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Everything which is very old... Um, yup, make that "ancient"...


Wtf?! It's an update! One new art piece, check it out! I would still sort of like to get ceramics stuff uploaded, but I have no clue when it might happen; sorry. I have a few REALLY good pieces that aren't even done.


Another minor update... Sparhawk pointed out my 'links' section was unformatted... thanks, SH! :^)


Ack! Getting the ceramics gallery up has flopped for the moment... the links have appeared, but I have yet to sort and otherwise prepare my photos for posting. Anyway, there IS new stuff in my other galleries, so go check it out already! In other news, I decided to restructure the site's internal organization... unless you've been paying attention to the actual address of the various hyperlinks, you shouldn't notice the change (assuming I didn't break anything... if I did, please tell me!).


Wow, guess it's been a while... Anyway, I've been struggling with technology and such (various issues have been keeping me busy and/or offline but are finally resolved... at least today). I had a chance to play with clay recently (I know someone with a studio of sorts not too far from me), and by popular demand, I think I'm going to post some of it. Perhaps later, when my tablet gets unpacked again (after a major re-arrangement my computer space) I'll do some more "traditional" stuff. Look for further updates in the art news section.


MERRY CHRISTMAS! Your Christmas presents, all of you nice enough to drop by... the new piece "Yipper" in CAKitFox's gallery,  which is the source of an all-new and expanded "Techniques" section (in the Misc. gallery)!


Hey, look! CSS! Yes, the new look is here! (Not much different, is it? *wink* ...had to redo most of the menu graphics, but I think it was worth it!)
Aye, bug-fixes, too... stoopid Netscape is more picky than IE. Ok, so it IS different, but not nearly as different as most redesigns I've seen. Easier to read, I hope!


Yay, an update! Planning to overhaul the site design (slightly) if I ever get around to it... stay tuned.


Whew! Sub-frames are fun! Menus done the easy, and COMPATIBLE way! No ugly redirection, scripting, java, etc, just good-old framesets in other frames. Anyway, the site's been getting a massive overhaul, which is finally complete. There's some new art, too.


Yay, I'm hosted again! Thanks,, you guys rock! Crosswinds was being annoying before, and then one day they decided to start spilling popup ads onto their site... when I signed up, they EXPLICITLY promised that they would NEVER have ads... Needless to say, I was rather ticked off, and have been looking for a new webhost ever since. But, I'm BAAAAAAACK!


Yike!! It's been almost a year since my last update! Oh, well... haven't done much, changed the "Intro" page, and moved all the news to "Archive"... I hope to have some new art put up at some point approximating "near future"... Incidentally, the date is "wrong"... the update will actually occur whenever I can get Crosswinds FTP to talk to me again.


Page is finally back up! A file-system error on the servers randomly deleted about half the files. Fortunately, most of the big ones weren't lost. Everything should be back up, now.


I just realized I never added BrightAngel to the main page... wonder why... Well, shi's up there now!


Uploaded some of my own artwork!! GO SEE IT!


No updates in almost a month... I'm not dead, just working on non-art projects... don't expect progress for a while.

*sigh* It's a sad world we live in. A bunch of people just shredded me to pieces because of the content of another site... they were complaining that it was offensive, and that I didn't warn them, blah blah blah, even though it WAS marked...
Still others complained about the stuff here, as well. I would not truly classify anything on this site as "adult" or whatever, and I hope I never will; I certainly don't plan to. Unfortunately, I still had to post warnings, which I truly and deeply regret needing to do... Some people can be so insensitive...


Added the news section (duh). I decided I should have one for random posts that wouldn't really fit on the site elsewhere. Though I forgot why I had originally wanted to make this page :^).