Mutation 44

2-6-06- I give you Mutation #44. yes, I know, the scenes of this comic skip around more than a sugar-hyped kangaroo but you'll survive, if only because of mine use of humerous Australian animal related similes.

I really wouldn't have included this scene if it wasn't essential, I mean, wouldn't it be boring if the Enforcers barged in at the last moment and saved the day? Where's the conflict in that?

If there's one charcater who's really developed in the course of me writing this comic it's Ratt. He started out as a two-bit Disney-esque villan who'd bea bit of a source of comic relief with his obvious geekiness but I'm going to do my best to show Ratt as a more serious, darker character (SQUUUEEEE!)

And now it's back to the action, ladies and gentlemen! I plan to update Sunday week or the Sunday after that, depending how far i get with my trial school certificate exams on.

Enjoy!- Carmen D esq.






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