Star Wars

A New Beginning

  It is night. You stare up at the night sky, looking wistfully at the Stars. All those stars - all those billions of beings - in all shapes, forms and appearances - and up there - in the cold harshness of space, is the greatest battle the Galaxy has ever known. Brave people from around the Galaxy have joined the 'Rebel Alliance' - a band dedicated to the overthrow of the evil 'Galactic Empire'. You sigh longingly and close your eyes, dreaming of one day being amongst those glittering jewels up there - that sparkle like diamonds scattered across the black velvet of space....


    You're blasted out of your sleep by the emergency klaxon's shrieking aboard your ship, and you bolt upright in your narrow bed, and drop down to the cold steel deck of your ship. There is a second of displacement, then your ship drops out of hyperspace, the red warning lights blazing incandescently as you rush to the cockpit of your freighter and sweep your gaze over the console. Blasts of laser fire rock your freighter like a child's toy boat, and you hear the sizzle of vaporising hull plating. Cursing, you see bright blue lightning bolts play across the controls, and your ship bucks under the merciless pounding.
  "Computer - damage report!" You scream, buckling yourself in and trying to wrest control of your freighter.
  "Sir - main drives are non-functional, shields are down, hull integrity at 97% and falling..." Replies the ever cheerful voice of the shipboard computer.
Swearing like the tired, worn-down tramp freighter captain you are, you flick up the nav-charts and stare incredulously at the information that blazes out at you from the console.
  "Where in space - " You mutter.

    You take stock of your situation.  Your nav-charts show a system that you've never even heard of before - and judging by its responses, neither has it. Another laser blast strikes your ship and the nav-computer emits a feeble squeal of overloading circuits and shorts out, cascading sparks coming from it as the circuits fry. Great - you're lost - your navi-computer ruined - and with no-idea where you are, you begin to truly wonder what is to become of you.  You swiftly run your sensors over the attacking vessels - and even these are no help to you. Your sweep reveals alien vessels, the likes your shipboard computer has never seen before Yet another sickening barrage of laser fire pummels your ship, and you hear the main drives whine and go dead, as sparks and flames erupt from the consoles filling the air with the stench of melted servomechanisms and insulation. Another lurch is felt - this time, its the unmistakable feel of a tractor beam locked on to your light freighter.

    As the massive warship's shadow darkens your cockpit, you begin to sweat.  Are they friendly - or are they enemies?  Unholstering your blaster pistol, you feel your ship being tractored in to docking bay onboard this massive warship. Either way - you intend to find out, and they'll not take you without a fight.....

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