This site is Paranoia-Friendly

I believe in websites that use as little functionality as necessary to get the job done, and take the simplest route possible. I believe pop-ups should be handled with target=_blank, and menus should not require Flash or Java[Script] to function. Any time critical functional elements require such bells and whistles, you're just ASKING for it to break on someone's computer, especially if that someone is paranoid (like me) and has turned off such features. It's even worse when the culprits are major corporate sites with customers to reach; your page being non-viewable is a good way to alienate them.

To that end, this site does not use Java, JavaScript, VBScript, or any other form of client-side script. The only plugin/ActiveX it uses is whatever you have installed to play MIDI files, and, while you're missing out on the full experience if you can't, the site's functionality is in no way dependant on this.

Privacy is a concern to me. The counter uses simple server-side PHP that I wrote myself, and does no data collection or IP logging, nor does any other part of the site collect information of any kind. The only data I have on this site's usage or its visitors is the single integer seen in the top-right corner of the page.