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Carmen 'The weird kid' D.

Ah, so you've clicked here, eh? You want to know more about the madness that is I? Or maybe you're just a clasmate wanting to see just how dillusional I really am? Both good.

Name: Carmen D
Age: 15
Located: NSW,Australia
Spieces: Human?
Aliases: Dogaholic, Carmen 'Snakefists Mc' D
Dream job: Animator or writer, something without angry vikings whipping my back yelling "Go faster, puny idiot"
Likes: Comics, people with imagination, drawing, writing, holidays, quirky and weird senses of humour and of course, anthro.
Dislikes: Maths, people who use logic to solve every single fruitin' little problem (Logic has no place here!!!!), snooty artists who think themselves superior, people who are unfriendly, people in general, pop music, society and n00bs who steal stuff.
Music: I lurve Matchbox 20, Blink 182, Thirsty Merc, U2 and any song that's good for a laugh.
Movies: Almost all the Studio Ghibli films and generally anything weird and animated.

Talking about myself? Of course I love talking about myself!

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