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Tallulah Cunningham grew up in Arid-zone Australia (with a few of these childhood years based in arid zone Africa). She has been an active visual creative her entire life and her Illustration practice covers a wide gamut of themes, styles and media. She is thoroughly adaptable and enjoys working with clients to create fresh and engaging visuals. Her illustration practice is further informed and enriched by earlier study in Parks and Wildlife Management and her volunteer experience in zoological, botanical, agricultural and educational institutions in Australia, America and Ireland.

Tallulah’s formal arts education includes a PhD and undergraduate in Natural History Illustration. Her PhD thesis "The Hunter Rubá'iyát: Illustrating Edward FitzGerald's Rubá'iyát of Omar Khayyám" was completed in 2015 and consists of two four-and-a-half metre long Japanese-style handscrolls and five woodcut prints designs. The illustrations and the accompanying exegesis which may be found on the University of Newcastle's thesis database.

Recent and current projects have ranged across a wide spectrum of styles from highly detailed scientific botanical illustrations and speculative fiction book covers in watercolour, to re-adaptations of extant medieval illuminations in gouache, whimsical marker and ink illustrations of dwarves on classic motorbikes and digital illustrations of Central Australian lizards.

She has been recognised for her creative work in the field of Illumination and Calligraphy within the SCA (Society for Creative Anachronism) through being elevated into the Order of the Laurel in 2014.

While enthusiastic about all forms of wildlife Tallulah has a particular fondness for microbats and promoting positive education regarding these and other traditionally reviled species that are an intrinsic part of the ecosystem.

She is a founding member of Octopus Ink Illustrator Collaborative, a small shared-space illustration studio enabled by Renew Newcastle.

Tallulah is currently integrating Patreon into her illustration practice, working on several book covers for Newcastle based publishers, a series of botanical illustrations for The University if Newcastle and developing a few of her own illustration projects that have been on the backburner during her doctorate studies.

For further details on her career so far you can peruse her Curriculum Vitae.


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