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I'm open to do commissions, so if u want to ask me one here's some info so please read it carefully before contacting me, thanks.


Normally I draw furries but drawing humans is not a problem so you also can ask me that. The type of pic can vary from pure cutness, PG to a mature pic. yes I can do hentai (mature pics) too but one thing: I only do what I find "tasteable" so don't ask me gruesome or disgusting stuff. Sensual nudity is prefered if you chosse that kind of pic.


Skech or pencil pic: $10

Inked pic: about $15

CG colored pic: $35 or more

of course that's just and estimate. Every type of commission's price can vary depending of the complexity of the pic, how many characters apears on it, or if it have a background..


Pencil and inked pics are mailed to you. Fully colored pics are other thing: if you noticed, I just color in my PC, so u can get a print of the pic as well as the original inked one.
If you don't want to take the risk of the pic being lost or stolen, you may choose to only get the pic online. Believe or not, many people does =3


If you think all that stuff is agreeable u contac me via e-mail, telling me the type of commission you want and what do u want on it, details, etc. After we both agree about the price I can beging to work. You get to see the pic as it progress to make sure is done in the way u want.
Due to some prblems I had before, I decided to do the final job in a pic only when I receive the payment (sorry but that's my way)


International money order works fine for me. You can send cash too, but that's more risky I think.

Alright, I think that was all. It may look a bit messy to ask me a commission but is not. If u still have doubts or any other question not covered here you can contact me here at any time: (via MSN too)

copyright Chalo 2003