All stories © 2000-2006, C Sandwalker. Updated: 6/01/2006

4M/2M [O, -B, -LB]


2M [F, A, FT]

4M [F, R, A, DP]

4M/F [R, O, A, FT]

2M/F [FT, V, A]

M/F [FT, O, V]

M orgy, M/M





2M/F [A, V, DP]

2M/F [Ma, F, V]

Dr'keli'in mating with Thirana Gregin making an offer to Tarin Gregin mounting Tarin in the forest Front: Tarin and Gregin.  Back: Halen, Soria and Prosen From top left: Tarin, Gregin, Prosen and Halen Tarin mounting Soria while she goes down on Prosen