The Home of StarLight

Chakat StarLight from Human

(usually a chakat, sometimes a tiger, dragon, half-anthro gryphon, or winged anthro feline -- limited shapeshifter, two kaya transformations)

Lifemates: Chakat GoldenFire the First, Chakat SwiftFox the First (deceased), Sparhawk (usually an infested weregryphon, or an infested gryphtaur -- limited shapeshifter)
Other mates: Chakat SandyShore the First (deceased), Vega (a ceihyiin), Chakat DarkMoon (StarLight's "evil" twin)
Cubs: Chakat SnowStorm of SandyShore and SwiftFox (deceased), Chakat SoftSand of StarLight and GoldenFire (deceased), Chakat PepperSpots of GoldenFire and StarLight (deceased), Chakat CopperSun of SwiftFox and StarLight (deceased), Chakat PumpkinStripes of StarLight and SwiftFox (deceased), Chakat Calikon of StarLight and Vega (a ceihyiin-chakat), Chakat BrightAngel of StarLight and Sparhawk (a chakat in spite of mixed heritage), Chakat StarDawn of DarkMoon and StarLight (or StarLight and DarkMoon, depending on how you look at it!)

I used to have codes here, but I decided to get rid of them... they weren't maintained, for one, and I didn't really care... maybe some time they'll come back, but by far the best way to find out what I look like is by perusing my self-portraits!


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