Furry (serious) Haiku

Each day I wonder
Will I ever have a tail?
My heart is pining

As I'm sure many furs will attest, there are times when being human is downright painful (emotionally). Every now and then, I have one of those moments (poem was not written during one of them, however).

Furry (light-hearted) Haiku

Stealthily I creep
But wind changes direction
Lost the deer again

Absurd Haiku

I'm as bored as you
I don't have a thing to do
I shall write Haiku

I originally wrote this for a poetry collection I had to do for school. I mostly did poetry mocking the form I had to write it in.

I don't quite recall
How to write this thing known as
Japanese Haiku

I had an opportunity to post a mocking Haiku on SH's LiveJournal, but couldn't recall the previous poem, so I came up with this one...

You might wish to ask
What on Earth is a Haiku?
Japanese nonsense!

...and when his reply apparently failed to notice what I'd done, I made up yet another. This one didn't make my comment and went over IM instead, but I hoard all things poetry, and so got the idea to put these down somewhere. That's what caused this page to come into existence.

When I'm exhausted,
A trite reply is better
Than wit, late at night

In reply to the previous Haiku, SH attempted to write a limerick pleading lack of recent sleep, and in the process discovered that limericks are difficult. However, I still liked the poem, and especially the idea it conveyed. This is the same, re-rendered in Haiku format.

Writing poetry
Unexpected side effects:
Loss of sanity

Twisting in the wind
Watching scattered thoughts fly by
I've lost my marbles

These last two are a result of the page's original title (it started with just Absurd Haiku) and the title of my LiveJournal; The Deranged Chakat. So I thought I'd write a few that were a little 'off the rocker' as it were.

When one mocks a thing
They must hate it, but love it
Else how can they mock?

Respectful Haiku

A Haiku may be
The world's most beautiful thing
Known as poetry

This one, and the last one in the 'Absurd' category come from a feeling of guilt over writing so many ironic/parody Haikus; it's really a beautiful (and FUN!) form. Unfortunately, being so good makes it so much easier (and so much more entertaining) to abuse *grin*.