Welcome to Coon' Prints!

Welcome to 'Coon Prints! We are a Fur based, Free Offered Webcomic. On Top of that, more specifically to a PG-13 rating though sometimes the rating may top that every so often with proper warnings, mainly it will be the language however. We thank you for visiting and taking interest in Coon' Prints!


Join Rocky in his journey to the real life where he is moving to his own place, leaving aside a life full of longings and frustration at his parents' suburban home. Become a witness of the conflicts that a new life will bring to the small raccoon, see him making new friends, enemies and to probably meet his true and only love.



UPDATE - March 31st, 2005
I removed the comics "R" Rating, because I never made use of it anyways ..and never plan to it seems. if this dissapoints anyone, be sure to let me know via the Contacts page. I' am busily working on new comics!

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...Even Though I'm not Australian. Thank you guys for giving CP a new home. =^^=


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All characters appearing in Coon' Prints are owned by Rocky James Raccoon unless he states otherwise. Needless to say, you must ask for Rocky's permission if you want to redistribute his strips and to include the copyright information is a MUST, of course



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