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The Enforcers


Ok, Ok, this page needs a little work. Bear with me, I need to put new, shiny character pictures and descriptions up for the characters.

The Enforcers


Leeroy: Agile, intelligent, resorceful... the perfect agent, right?. Enforcers Agent Leeroy's history is a rather shady subject, he just appeared seemingly out of nowhere, soon becoming one of the Enforcer's best agents.Leeroy is dedicated to his cause, even if he does get a little distracted.


Robbie: Originally employed as a low-level pilot, Robbie quickly became one of the best pilots the Enforcers have. Although his somewhat simple-minded antics may often jepardise missions, The Enforcers would be far worst off with this zebra with a heart of gold.


Elsie: The feminist spy living in a man's world. (If by 'man's world' you mean a world of mutants, violence and smoking rats). Elsie is often annoyed at the antics of Leeroy as he constantly tries to chat her up. Proud and clever, Elsie should not be messed with, even if her a spy skills are a little ... lacking.


Cleo: Years ago, Cleopatra was Leeroy's partner in all his missions but she was promoted to Commander of the Enforcers. She knows orders the entire organisation and misses field action and Lee (Oooh! ^^)

Felix: Felix was the head scientist of the Enforcers Intelligence unit. He was killed by a bomb planted by Ratt as he discovered a way of defeating Ratt. He died to save the whole fleet of Enforcers agents and humiliated Ratt (A tribute to Felix), a true hero..

Techies: Where would a secret organization be without it's computer programmers and inventors? When HQ is destroyed a cool, fiery explosion it's the techies who are given the task of delivering a mysterious book to Quartz City's only hope. They also like takeaway.

The Mutants

Dr Ratt's crew of mutant peeps, word.

Ratt: An evil, bitter genius who wants nothing more than to crush Leeroy and The Enforcers, control Quartz city and wreck stuff, in that order. He creates mutants to do his bidding and is the brain behind the superstrong Blayde creatures. He also smokes.

Tronk: Ah, the simple minded lackey, it's priceless, Ratt's henchman and the head mutant. He is friendly and good-natured but fearsome in battle. Despite his hate for the Enforcers he befriends Robbie
  Razorbeak : Wears a skull helmet and arm and leg armour. Special attack is the "triple claw' A true dramatist, uses anime-esque attacks and techniques. His skull helmet tends to impair his vision..