central computer and the most complex of them all.



Here is where the Prime school is located. Prism is the greatest city on the entire planet.
It's located in the New Continent on the Pacific Ocean . This is the place that anybody knows and wants to visit! I have an apartment here, close to the Prime Center . This is the home of miss Ambar's Great Tower , the home of her Main Central NZ computer: Apogeo. Prism is also the place were the "Festival of the Crest" is held. Here, in the great stadium, people all over the world come to celebrate the fall of the Empire and the birth of our New Earth.



Students of every age come to this prestigious place. It's the most important school on the planet. It is located in Prism (miss Ambar was the initiator). And it welcomes students for all over the globe. The Center has hover capabilities, which allows it to travel to distant places of the planet with all the students. Vixy, Naerie, Shin, and Penny study here,



Located in India , this secret temple acts as the gate that connects this planet to other worlds. It is also the place where Galihr raised Bengala. This was the place where the Earth Warriors gathered at first, and from were they traveled to the Prime Planet. Only Zephy has the key to open the Gate to Drakonia, the resting place of the Core itself.

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