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Figments of Fish | Fabric Magpie and KimoNovember

What fish?
Have a glance through my fantasy art and you will probably notice a reoccuring signature in a piscian format. Starting around 2003 I began working the same style of fish into many of my non-commissioned works as a part of the design element or just as a random additional character inhabiting the two dimensional world of paper.

The original fish was a small plastic party favour, first sent by a friend in a letter as a lark. It usually lives with my travelling tin of watercolours. He (or she) - the fish, not the friend -is such a solem little creature, I haven't a clue as to the species but it swims through fantastical worlds, past intriguing characters, through stories as unreactive as an argon atom, unaffected by its surroundings, an additional personal signature.

The Fabric Magpie's Nest is my tumblr for documenting and discussing my Kimono wearing habits. This gets the most update during my annual KimoNovember where I aim to wear kimono every day of the month.

NanaO index I am also slowly translating and collating an article-index of the japanese Kimono magazine NanaO (七緒) as a searchable resource for myself and other kimono appreciators.



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