Note that this page will not necessarily have all the art news, nor is it updated often.


Nothing big, just some housecleaning. As threatened, my "Family" gallery has been turned into a "Guest" gallery (with a whopping 1 image; won't you please draw me some art? *puppy-eyes*). The rest, which was all stuff I'd drawn, got moved to a second "old stuff" section of my personal gallery.


Happy Epiphany! I missed the Christmas season by one day; bummer. But you get a present anyway! Check out my new piece in my gallery; I think it's pretty spectacular.

I'm seriously thinking about doing prints. As of a few months ago, all new work I start is being done at sizes around 8"x10" (as aspect ration allows) at 300 dpi. Obviously, I won't be posting anything at that size, but if you'd be interested in full-resolution prints, please feel free to drop me a line. Right now all I have posted is the Christmas piece, but there's another already in the works, and as I've said, most of my future pieces will also be print-ready.

Looking back on the site, I see I should really have this piece in the "Family" gallery instead of my personal gallery, but I think I'm going to shut down that system in favor of a more traditional "guest" gallery. Look for some site rearranging some time in the future. Maybe I'll finally get some of the long-promised ceramics pictures up at the same time.


Oops! Well, I guess it HASN'T been a year since I touched the page... just nearly so; the date on my last news item was wrong. Oddly, this wasn't the update I was expecting to do; I only have one new thing for you, and it's not even furry (but it's from a furry story - that I doubt I'll ever write). I've been mostly distracted by my other passion - software writing. Actually, my most recent thing will hopefully help with the 3D stuff that will be feeding my 2D art in the future. But that's a LOOONG story. Maybe some day I'll devote a whole page to it. 

I also decided to change the format of my dates for the benefit of non-American people that list month and day in a more sensible order (yeah, I'm fond of metric too *grin*), and I culled the archive (some of the stuff is completely irrelevant, and sufficiently personal that I decided it probably shouldn't be sitting around in an archive for so long).

And in FURTHER unrelated news, I added a link to my LiveJournal. Go see it in Links. Also did some clean-up (my VCL link was for the mirror, which apparently no longer exists) and added a new web comic.

Just when you thought I was done, I now have HAIKU on the site. Go read them!

Still no news on the clay-stuffs; I got a new camera and may re-take photos of the old stuff, and I still don't have pictures of the new, and best stuff (which FINALLY got fired a few months ago, some several months after it was started).

And one more note; even though I I suck at updating, my site's still here, and it's still ad-free. Thanks all at, I love you guys *hugs*.