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Badly Drawn Kitties
A roughly-drawn strip containing many references to sex.

The Chakat's Den
Home of the chakats.

The Class Menagerie
A comic set in the halls of Richter Hall.

Faux Pas
Pronounced 'fox paws', this is a strip featuring a fox 'actor' named Randy and his many friends.

One of a number of MUCKs for Furs.
Australia's own furry community.
New Zealand's own furry community.

Kevin & Kell
A rabbit married to a wolf, with a hedgehog, wolf and carnivorous rabbit for kids.

Kit & Kay Kaboodle
A rather yiffy comic strip, presumably based on the phrase 'kit and kaboodle'.

Ozy and Millie
A great cartoon strip featuring Ozy (a young, philosophical wolf) and Millie (a young fox who has a weird outlook on life).

Sabrina Online
The famed cartoon strip about the one and only Sabrina! (The skunk, that is, not the Teenage Witch.)

Silver Moth Studios
Website of a very talented Kiwi artist moved to Australia -- ducky!

South Fur Lands
The furry magazine from Down Under!

Suburban Jungle
Starring Tiffany Tiger!

Umlaut House
The comment on the homepage says it all.

User Friendly
Everyone's favourite ISP, featuring the ball of hair that's Dust Puppy! And Edwin the cynical computer.