Before I get into a self- discussion, let's just say if cream actually DID come from a crop then these websites would probably be this alleged wheat-dairy hybrid. Make sure you take the time to give 'em a look!Wanna trade links? Just mail me.

Taken my Linkenhienen!

Please load these up to your own server or web-hostingness because I'm not made of bandwidth! If you take one I'll be your friend....


DHS Comix - The home of Random Encounter and New Game, two great comics with more than a hint of randomness. Monsters and centaurs and mages, oh my!

Anarchy 2090 - A totally awesome gaming comic by a good friend of mine. Hilarious and with a darkish feel, check it out!

Middlecenter - One of the comics that inspired me to write my own. Beautiful art with cute and funny characters, updating again! ^^

Codename: Hunter : A anthro comic I came across during one of my internet prowling sessions. Awesome stuff.

Fuzzy Things- Set in a town called Russetville, a comic about the lives of the kids who live there. Check this comic out, it has some great art.

Weirdstar- Dogs, gaming and evil monkeys, what more could you want? An awesome comic with some really well done art, check it out!

Ranos Series- A great read, a comic about a group of crockacoons (Creatures rather like winged dogs) and their adventures.

Other Websites

My Gallery - Oh sure, I would put my deviantart gallery on top of the list, would I? Anyways there's a heap of my other art here, certainly good for a look if you like my work. - A site with listings of heaps of webcomics.

The Belfry - A great listing of furry and non-furry comics. The best thing about this list is it gives you a lot of information about the sort of stuff you'll find in the comic, no more being mentally scarred for me!

South Fur Lands- The furry zine of the Southern Hemisphere, a lot of great art by some very talented artists (Warning: There are may be some semi-explicit images in this zine. Cover your eyes children!!!)

Deviantart - I know HEAPS of people with really great galleries here, it's a really great place to get your stuff out there and meet heaps of like-minded people.. A lot of the stuff in the fanart section links to Deviantart galleries, check 'em out! I have a gallery there too...

Giropets- I used to be a Neopet addict. Giropets is more up-and-coming, there's less people and less advertisements. Sure, it doesn't really have the sleek graphics, back stories or millions of players that Neopets does but it sure beats the heck out of being screamed at by Ronald McDonald on the advertising panes of Neopets and ripping out someone's lungs to get 100 points on the Money Tree.

Fur Is Dead- If there is one thing I HATE it's old bags running around in some dead animal. Put an end to the totally unecessary killing of creatures and someone arrest me.





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