Many thanks first to Bernard Doove, a.k.a. Goldfur, who invented the chakat species in the first place, and who has shared some art over time.
Thanks also to Roy D. Pounds, a.k.a. the California Kit Fox, who has happily shared his work with me.
Myself! (right... but if you got lost somehow, you can get back... and feel free to use the button to link to my site!)

Links (General):

My LiveJournal. Please give it traffic! *wink*

Links (Art):

Dee Dreslough, who's also an awesome artist!
More art than any sane person could really hope to see. Two different mirrors for you to try.

Links (Web Comics):

Only the BEST furry comic strip online! Been running for almost forever, now! (The buttons are different mirrors)
Another strange but interesting quasi-furry comic.
Another excellent online comic... You'll never look at MegaMan the same way again!