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Yes, that's my real name, but I like the name Chalo more. Sooo, you came here to know more about me? That's easy. I'm a male, born in El Salvador (that's the smallest country in Central America ) in 1976 (do the math). I been drawing since I was very little, but I began to do it more seriously about five or six years ago, that's when I began to make my own original chars, who were dragons, and then my first furry chars later. I also began to make stories for them.

I'm still at college, studying Graphic Design while attending the lil grocery store my family owns and using my free time to keep doing my favorite hobby: drawing. I'm not near as good as I would want but I always try to do it the best I can, even if sometimes I feel that it's becoming too much important... I must learn to take it easy sometimes, hehehehe.

Well, there's not much I can say about me. I love to play videogames. I like manga and anime a lot. But I also like to read and go to the movies. I like almost any kind of food, traditional or from other regions.

What I don't like? There's not enough things I can think of really, but maybe I don't like the same stuff normally the rest of the world doesn't, but I like to see myself as someone that respects every point of view and different ways of thinking.

That will be enough, I don't want you to fall asleep were you are. And if you think I'm interesting enough to the point of wanting to chat with me, there's several ways to contact me. But please, I'm still a busy guy so I can't spend that much time interacting with the rest of the world (yeah riiiight!)


AOLscreen name: Chalosan