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The Enforcers

Agent Leeroy of the Enforcers is sent on a dangerous mission to the fortress of an even more dangerous, evil scientist, Dr Ratt, who is suprisingly, a rat. Now, this could be a managable problem, except for the fact that an bloody-thirsty mutant wants revenge on Leeroy for the 'murder' of his brother. But with Lee's fierce partner, Elsie the spy and the unfortunate zebra, Robbie along for the ride, it's going get interesting... This comic is rated PG and usually updates every second Sunday (hey, the author doesn't live in a parrallel universe where high school doesn't exisit!)

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Latest Comic
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16-3-08- HIATUS
To anyone who still reads this comic,
I was really hoping it wouldn't come to this, I thought maybe I could still find the time to write comics (Because frankly, I'm always thinking about comics.) but I've got to knuckle down now, I've got to find some direction and find myself and STUDY LIKE MAD so I can get into my uni course (Creative Industry degree hopefully). Add to that the fact that one of my units requires a 6000-8000 word composition which competes against the best of NSW (I'm doomed.).
So, without further adue or procrastination, The Enforcers, and I myself, are officailly on hiatus until the end of September, when the HSC finally ends . Hopefully, there will be some updates in September then, thanks everyone for your support and kindness.
PS. Contrary to my 'Links' page, Heroes of Middlecenter is now updating again, sorry about that guys.

14-2-08- Whaaaaaaat? That can't be right, only updated like... a month ago. I must have got the dates wrong. BAD CARMEN! Anyways, there should have been an update last week but I was on actual holidays, away from the computer. Anyways, I'm actually working on 2 pages at the same time now BUT I start Year 12 tomorrow (yay.) and I'm not entirely sure how much time I'll have to work on them cos this is the big one, the final year that will influence my whole future... and so on. Anyway, I consolidate your pain with a filler, if you're not part of the secret society of Australians and don't get the joke; We're having a real problem with Equine Influenza here; its pretty close to race season and many poor horses have caught this highly contagious virus. So you know, any excuse not to get stuff done on time. Well, hopefully I'll see you soon with an unpdate peoples.


23-8-07- An UPDATE?!? Tell your friends! Tell your grandma! Mutation #51 is up and waiting to be read.

19-8-07- Hi, I'm back and I... D: ... I haven't written anything here for 4 months!!!! Quick children! Fetch the cane. But seriously, dont. That's abuse. Anyways, a few peoples have been hearing me say they'd be an update today. Unfortunately SOMEONE had to go and volunteer herself to wear a sandwich-board around the school and to make it. forgetting of course that she was a terrible painter. And that is why you are comicless and I am silly. Sorry everyone, I'm trying my best.

15-4-07- I am vexed. Someone messed with my folders, changed a few file paths and effectively reset all the configurations on my programs. I am a angry nerd. But, I'm an angry nerd with an actual coic update. Enjoy! Hopefully I should have another up on Sunday week.

11-4-07- I have been terribly lazy, haven't I? I haven't updated properly in four months. I've rewritten Mutation #50 twice now but I think I'm finally happy with it. My plan was to get it up today but I have to leave for Sydney in 15 minutes and I still have a panel to shade. So, the update will be late this Sunday, when I get back. Have a nice day and thanks for your patience.

13-3-07- A bit apology to anyone who had to cry themselves to sleep last night because there was no update, don't pretend you didn't cry. It looks like might have to start updating monthly now, I'm really behind in all my school work and the teachers now say they're going to up the frazzlin' ante, I tells you, the ante is already so high I'm getting a nosebleed. So yes, sorry, and I certainly haven't lost my passion for drawing comics or anything, but Year 11 is biting me on the arm. I'll keep you posted.

25-2-07- Mamma Mia! It's an update of The Enforcers! And it's not a filler!!! exclamation!!!!!.

18-2-07- I'm really sorry that I haven't updated yet, I have a really horrid essay to write for tomorrow about King Oedipus (incest and murder galore!) I would've had it the comic up sooner but I've been feeling a little disheartened lately so I haven't had the motivation to finish it. Anyway, I'll do my best to get it up soon.

15-2-07- Happy Day After Valentines Day Day! Check out the specials section for a special comic.

4-2-07- Did someone say filler?

21-1-07-I have managed to update on schedule. You are very afraid.

8-1-07- The first update for 2007, don your party hats. I would've uploaded this yesterday but my internet was dead. Enjoy.

31-12-06- Can you say 'last minute effort'? Well, I can't but I sure can draw it XD Happy New Year everyone!

17-12-06- Deadline for the next comic? What deadline? What comic? I'm so indecisive, I had this mighty fine looking up update in the inks when I realised I was going to have to put a page in between it or it makes little to no sense. Stay tuned, children!

3-11-06- Good new everyone! Mutation #46 has been uploaded as is ready for readin'. DO IT NOW!

2-11-06- New update tomorrow! Be there or be a quadrilateral with equal sides and angles.

19-11-06- The Enforcers turned two years old on Thursday! To celebrate I have yet another special. Yay for procrastination on doing Mutation #46.

12-11-06- STRESS! My major exams start tomorrow so I can't upload a comic today, I finish most of my exams on Wednesday and come Wednesday night I shall be whipping my sweatshop labourers to make them worker faster on the next comic.

29-10-06- An extra scary update today in honour of Dress Up as Stuff and Get Candy Day on the some of the other continents XD

22-10-06- DON"T BEAT ME!!!!

11-10-06- *does the royal update dance* Mutation #45 is up. we're almost a fifty comics, which means I can complain about all you young whippersnappers and your fan-dangled technology! Speaking of which, on November 16 the Enforcers turns 2, so in dog years we'll be an unruly teenager, I'd better go and dust off the ol' throwing bricks.

7/10/06 - Ok, Mutation #45 is in it's colouring stages and should be finished soon but I need some help from you guys, I'm redesigning the website and I need your opinion. This is basically what it'll look like: ( Linky! )I need to fix the colours of certain objects from the website, fancy it up and add some new sections (Like the huge About section and links to the forum...) and the like and add some codes and stuff yet but I'm interested to know what you think, so please leave a comment on it in our comment box on the latest page. Please tell me what you think.

2/10/06- Ok, I've been very slack of late, I know but as always there's a lot going on and absolutely nothing gets done. So, to make up for this I shall have three comics completed during the next two weeks AND I plan to remake the website with new sections. So, wish me the best of luck and keep checking back for updates.

12-9-06- Yep, it's late but better late than never! Mutation #44 is up for you enjoyment.

11-9-06- Exam week! BLARRGGH! Mutation #44 is coming along nicely but I'll need another two hours of work on it before it's ready. Sorry for the wait,the homework ninjas keep attacking.

10-8-06- New comic!!! It would have been up earlier but the telephone lines at my house broke. I hope you like Mutation Page #43.

6-8-06- Hi kids! I'm working mine booty off to get the next comic up. I just need to shade it, spiffy it up and load it! So if your on the site within the next two days you should see a shiny new comic up! Yay? Yay!

29-7-06- My mission? To make a more effective website using all the tools at my disposal; Dreamweaver 4, Notepad and not the use of my right hand. Will a succeed? Will I give up? I s the moon made of cheese? Probably not but we'll eat it anyway.

I'm sorry to say that thanks to a super-sore hand I will not be uploading a comic this week but PLEASE hang around because it will be up on the next Sunday (Sunday week) I know, I know, I hardly ever update. if you're bored you can check out my gallery for some arty fun!

23-7-06- Sorry but the comic is going to be a little late, it's only in the pencil and ink stages right now but I'll be working on it to get it up as soon as possible. Thanks for your patience, kids!

9-7-06- Mutation #42 is up... on schedule! I'm as scared as you are.

25-6-06- WHOOT!!! The new comic is up! Carmen demands you read it or suffer the pain of a thousand pokings!!!

17-6-06- New poll! The next comic is turning out to be really hard to shade...

11-6-06- Look, I'm really sorry, the plan was Mutation #41 would be up today but I have an English assignment to finish for Tueday. However, over here in Australia it's the long weekend (Yay for the Queen's birthday!) so if I get finished on Monday I'll probably have it up then! Arggh... curse school, it's interrupting my life! But you know, I really have to work hard this year, it's my last junior year and I have to get that piece of paper saying I got some A's. Also, The Enforcers got a listing on Topwencomics and I know how much you all want to vote for us.






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